Happy Birthday Fansub.tv Oct 22nd 2004 - 2017

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In just 11 days it will be 13 years* since Fansub.tv was first registered (the domain name) and exactly 1 year since I took it over.


Quite an incredable run, 13 years, 2004.
Thats the same year as The Facebook started (yes it changed its name).
Thats only 1 year less than MySpace (2003/14 years).
Thats 4 years older than MATV (August 2008)

Happy Birthday Fansub!

A huge thank you and well done to Daft (also Happy Birthday Daft Oct 5th!) for creating the place we call home and for keeping it going for so long.

A big thank you to everyone, past and present, who have been members, moderators, leaders, sempais, kouhais, scanlators, translators, fansubers, posters, bloggers, Karaoke stars, reviewers, writes, cooks, lurkers and more!

Share your Fansub memories and comments below, open thread.

How Fansub has looked over the years, at WayBack Machine

*13 years based on the whois data for the fansub.tv domain name which states "2004-10-22T04:19:55Z".
Surprised we've been around here for that long, and I hope we'll still be here for many more years to come.
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