FTV is in search of an editor!

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QUOTE (nomae @ Sep 02 2009, 04:49 PM)
Depending on how bad your staff shortage is, I could also serve in the capacity of a writer or researcher, both of which I have several years of experience in with the US government, in addition to a primary role as an editor.
I think, imo, it would be to the advantage of the Webzine Team to take you on, nomae-san. Your spelling and your punctuation are impeccable. I find you to be very articulate in how you express yourself...now, if you have a sense of humor and wit, to add to your already, fine writing skills, then you're tops in my book anyway. All of those talents combined, will make for a fine writer and a good read. Good luck!


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Calling All writers!

As J-Zine is a little short of articles for the October Issue, we are looking for some speedy writers to make some articles.

If you've ever wanted to try writing for a magazine, or like doing reviews, or have something else thats somehow related to Japan or Anime, manga etc heres your chance!

Interested? All you have to do is be able to write the text draft of your article by Sept 19th. We will then give it to a team or proof readers and editors who will tighten up spelling and grammer and a picture team who will go grab pics for it. All you need to do is write the text in plain text, .rtf or in a .doc file.

Please post here or PM me with your ideas if your interested.

For anyone still interested, the deadline is now Oct 5th!
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