Happy birthday

'Big picture of scary lady'

Well it is now 5th of october somewhere in the globe so happy birthday zaft!

-- On other news ... --

This webzine features anime, but also other media like dramas, culture and music. With this first issue featuring a small peek on who our mysterious daft27 really is and how FTV started to exist.

Download: click for first issue! (8.5mb, 24 pages)
LOL wtf. I went to get away to get a drink for a second, and when I come back, there's this big woman staring me in the face.


Hopefully I'll get the spectral analysis engine finished this weekend - that's my FTV goal for now.
The birthday thread ... my post anyway ... is easier on the eyes. ;oP

Don't forget to take a bit of time out to relax and have some fun!
No time to relax, I've gotta figure out how to generate a waveform from a multi-component 3 dimensional data source ...
It's only fun when you finish it 26 hours after you finished it (and been working on it constantly.)

Anyways have a good one
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