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woo, three cheers for sonic master

so dchaos is setting the standards for sfx fonts and other such misc?

Also, nice job on the user bars, guys but I like dchaos's more (no offense bearsam)
As for SFX notes, I've just been using size 6 font and putting it just outside the frame at whatever seems the most fitting spot. If you can translate the SFX, feel free to do the same, and again; I'm willing to help if theres one you'd like to know about.

And deadlylazers, thanks for the compliment
Thats my first userbar ever and I've been looking for ANY criticism or comments, and haven't managed to get a single one until now.
QUOTE (deadlylazers @ Feb 18 2008, 12:57 PM) woo, three cheers for sonic master

so dchaos is setting the standards for sfx fonts and other such misc?

Also, nice job on the user bars, guys but I like dchaos's more (no offense bearsam)
lol none taken =D i know my userbars are wayyy too pink lol. anyways, back on topic!!

Vol 1 chap 2
cleaning: 100%
editing: 0% (still waiting on script)
Typesetting: 0%
QUOTE (samthebear @ Feb 18 2008, 01:44 AM) lol none taken =D i know my userbars are wayyy too pink lol. anyways, back on topic!!

cleaning: 100%
editing: 0% (still waiting on script)
Typesetting: 0%
wait....don't tell me that's for chapter 2!? I haven't even started...I was waiting for chapter 1 to come out, well samthebear I think you should let sonicmaster do parts of chapter 2. Send him the raws if necessary and we will do half/half or something...
lol, I believe our first release is planned to be all of Volume one, not just the first chapter. So yeah, everyone's been waiting for the next part of the script so they could start their jobs, and I've been taking my time since the next part wasn't given yet xD
lol, thats why when we were assigned our parts, it was the first 100 "pages" (read, images) assigned in 20 page blocks. Otherwise we'd have split it into much smaller blocks to be just the first chapter

BTW, one more post and I will have the 1337 postage number (and will from then on never post again xD)
Once I figured out how you had yours numbered, I was able to keep up fine. That said, it did confuse me a bit at first too.

I think the easiest way to name numbers is by images. There are 100 images in this volume, including cover pages and such. I'm working on the first 20 images. Each image consists of two actual pages, although I always refer to each image being one page. You could potentially label it as (for example)
Page 1a
Page 1b
Page 2a
Page 2b
to be the first two images, each half (a being the right half and b being the left half) - and in this case, that would essentially be the cover page and inside flap.
Page 4a would be the contents page, and page 4b would be the first page of the actual chapter (with the girl getting her shirt sliced open).

All of us are working with 100 images, so I think it would be easiest and most understandable if we labeled the pages by the image number rather than the actual page - especially since we are NOT splitting the images into two separate pages.

I hope that made sense, if you have a question, ask here or PM me.

(Page 1a/b = Image 1 (cover)
Page 4a = contents page
Page 4b = actual page 2 in your beta script - page with girl getting shirt cut open
Page 26a/b = large spread with the Aleksander Her (Sasha) holding his giant scythe
i say we go with dchaosblade's way of numbering the pages in the script O_O it'd make alot more sense. i'll go edit the guide lines now with dchaos' page numbering in it O_O but becuase of the way this has been scanned we'll have to do the whole 1a/b numbering - when we get pages that are spilt (one page per image) we can number them as indicated on the file name (eg: img1 would equal to page 1 in the script O_O)

*hope that made sense!*
heres the new and 'improved' guidelines: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T710RNXU

I had to use megaupload cuz for some reason now i can't add attachments to my posts O_O

- guide on how to number pages when there are two pages on the one image
- centre all text

NOTE: *this is more for MKK but still important for everyone else* page 89 and 90 are the same page so i've deleted one and re-numbered everything from page 89 on wards - so if you're wondering why we dont have exactly 100 pages it is because of that.

um you guys... should we put a warning on this series? i've just quickly flicked through the whole volume and um there seems to be more than acceptable exposure of breasts for kids
i think we should attach something like 'this may not be suitable for children as it includes partial nudity and adult themes.' to the beginning of the volume and in the description? or even a '16+' tag O_O
I don't think so. The worst shown from what I've seen is upper nudity - which isn't any worse than what you can find commonly in many anime. The people who come here to download anime are aware of the fact that nudity is somewhat common in their shows, and they should be aware of the same in manga. The warning would be IMO unnecessary.

Granted, the guy puts his mouth to the breast to 'drink' - but it isn't that bad IMO.
rofl. its so that we dont get yelled at XDD its like 'we put a warning so u can't blame us for anything you didnt want to see!!!' well yeah its not so bad for you but its better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this things O_O to people who don't know the difference between echhi and hentai the line is non-existant to them. so they might just yell at us for violating our own rules
Either way, it would be a warning we'd put before the download, not as a part of the project (though I could create a splash page with a warning if you want), so it's not something we have to worry about for a while.

Anyway, its 3:30 a.m. here, and I have class at 10...I should probably hit the sac
lol ok then - i'll let you go sleep, but i suppose we could just do with the warning before the download but if you find yourself in want of an occupation (meaning: you have nothing else better to do) please don't hesitate to make the splash page =D i still think we should have some kind of warning tho O_O before the download or part of the project we still need it.
I have not start the translation, yet. Although other school works are needed sort out first, I will do the script A.S.A.P and hopefully it will be done by Wednesday. Apology for your waiting if you finished all your jobs.
as a viewer and because my knowledge is what it used to be, what IS technically the difference between ecchi and hentai (or is it just that hentai is graphic portrayal of sexual acts and areas)?
The general concensus is this:
Ecchi: Sexual innuendo and/or nudity without portrayal of sexual acts such as masturbation, penetration, etc (groping falls under this category depending on the context)
Hentai: The portrayal of actual acts of sex including penetration, masturbation, and etc. Depending on the context, some things may be placed into this category that normally would not.

A girl sitting in a bathtub nude is ecchi.
A girl sitting in a bathtub nude, and is playing with herself is hentai.

The scenes depicted in the manga that run the line consist a bath scene (nudity, but no sexual acts - ecchi), some scenes involving dream-land S&M (not very graphic, fine line but ecchi), and a scene with Sasha suckling a breast in one frame (fine line again, but due to the context and rather mild nature of the depiction - ecchi).

Most people would say that its basically Ecchi until someone whips out their d!ck and tries to put it somewhere other than their pants, or when a girl starts putting things in there.
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