FTV is in search of an editor!


Recently the FTV team members have started a webzine project featuring anime/manga/drama and Japan related subjects. The articles are as good as finished but we are still in the need of the most essential part of editor.

  • A dedicated FTV member with a few hours of free time and motivation for this project.
  • If possible average to good skills in photoshop, an eye for design and also average experience in editing text and images in magazine lay-out.
Tasks (examples):
The articles will have to be divided into a three columns lay-out. Fonts and font sizes will have to be the same. Adding a modest amount of images will be required. As the editor you might have to correct grammar/spelling errors, but not necessarily always needed as we have a good team of proofreaders checking it ahead of you. Index page and page numbering are needed as well. If possible add background colors/images. We don't know yet if we'll put it in a .pdf file eventually but it's a strong possibility.

Do you think that you are what we're looking for? Would you give it a try? Don't hesitate and leave a post here, telling us what you're capable of, and we'll contact you for sure ^^

We would like to release our first issue by the end of September. Any volunteers are welcome to give it a try. If there are any questions, please pm me, Dragon-of-Rune or monsta666.

Thank you for reading

an example of an older version of one of the articles we've been working on. Since it's our first issue, this background is just an example. But if we work on this as soon as possible, we might still be able of getting a good lay-out at this one ^^


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Hi Noshi,

This sounds like a cool idea, and I'd love to help out although I'm not sure if my -Chi status really qualifies me as a dedicated enough member. I have helped out once before with an e-zine for a sci-fi fan site, and know my way around word, photoshop and also have a bit of experience with pdf. I just had a quick go in word and managed to make a 3 column page with a background from the ecchi gallery without any issues in doc and pdf.

I can also spare a few hours each week, just depends how many pages and articles your thinking of
Let me know if you want me to put something together as an example.


No matter what -chi -chan or whatever you have after your name, everyone's welcome to give it a try

What we mainly mean about "dedicated enough" is that you are willing to be aware and responsible of your role, keeping the other team members updated, and just have fun doing this while being on the webzine team ^^

Also it's not just for this issue. We're looking for someone that will stay with us as long as possible if he/she does a good job, and has fun staying with the project.

I'd roughly say we have about 8 articles by now, and there are still some articles to be added. This first issue will be around 20 to 25 (rough estimate) pages as it looks like now

PM me if you're still interested ^^


I've stumbled across this topic randomly, and despite being an inactive member of this site's forums, I'd be interested in taking on this project to get some experience with editing, and layouts. FTV has been a great source of finding new series to watch, and I've benefited from coming across it a long time ago. I'd like to contribute to its growth, and possibly build something lasting.

My undergrad degree is in business management and marketing. This project would engage the marketing aspect, as the point of a 'zine is to convey concepts to the readers. Understanding how people take in information, and integrating that with the purpose of the article is the goal of an editor. My most recent project was developing marketing for an online distributor, from which I learned principles of online marketing including SEO, website financial analysis, and integrating web-presence with real life events (sponsoring banquets, working with chamber of commerce).

I know you guys aren't fully aware of what you want this zine to become, and I'm not sure which of the above skills will ultimately be beneficial, but I feel that you guys would benefit from a little more guidance, vision, and professionalism if you want to take this zine, and this site to a higher level.

You can reach me at [email protected], or on aim at "aimsquire" and we can discuss the project further.

Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate hearing what you think.



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Hey, I'm also a random stopper-by. I've done article editing for a rather large online community, created my own webzines (and paper zines), know Photoshop, and write for a living. If y'all still need an editor, let me know!


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Just wanted to put a little update in here as it some people are still reading this thread...

We do now have an editor, (me) and as of Issue 2 we actually have 2, (me and Shini).

We don't however have anyone to make a HTML version, and we are of course always looking for articles (and various other things every so often like images etc).

To try and help I put a couple of (unofficial) bits together on my blog for anyone interested or would like a bit more info on things.

Its also the place to download our first issue!

J-Zine Info
How to Get Involved
Issue 1 Info and Download
Issue 2 Info and Download

Edit: Links updated.
Hiya, peeps!

Reviewing is something that anyone can do, right? I'd like to try my hat at it. I think that I might have what it takes to write a pretty detailed review here and there. Even if it would just be me and my opinion... V_V; ... I'm certain that I could make it sparkle and pop! Lemme know if I can fill that role. Heck, I'm actually already thinking of a title for it and everything. Something to fit the avatar hopefully... Anywho...

I type a mean 1000 words off in a flash... to lemme know and I'll do what I can.

Regrettably, my photoshop skills are rough around the edges and my programming skills aren't up to par, but if it comes to typing something up that I'm passionate about, I can go on for days and days at a time. Just keep me in mind if reviewers are needed.


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Hi damienstryker,

If your interested in writing a review for the next issue that would be great, we actually just setup a new blog for J-zine Here, and we also now have a brief guide in the Contribute section Here to give you an idea on what you need to do for a review.

In brief we normally say a standard review is 500 - 600 words, a long article or review would be 700 - 1,000 words long. you dont need to worry about photoshop or any graphics as we have team members to do that already, all you have to do is write a good review, we then take a look and assuming its accepted we would pass it to the proof readers to give suggestions and edits to help you improove it ready for the magazine.

You can review new or older anime/manga/sound tracks etc providing its not already being done by some else for J-zine.

Do you have an idea of what you'd like to review?
I'm going to revive this thread.
FTV is once again in search of a couple editors as well as writers. Right now we really need editors as we only have one, so if you can help out, PLEASE APPLY NOW! Our planned deadline for the next issue is October 2009, so we really need people to start help proofreading.

