Fate/Stay Night

QUOTE (Marine-RX179 @ May 21 2006, 01:50 AM) Since when there's a time interval thing? I alway thought that as long as there is no one posted after your previous post, you would still need to use edit or something instead of making new post...
well some may still consider double post but hey is it really that bad if it is like a day or so difference? I mean I personally think it shouldn't and well even if he edits it most likely people don't read or go over people's post that are edited. Most ppl IMO usually read the last thing. that is just me though.

haha yea the fake star wars scene was weird. again MKK with another pic which seems to be ahead of the series


hahaha... I dont think it counts as double post since there are 2 days as time interval.
Hmm... I'm a bit late to download the latest episode, since I enjoying play RYL with my friends. TT.TT Anyway, I'm downloading it now, and really looking forward to this episode. lol


Hmm, episode 20 really took a twist off the storyline eh? Maybe its my fault for not watching the preview but... wow, a date with Saber is like dancing carelessly in front of a lion. =="


QUOTE (Victory @ May 21 2006, 07:38 AM) wow, a date with Saber is like dancing carelessly in front of a lion. =="
yeah, date with saber....it looks interesting..

and in this episode saber is looks like friend than a servant to shirou...

however, it just 4 more episode to go...TT.TT
really? I thought saber was the main problem because her plans about a date were close to negative integers.


I just hope the date went bettter... TT.TT
I think, shirou better with saber than rin.anyway, this is not love-romance anime.... lol
I was wondering who was the man and who was the girl for that date I mean seriously what guy runs away from a girl during a date unless your running off with her money =p
hey... you do got a point there... but remember, Saber has never experienced womanhood before... so i bet it's harder on shirou than it is on saber.


QUOTE (Dark Haven xDEx @ May 21 2006, 09:10 PM) they should have an OVA EP of all the FSN girls trying to teach saber to be a women lol the would be great but dreams will stay dreams I guess
hahaa..that's a good idea...
but i still prefer season 2 than an ova... lol
only a few more episodes...


QUOTE (Kit-Tsukasa @ May 22 2006, 02:15 PM) lancer should still be alive unless they skipped that section of the fsn game when relating it to the anime and jumping straight into the conclusion of fsn game where it is just between saber and gil.
I'm not sure they will make a conclusion like that. becuase if we don't play the game we will not know what happen to lancer.
So, i think they will explain about him later in the next few episodes.


i addressed lancer a few pages back
Maybe they just killed him off without mentioning it or there could be a second season?


QUOTE (Lunariz @ May 22 2006, 10:54 PM) Maybe they just killed him off without mentioning it or there could be a second season?

I don't think that possible so i think it can make some 'free space' or the story will not connected if lancer is suddenly dead without explanation.

as for season 2, i also hope they will really make it.... this anime almost reach the end now.. T.T


I think it has passed season 1 since one season is actually 13 episodes . 26 episodes is considered 2 seasons. Depending on how you see the pattern of anime series. So this is actually still in Season 1 phase. I'm pretty sure a second season will come out since the game continued after FSN to FSN HA.... something like that I forgot.