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-Spama Sosei
Hmm it`s friday 13th today , the legendary day of badluck! , so did u guys have bad luck today?! , i did !
myRO acc was messed up my grades at school were screwed(but that doesnt need friday 13th tho >_>)


-Jigoku Sensei
Friday the 13th is a bad day for you Wceend. Because i must give you a warning!!!! You posted this in the wrong section. I thought by now you should know what you can't and cannot do. And where you should start different thread type's.


QUOTE (wceend @ Jan 13 2006, 02:43 PM) Hmm it`s friday 13th today , the legendary day of badluck! , so did u guys have bad luck today?! , i did !
myRO acc was messed up my grades at school were screwed(but that doesnt need friday 13th tho >_>)
...two huge tests. Screwed up one of them, did somewhat okay in the other one. since i was running outta time i had to start guessing... so yeah, i wrote down some random answers for the last 6 questions. the test had about 23 questions and... yeah... great day... tommorow, ill have to go to my prep course... and then day after tommorow too. monday,tues,wed ill have to attend my OTHER prep course... then some diploma exam,,,and day after that...another after that prep courses...AGAIN...for another two days...3 days of absolutly nothin but studying...then...diploma exam again...


the first one i got bad luck on...i've gotten a new external hdd...but my usb-pci card...won't work anymore...
....more animes....i need the hdd...


well if what happend to me one wednesday happend today then i would say today was a bad day . but nothing really bad happend to me lol . and for once i went with a day without nearly killing myself today so i would say today was a good day


so far the only bad luck i had was when the computers at school all got shut down. lost some work....all those dam essays, down the drain.

other than that, i accomplished beating a friend in tennis. YUHOO!


well regardless if its good luck or bad, i had a crappy day -_____- (then again, its not so different than any other day i have


'Not superstitious. But I witnessed an accident on my way to school. I would want to say it was bad luck for the involved but despite the damage of the vehicles, no one got hurt. Got late because of it but being late didn't affect anything.


I was all scared, 'cuz there was this THICK ominous fog this morning.

Nothing bad happened.... so far... still 3 1/2 hours left.

Redshift 6

I don't believe in it, but idt did happen once. writng my Greman Exam for 12th year and it's Fri 13. They couldn't find the papers so we had to rewrite on monday. LOL. Otherwise, never had bad luck or anything of that nature.


-Spama Sosei
wrong section?! ,the general section is for this kind of stuff isnt it? ;_; , anyway i`ll look up why people see friday 13th as a bad-luck day later


My Friday the 13th sucked, because I like... almost crashed my dad's car.. hahaha... and he didn't know I was driving


-the bee's knees
Guess what today is!!!!
Friday 13th!!!!

Take out the dog, lock the door, wrap yourself in cotton wool and whatever you do don't leave the room!!! It's only one day and as long as you do what I say nothing bad will happen... Then again the summer can be pretty hot...

Fortunately the next Friday 13th is miles away (February 13th 2009). Got time to prepare for that one.


-Yoitsu no Kenro
My my Friday the 13th.....I hope that day doesn't effect today's football match (Netherlands vs France)

Anyway i had some bad luck today, it was this morning when i was delivering the newspapers. At first it was nice and dry and after a few minutes it was pouring out of the sky.

But that was just about all bad luck for today, everything else wen't just fine.

The next Friday 13th, after February 13th 2009 is August 13th 2010


~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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Leader Council
Well if you live kind of jinxed life at times sometimes Friday the 13th can be considered rather a good day at times. Usually I have a decient day if I think of it that way.

Besides I tend to have a worse day even if it wasn't Friday the 13th. So in that case it's all in the mind and how you percieve things that can make the day good or bad you know.