FTV scanlation

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what.....? Page 52b to 53b are clearly chapter 3 materials


So....what are we going to DO about them?
oh crapp... O_O i didnt see that small thing at the top that indicated where chapter 3 started X_X sorry my fault *crawls into dark corner* oh crap. X_X um well we could send these 3 pages to sonicmaster i suppose - _ -" ugh. and the numbering of the pages we can either take a note that they start 3 pages later or re-number them. oh god. at least i think i'm doing the bulk of chapter 3 >.< sorry everyone X_X it's my botch up X_X

ok yeah i think we're going to have to just 1) get those pages translated and 2) re-intergrated into the chap 3 script >.<

Sorry MKK but i think i'll leave the re-intergration to you (just re-numbering) if you dont have time just get sonicmaster to send me the 3 translated pages and the edited script and i'll re-number them myself before sending them to those who need the chapter 3 script X_X
argh as always so sorry T_T thanks MKK T_T *sob* you deserve cookies and a hug >.< *gives cookies and a big hug* sorry to make you do this! *bows*
I've also made a characters graph of all the characters' name so far in the story, Sonicmaster you'll probably need this in the future...

Also I have to apologize for a mistake I've make, the name of the main Character is actually Mafuyu, not Mifuyu the one I've used in the scripts. Typesetters please take note of this and edit the name for the final release.
Okay thanks MKK I got it and will take a note of those names. I have also updated my status on the blog as well.
does everyone doing chapter 1-3 have their script and have somewhat started if not almost finished editing (for chapters 1 and 2 only)?
I have not received any script for chapter 3

EDIT:I got it now, everything is fine... or is it? *dramatic music*
Okay, I received a request to post up a page or two to show how I've got my typesetting formatted and such. Soo...I'm posting up a page or two. One page is heavy with no speech bubbles, and the other with a whole lot of speech bubbles.

Example Pages

Edit: First page is the one with boobies, so check over your shoulder for roommates/family/girlfriend/etc before opening
ok! time for updates everyone! where are you up to and how much progress have you made since you've posted?

i've finished cleaning my pages (editing has not yet started - waiting on script)
finished cleaning and editing hama's pages that has been spilt up between 3 other editors (note to the other three: if you have finished editing hama's pages please do put it in your updates)
Hmmm....you guys still doing the scanlating business ?
can all editors please note! When you are done editing send them off to Dchaosblade for QCing and adding sfx. remember to zip. your pages before sending! use a filesharing site - it'll be easier to send links around the group.

one last thing to everyone: Check your PMs! since no one seems to be watching this thread i'll be sending out PMs periodically if i dont get any updates!
(Not double post - more than 24 hrs since last post)

Since we're really delayed i'm going to get everyone to focus on getting chapters 1 and 2 out. That means:
editors, you MUST have finished editing your pages and send them to Dchaosblade for QC'ing and SFX editing!!!!

Standard procedures apply please take note if you dont know what they are:
- Zip your edited pages and name that folder your pages! ie: 1-30 etc
- upload the file onto a REPUTABLE file sharing site and send the link to Dchaosblade
- send me a PM or post on here, mentioning that you've sent your pages to Dchaosblade

If you dont know which pages fall under chapters one and two its here:
Chapter one:
pages 1 - 29

Chapter two:
pages 30 - 51

Those pages belong to Dchaosblade and Barbobot including hama's pages that have been spilt up to barbo, me, dchaos, and deadly (note to Deadly: even though chapter 2 ends at page 51, send the first few pages from chapter 3 to Dchaosblade for editing as well.)
These are the pages that you are responsible for!! (for those helping to complete hama's pages)
41-43 - barbo
44-49 - me
50-55 - dchaos
56-60 - deadly

OK!!! everyone you've got your notices so no excuses! i'm sending out PMs too (the exact notice on here)! so MUSH-MUSH!!! we're aiming to get the first two chapters out!!! by the end of this month!! (hopefully) any problems PM me! ASAP!!!
I was wondering if you're still in need of a Japanese to English translator. I would love to try to do some translations as long as the manga has furigana I should be able to do some translating. Please get back to me at either [email protected], [email protected], or message me on yahoo (same account as e-mail).
thanks for offering but to be perfectly honest i dont even know the status of my own team so i'm not sure what'll happen =.= i'll keep you in mind but until i get my team into shape and know exactly what is happening i cant incorporate you into anything yet X_X
FTV scanlation project has been restarted - we are looking for translators, cleaners, editors. Any expression of interest in the project please PM me.
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