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Ok I got bored and stated this...and got bored and went do something else but I should finish this since I stated

One thing not all antivirus is 100% so some may catch some other down and viversa. You still need a real time antivirus that monitor and look out for malware to prevent old and some new malware that might attack you. Some malware may be too new in coding that the antivirus wasnt able to catch it and made your computer collect virus since that one got in so here will be a list of useful program to keep your computer clean and protected.

Also if you on a 64bit operating system then rootkit is nothing to worry about since they cant patch that kernal...yet.....

Real time antivirus(Only Have one of these running at a time as they will conflict with each other if they both on. It will be a fight for malware detection and removal plus it eat up your resources for having multiple.)

Any free or paid one would protect you to some extent such as:
AVG Free
AVG (paid)
avira (free)
avira (premium)
avira (suite)
comodo internet security (suppose to be free...)
drive sentry (suppose to be free to...)
Microsoft Security essential Beta (Free)
Norton antivirus
Norton internet security
Norton 360
ESET Security Suite
and soo on...

with at least one of those install you be some what protected.

if one of those didnt protect you from new treats or got infected them self try renaming the file name as some virus detect the real name and prevent them from running also dl these on demand scanners:

Malwarebytes anti-malware
Super anti spyware

these 2 does not clash with most antivirus since they are not real time scanners unless you pay for them. There removal skill for malware is unbelievable.

Also Combo fix is a good malware/rootkit tool but should be use at own risk since it run differently since once run you should not touch anything as it may slow it down or mess up and also it may remove malware taht could be your system files that been infected with that you may need to pop out your os disc and perform a repair on the os to get the file back.

Useful tools


There are other for those but those are the one i can think of off hand. It great to use to clean up your temp, cookies, or junk tha tyour computer collect that you dont see because your browser and program is collecting them in the back ground.

Extra miscellanace protection

this is great to keep keylogger for recording your keys especially when doing buisness activities.

it a form of sandboxie to run application in a safter enviroment such as INTERNET EXPLORER!!! lol say you dl a malware with internet explorer and try to run it with sandboxie through internet explorer. The only thing that will happen is it try to run but will do nothing except what in the sand box. What ever you see in the sand box you can clear it and poof it gone such as virus in *coughkeygencough*

this can be use to detect and remove some malware or rootkit but it need some knowledge in using it. like in the list that get generated when u ask it to scan your system you see paths or stuff that shouldnt be on the computer you hit the check mark and it get remove and done it gone but should still run a virus scan to remove other pieces of it but it wouldnt run well since it kinda lost some main component.

If you useing vista and you want to see your defragmentation activity.
Vista app one suck so you can use software like
Defraggler (same maker as ccleaner)

ALSO DONT FALL FOR ROUGE ANTIVIRUS theres alot out there old one get detected by your everyday antivirus but new one something get through so dont dl everything you see unless you running in a sandboxie mode.

If anyone want to leave some comment feel free to or if anyone want to leave some advice too. The more information the better. That is all for now.
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