FTV scanlation

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we will be opening a beta/trial scanlation group in affiliation with FTV. this is where staff of the project can update each other and everyone else on the progress and development of the current projects.

Editor: DChaosBlade, samethebear, Barbobot, hamasusuke
Cleaners: DChaosBlade, samthebear, Barbobot
Misc: deadlylazers
Q.C.: hamasusuke
RAW provider: MKK, Hiasubi

Chinese-English: MKK, sonicmaster
Japanese-English: (position open)

We are currently advertising for Japanese>English translators - exprience not necessary but you must be able to speak/read Japanese and English reasonably well.

if you can translate chinese>english or korean>english and are willing to help when needed please apply!

We are also looking for RAW providers - chinese>english currently is preferred but dont hesitate to send us Japanese/korean RAWs - we will keep them until we can find a translator

If you have a series or manga you want us to translate dont hesitate to send it to us! however, if its not in chinese, either provide us with translations or (preferably) get us a translator ^^" if not we'll shelve it until we find an appropriate translator ^^

The usual rules that is applicable to FTV is also applicable to this scanlating group - that is:

- no licenced material
- no hentai
- once something is licenced we will drop it, including download links - no ifs buts or what ifs. and definitely no whining!

We have only recently started but for our first project we will be doing Seikon no Qwaser

We will aim to provide you all with good quality scans but because we are just starting out please be patient! We will try our best.
Project:Seikon no Qwaser vol 1 chap 1
Job: Cleaning, Editing

Cleaning: 100%
Editing: 0% waiting on translations
Project: Seikon no Qwaser vol 1 chap 1
Job: Editing/Cleaning/Typesetting (pg. 1-20)

Cleaning: 40% complete
Editing: 5% complete
Typesetting: 0% complete

@MKK2004: Just to make sure, did you intend to "Mary of Sari.Su" (pg.2 bottom left)? Because you later typed "Oh Mary of Tsaritsyn!" (pg. 5 bottom) - and I believe they are the same thing, right?
Here's my edit:

Pg 2: add the dash before "is" on the last line, so it connects with the previous line.

Pg 6: second line, is it 37th second? I think it should read "Let's see...it's 8:24 A.M. and on the 37th second."
Seems like there's been complaints about this thread's "posting issue" in this section, so i'm moving this to the Manga section and pinning it.
right....anyway I've finished translating the first chapter, 50 pages man......and to tell the truth I just started yesterday at 5 pm and I just used about 5 hours. There's only 2 things I have to complaints;

1) there's way too many Greek names and terms I have to either search for hours and guess

2) The story! WTF is it that you get special power by sucking girls' breasts and drink their milk? This is just....sigh....

Well I'll update my status and upload the latest scripts so you guys can edit it (seriously, please edit it, if I read it even I think my English sucks!)

P.S. I have a question, do you guys think it's a good idea to post scripts or works here, I mean people can just take our scripts and claim it as theirs.
Hmm.. you do have a point there. PM it to the list of editors instead.

and.. it IS possible to get powers like that MKK. Reference: Tsukihime.

And I don't think it's breast milk..
Project: Seikon no Qwaser vol 1 chap 1
Job: Editing, Cleaning, Typesetting (first 20 pages [read: images])

Editing: 100% complete
Cleaning: 100% complete (see question)
Typesetting: 65% complete

Should I remove the 8 comic logo from the scans, or leave them as a credit, or remove all of them except the cover page or the contents page or something?

Edit: Okay, I'll make sure to keep the 8 comic logo then.

Also just thought I'd throw this out there, I personally am translating as many of the small SFX as I can that MKK didn't translate (all the ones in Hiragana/Katakana). That said, if any of the other typesetters/editors/etc want to know what a particular sfx means, feel free to post it and I'll translate it (take a picture of the characters, and post the picture here).

Edit 2: If you think you'll want help with the translations, then great; but if you don't think you'll ever need the assistance...
I'd say at the very least to accept as a backup for when you are not available, or to help distribute the workload for you. I'm sure translating is a pain and tough to do alone.
I just noticed this as I was working on the typesetting. My translation of the school (although incomplete) is different from what is given.
The sign says some kanji characters, then in katakana: ミハイコフ
The katakana, written in romaji is: mihaikohu
The actual pronunciation: mēhaēkofu
I guess if you wanted to write it in english: Mihaikof or Mihaikov
as opposed to the given translation of: Mikhailov

I'll assume that the kanji before/after the name reads as "St." and "Academy"
I wanted to get opinions of anyone about what they think - especially anyone who can read katakana; or if anyone has official pronunciation for the word.
Well everything I see on other sites that give short descriptions/summaries of the series say St. Mikhailov Academy, which is where I got it from. (http://myanimelist.net/manga.php?id=3317).
okay, just thought I'd throw it out there and ask. I'm gonna guess that at some point the official pronunciation was given, or people noticed the many famous men with the last name Mikhailov (a mobster, physicist, revolutionary, etc), and assumed that was what was meant.
Iunno, the katakana for that, btw, would be: ミカイォフ. Bleh, whatever.
If anyone is interested, made a userbar for the FTV Scanlation team to use. It's my first user-bar I've ever made, so isn't amazing, but w/e. Have at it~

Second [Chinese] translator, I assume?

Anyway, need to finish the second half of my typesetting...be finished over the weekend.
X_X ahhh havent been checking this thread in awhile
" *bows* anyway, Dchaosblade for the sfx i'll try to edit them as well (those i can read and are in chinese) but what i'm more concerened about is the consistancy of the fonts etc and yup we got another chinese>english translator

A big welcome to our newest memeber sonicmaster

EDIT: i've made two userbars (only slight in variation) and something that can be considered a signature i suppose. i've used the site banner for the signature - if we're not allowed to edit the banner please tell me and i'll re-do the signature.


(second userbar)

rawr go teh pinkness rofl - feel free to edit/change anything and share it with us

(this is just to fill in time while waiting for the script...)
Thanks for your warm welcome samthebear

Please could someone also inform me if I do make any grammatical error in the future because I need to improve myself thanks
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