webzine, 1st issue

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Behold! Our first official FTV webzine made by some dedicated members of our mods/sempais team.

This webzine features anime, but also other media like dramas, culture and music. With this first issue featuring a small peek on who our mysterious daft27 really is and how FTV started to exist.

Download: click for first issue! (8.5mb, 24 pages)

It took us a loooong time to finish it, and we had put a lot of effort in it. We started this project almost half a year ago, with the suggestion of DarkSkyLady for an FTV webzine. It sounded like a great idea and a lot of us got interested, and most of us had started writing already, until unfortunately, a lot of us lacked the time and/or motivation after a while, and above all that, we had to miss an essential part, the editor. After a few discussions we decided to pick up the project again in August, and make it work this time, with a slightly different team. We were dealing with the miss of an editor, but luckily Maiku_Ando volunteered to save the efforts put in the zine with his patience and dedication.

We might also need new webzine team members for writing manga or culture articles, or even other anime/Japan related subjects you're interested in, if more are interested, a second editor might be needed as well
. So aside for discussion, feedback, and suggestions, this thread will also remain open for joining if interested.

Please take a look, and we sincerely hope you'll enjoy it!

The FTV-zine Team
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