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-taichou (baka)
just read 20 volumes of Gantz (phase 1).

bloody. brilliant. suspenseful. the anime is out but i heard it sucked, but i just wanna inform everyone that season 1 of Gantz manga rocked and everyone should go download it. i cant say where cuz its probably licensed. the second season has just started which is not licensed is being scanlated by illuminati.


if anyone has watched Elfen Lied, you'll know what i mean.
oh, and the babes are ridiculously hot and well um.. structured.
Its good to see im not the only one that loves the gantz manga. Its by far my favorite manga. Dude! i never would have expected that they'd end up fighting Vampires along with those aliens. Right now im just waiting for the whole second phase to come out.... I hate wating for each chapter.
Well.....I've watched the anime but didn't read the mangas yet so I'll give it a try(even thought I did like the anime...)because I've heared a lot of good things about it!!!!
Hmmm.... seems that Gantz manga seems really good.
Guess ill dl it.
Ive only seen the first 4 eps of the anime... to me it was pretty crazy xD
first off hello, I'm new here but have good info, Mangaspot only has through vol 18 chapter 214, goto they thave through chapter 242

There are people scandalating the second season?
Drop me a link please! The manga rocks!
[ The anime is ok I think. Manga is way better and puts it to shame a bit though. I suggest reading! ] god...the creators..insane...thats the only word i can think off
WHY DO they have to start every chapter with a nude pic

i started the manga today where the anime left off, vol 8 i think, and read till chapter 240, got off reading it JUst now.

rofl....its insanity...i got no words for it but YOSHAAAA!!!!..
, how many chapters have come out for it? 242?.... izumis dead nishi going to revive him or what....since izumi died, his superweapon is lost too?
The anime is not AS good as the manga, however, it is still really good in my opinion.

Atleast it was as good as it could have been.

download the torrent for it at
^^. ahh the manga looks pretty good...i just downloaded the first chapter, and it certainly grabbed my attention! ah...i dont think these things are healthy
first, elfen lied...then higurashi and now this!! but yeh...i'm trying to read a bit of manga since i've been on an anime binge lately!! Obviously I'm reading for the gore...and not the nude pics psh!

How many volumes/chapters are there all together o_O ...seems to be loads?
Also, does the anime follow the story quite well or...?

thanks for the recommendation!
Ive watched Season 1's Anime, and that was truely awesome, would you recommend me reading the manga aswell?
I plan on watching season 2 tonight, but if the manga's better, I would rather read that.
Manga fits more into my busy schedule, you can read one page, then quickly do something else, before reading the next page. With Anime it's harder to take a break, and takes up more concentration.
...Or maybe I'm just lazy and want to read at my own pace rather than the speed of the subtitles... Meh, Go figure
chapter 254 is translated now
East Meets West, it was a good old badass sword fight, defin a must read
I found season 1 of anime not bad at all. Only the end was like "okkéééée.... and?"

Is there /will there be really a season 2?

anyway i found the anime interesting enough and if the manga is much better I will follow the advice!!! Thanks for it!!

from the anime I can indeed imagine that it's going to be bloody bloody...
As for the Gantz Manga its HOT and well done !
The bit**es are hot as well but the Gantz anime is great for season two , season one seemed to be mostly about the plot and structure of what they were to be doing !

POSE A QUESTION ::::::??? What would you do if you scored 200 points ?????

Only those with a clue should attempt to answer !!

to those who dont know Season one was (6) dvds by ADV ...
What about season Two ! Also by ADV ~~ I paid about $46.00 for #1 and $51.00 for season # 2 <whicxh was 4 dvds>

the first few games were only a warm up And Gantz went really easy on them
Each season had 13 episodes and the last episode Blows away even Claymore !
heres hoping theyget arun for their money from claymore !!!
I just finished reading Gantz chapter 255, and I did watch a few episodes of the manga.
My friends told me Gantz would be hideously violent, even more so than elfen lied... I ended up being a little dissapointed.... If only i didn't have clumsy hands. I would create a manga so disgustingly violent i would probably be arrested when i release it.

But back to gantz... I like it alot. Running around the streets of tokyo shooting at alien would beat halo any day. Ill elaborate later.

P.S. for those looking for manga, has a nice collection. You just need to register to get it.
QUOTE rofl....its insanity...i got no words for it but YOSHAAAA!!!!..tongue.gif, how many chapters have come out for it? 242?.... izumis dead nishi going to revive him or what....since izumi died, his superweapon is lost too?

what is his super weapon??his katana??dont he choose freedom??thats why he want to enter that room again...but i think maybe he scores more than 100 if he do have super weapon...

latest chapter is you think they will revive the main character back?
i want kei kurono on the spotlight again...he`s smoking and pervy....

since the east meet west....we`re going a level higher and now the public can see them...i just wondering what will happen if they have to fight alien on daylight ....we now have vampires with the team...
they`re freaking awesome too...not to mention their skill with surpasses izumi...
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