General Art Thread Rules.

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-Jigoku Sensei
The rulles are the same as the general rulles for the entire forum. But for the art section we have some special rulles.

General Rulles:
- Only post anime / manga related art (this does not apply for you own made tutorials in the turorial section)
- Only post art you made yourself or post the author of the person who did.
- Search for the right thread to post your art (example no cartoons in the wallpaper thread)
- Don't make a double thread for your own work.
- If you need help with photoshop or any other program ask those questions in the tutorial section.

Specific Gallery Section Rulles:
Just like the ecchi thread you can post all your art in the gallery section that you have on that topic. For example if you want to share Fate/Stay Night art. Make a thread for it and post all the art / wallpapers / signature's or own made, you have in there. All members that also have FSN art post it in there aswell. Don't create a double topic for it.

Specific Tutorial Section Rulles:
You can only make a new topic if you going to post your own tutorial. Don't copy anothers person's tutorial from a website and claim it as your own. If you made it yourself, make a new topic and give it a good discription of the tutorial you made. Also if you want to request a tutorial do that in the "Tutorial Request Thread". And if you find any good tutorial website's post them in the "Tutorial Links Thread".

All rules stated in the "General Rules" about content of posts are also applied to your artwork content. That means that you art cannot contain for example "Hentai" or "Nudity" etc...
So please be so kind to read the "General Rules".
Not open for further replies.
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