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Group: Hiryuu
Positions: Translator, Hacker
Website: hiryuufansubs.com
Email: firebird@hiryuufansubs.com
IRC: #hiryuu@irc.rizon.net


Hiryuu is looking for some boob-loving perverts to help translate some Fall 2011 shows. We're not restricted to perverse anime of course, I'm just a pervert by nature

For next season we're looking at doing a couple of the following shows:

Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai

If you're interested, please contact firebird at hiryuufansubs dot com, grab _Firebird_ on #hiryuu@irc.rizon.net (_Burntout_ being the away nick), talk to us on #hiryuurecruits too. Or, drop me a message.

We're looking for someone who can TL/TLC this season and beyond. You'll be given an audio clip to test you out on before joining the team. We have a number of TL/TLCs in Hiryuu, but most have other commitments, so it's quite often the case some TLs have to sit out for a season. For the Fall season, it's unfortunately more than normal.

Our aim is to release within 48 hours of airing, please bear that in mind. We now have a capper, but we don't supply WRs beyond the 40mb streaming raws we download from Himado.

We try to keep things organised, and the staff are all good at what they do. We don't keep those who lack skill about, and only actively seek great members. We act somewhat immature at times in the staff channel, but we're a fun bunch to be around mostly. We have many members from several different backgrounds, spanning not only across the globe, but also from various anime sites and several members are also part of other groups.

Most important, we sub for enjoyment. To us, it doesn't matter who else is subbing it, we do the shows that interest us, sure, staff may not always work on their perfect show, but they work on someone elses, and later, that person may work on theirs too. There are limits ofc, we don't want to oversub anything either. Although we do it for enjoyment, any fansubber would be lying if (s)he said there wasn't any e-peen in there, having your hard work adorned by thousands only adds to the original enjoyment.

We don't accept donations either, everything is paid for by us. We do provide FS links, but that mostly goes back into Hiryuu in some fashion (like buying the Kampfer Fur die Liebe BDs!) Hiryuu also hosts three other fansub sites, for free, so we're kinda generous too Our staff are friendly and helpful, and often help each other out with side-projects.

If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, or are interested in, we'd love to hear from you!

We're also looking to TL a visual novel, however, we've having some difficulties extracting the text. It's a post-2008 Eushuly game, so if you have experience with that, or can offer advice, we'd love to hear from you. Again, translators on this would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading.

Hiryuu is looking for a translator.
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