Writers are also welcomed, but not a top priority right now but we may ask for submissions for our January 2010 issue. More news about that after the October issue is out.


Well, if being an editor is what I think it will be I'm pretty sure I can do that (I'm still in college so this crap is still running through my mind @[email protected]), of course at your discretion. I'd like to help in anyway I can.

What exactly does a writer entail? Blogs? The J-Zine?

No matter what I just want to offer my services ._.


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I wouldn't call it recently that you made the web-zine... *EDIT*I just noticed that this thread was revived*EDIT*
still, I'm interested. Even though I'm in FTV-subs, I think I could spare some time as editor or whatever. I'm a graphic artist so, yeah, I can do pictures. I've kept with Ftv for a few years and have seen everything that has come out for the last many years so I know anime. I would just like to help around. Whether it's editing, making pictures or making ideas, I wanna try it out.


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Just to help clarify a bit, we have 2 kinds of editors in J-Zine, editors and design editors.

The "editors" we are refering to here are as in text, ie proof reading articles for grammer, spelling, and basically improoving the text of all of the articles that get submitted. At the moment we are rather short in this area, and its also almost the time we really need them.

Basically we need people who have very good english, this really means english as their first language ideally, but if your fluent then please still do apply, it dosnt matter if you use US or British English either btw. You dont need to worry about formatting or layout, thats done by a different group.

We also need a person on the "photo desk", basically a person to find images for articles. We need large, high quality images, often this is for anime reviews/previews, sometimes food items, sometimes other Japanese stuff - CD images, news related, people etc. Some photoshop experience would be nice but not required (in case something needs cutting or cropping).

With regards to other positions, writers are also welcome as Kit said, but that would be for a later issue, we do have a blog which has become a bit stale as I dont have time to update it much lately, so again thats a maybe but its also later. The priority is for proof readers/editors right now as we're getting close to deadline.

If your interested post a reply here and one of us will contact you, or you can send me or noshi a pm.
QUOTE (Maiku_Ando @ Aug 26 2009, 01:48 PM) We also need a person on the "photo desk", basically a person to find images for articles. We need large, high quality images, often this is for anime reviews/previews, sometimes food items, sometimes other Japanese stuff - CD images, news related, people etc. Some photoshop experience would be nice but not required (in case something needs cutting or cropping).
I can do this, but I would like additional help. With JunMisugi currently busy with stuff in real life, I would like some aid in doing so as I may not always have the time to fish things out of my 5000 some images in my folder.


Well when it comes to English I'm a native speaker and I wouldn't mind lending my skills (English is a skill? lol) to editing any documents which you may want to make public, be it a blog, J-Zine, or any sort of text heavy document.

Just let me know if you'd like my help


a reasonable standard of english would definitely be a help here although the FTV staff may want to mention which version of Enbglish they want using

either American English or English English lol
I'd offer to help myself but I feel I would probably be a bit unreliable


I would like to help with editing for the J-Zine. I just joined the FTV-subs team as an editor, but unless we start working on a lot more projects, I'll have plenty of time to do editing on the J-Zine as well. I spent 6 years editing government reports for grammar, spelling, and content, so I have plenty of experience editing articles.

Send me a PM if there is any other information about my background that you require.


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Let me know if I can help. Because I'm majoring as a graphic designer, I can be of assistance. Graphic designers don't do what graphic artists do. Graphic designers are the people the print the stuff on paper, coke bottles, even or car dashboards. graphic designers also make layouts for magazines and ads and such. I'm also a graphic artist, so I can make the art. Plus I'm native in English (USA English).

If you add me to the team, I can just help out with any miscellaneous thing.


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It seems I can't edit my previous post so here's another post. I know that the webzine is supposed to be seen on the internet but there are those that want to print the magazine too. I just wanted to say that the resolution of the pictures aren't high enough. They don't even reach newspaper print standards, too actually. Even though PDF files aren't meant for the print, either.
I just looked at the pictures just now. And although they're nice, the resolution is only meant for computer screens to display.


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The PDF that we publish on the site is actually a reduced resolution edition, we make a full res version then its compressed down to reduce the file size. The one on the site is ment for screen display only. I have the high res versions for print use if anyone wants them, but they are quite a bit larger. I also have the full Indesign pakage for each of the later issues.

I did want to set the DPI standard for images to be at print resolution, however we were unable to find images at this resolution so a compromise was made and we set the standard at 150DPI as the minimum. My intention is to move the quality to print standards and professionaly print the magazine, I even have quotes from printers etc (I was looking at publishing another magazine and got the quotes at the same time), the main problem was the quantity, we would need to order a minimum of 2,500 copies for it to be economical. If someone has the ability to help with distribution/sales and help with getting the images of a high enough resolution then maybe we could look at it again, but for the moment this is still a bit beyond our reach.

What might be a better idea as a first venture into print is to make a collection or book edition where we print maybe 2 years of issues as one book. Having completed the first year, we could aim for it after this year completes. One problem would be the fixing of the previous issues which were not to high enough standard, particually as the first issue wasnt even A4, and the second and third were not done with InDesign

Right now however we have more pressing issues for J-Zine, such as a staff shortage and also an article shortage. I'll send you a pm later on with more details on where you can help.

Right now i have limited internet connectivity, thats why I havn't responded to the posts in this thread much yet, but I will do this shortly.


QUOTE (Maiku_Ando @ Sep 02 2009, 11:05 AM)Right now however we have more pressing issues for J-Zine, such as a staff shortage and also an article shortage. I'll send you a pm later on with more details on where you can help.

Depending on how bad your staff shortage is, I could also serve in the capacity of a writer or researcher, both of which I have several years of experience in with the US government, in addition to a primary role as an editor.