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-Spama Sosei
hmm, in all the animes they al talk about middle school high school , you got all kinds of grades , can someone tell me which ages are connected to these =P , i want to know more about it snce the school system is rather diffrent out here =)


i believe middle school or junior high (is middle school junior high? i think it is..) is from grade 7 to grade 9 or possibly 10....high school is 11-12 or it could start in 10...correct me if i'm wrong..


their middle schools go from 7-9 and the high school is from 10-12. A "first year student" isn't in grade 1, but the first grade of that school. So if you were in class 3-A (a third year student) in high school, that means that you're in 12th grade.


-Spama Sosei
Hmm , ok , but what about the gaes , coz it`s a little diffrent here o.o , i u tell me the ages , i can compare them =)


-kenja sama
QUOTE (wceend @ Dec 9 2005, 02:18 PM)Hmm , ok , but what about the gaes , coz it`s a little diffrent here o.o , i u tell me the ages  , i can compare them =)
The thing is, its different for everyone. School system vary from country to country and even from province to province (for example, I dont have the same school levels as smileloz even if we both live in Canada. We are from different provinces)

Here, in Quebec, it goes like this:
You enter elementary (or primary) school at around 4-5 years old. That is 7 years long.
Then there is high school (or secondary). It is 5 years long.
After that comes College (or CEGEP). Its 2 or 3 years, depending on the type of program (pre-university or technical).
Then there is university. A bachelor is 3 or 4 years depending on the specialization (that does not count medecine, they are a special 10 years cases!)


well, guessing by that i have watched in animes and manga, i guess its the same that here in Mexico
Pre-scholar (optional)
Primary - 6 years
secondary - 3 years
Preparatory (high scool) - 3 years
University (the high level scool) - about 4 years

but this is divided in semesters

-- i have only 1 more year ´till i leave the damn life as an student (then will come work
) i´m sorry for you younglings jajajaja (did i say that or did i think it)


-Spama Sosei
we have elementary: 8 years
Middelbare (middle/highschool?): for me 6 years , depeneds on level.
and then..i dunno , lol , im not that far yet ;P