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3rd Issue - April 2009

The J-zine team is proud to announce the release of our third issue! This issue is our longest yet and contains many firsts for J-Zine! Check out the joint review of One-Piece as well as the visual novel reviews and light novel reviews. It doesn't end their though as we have released 4 versions for this issue! Each version sports a different background, we hope you enjoy all of them! Like a simple but effective layout? Try version 1. For a blue background try versions 2 or 3! And for the more adventurous ones... You might want a peek at version 4!

Version 1: White/Plain Edition
Version 2: Light Blue Edition
Version 3: Blue Edition
Version 4: Green Edition

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At the time of release, this issue had some controversy over the Blassreiter review on page 15, due to the text being blurry. This was caused by the use of Photoshop to render that article, while the rest of the issue was done as text. Recently I found the following 3 editions where the original text article was used. I have not checked the entire issue, however it appears to be complete. I have also included the alternate front cover with the One Piece theme.
Version 1: White/Plain Edition (Fixed)
Version 2: Light Blue Edition (Fixed)
Version 4: Green Edition (Fixed)

As always the webzine team is very keen to hear feedback from the public! We strive to make this magazine even better! If you have time please rate this magazine in the following areas out of 10 (10 being perfect 1 being awful):
  • Level of interest
    [*]Quality of writing
    [*]Quality of pictures

Any other comments are more than welcome!
We hope you enjoy this issue of J-Zine!

The J-zine team


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Man, I loved reading through it. I'll probably go through it again at some point later today! It really warmed my heart to see everything come together the way that it did.


Then again, I think that I'm just being a big softy.

I read it in version 3... and loved how the backdrops helped everything come together. Clever text manipulation really did the trick. Kudos to the max! I can't wait for the next set of deadlines to come around the bend! Let's really get after it next issue! Laterz!


Skimmed it as linked from the FTV front page.

Good job as always, in fact I'd say you are improving

Out of 10:

Level of interest - 7 (could be higher if it wasn't an anime junkie like me reading)
Quality of writing - 7 (of course, most of you guys aren' professional writers/reviewers. It's great for what it is)
Quality of pictures - 10
Layout - 8 (one thing that bothers me is that the way some images are fitted into the page. I'd suggest clipping them rather than stretching, since it just looks bad; I'd prefer the contents page to be more descriptive, giving more space to the actual contents and less to the pictures)

Of course, I can but disagree on assessments made by the writers. Therefore, I'd like to suggest, if I may, a "talkback" section for future issues, so that the readers can write back questions or responses to the articles in the previous issues

That said, I am going to China for over a month in a week or so, so I could try and write an article on anime in Shanghai if you'd like me to


New Member
hi...i am new nad i have a problem.For some reason i can not download Fansub.TV J-Zine Issue 3 (PDF).Can you help me?


great magazine. i only read the 3rd one so i'll be reading the first 2 soon. I liked the section on one piece the most. Great questions and great answers. Also the pictures from the trip to japan are awesome. convinced me to try and go during the winter instead of summer.


-geass prince~


it's really a good job. i really mean it. i know how tough it is to make a magazine!!

anyway, here's some points to take note:

1. dont stretch the picture, it really ruined it.. try to maintain the ratio or "crop" it

2. mind the borders!!! KEEP EVERYTHING IN THE BORDERS!! if people want to print it out, it wouldnt be nice~(i thought of printing it, but i didnt because of that.) eg. page 23, 36, 47 are definitely no-no. looks too lazy...

3. maintain a constant layout!! i know that you have A BOARD OF EDITORS, but having gradually changing layout is a mess to the eyes. >.< compare pg 8&9 with others~ with only 2 columns, it looks strange suddenly.

4. give the pictures some borders and frames? it will definitely looks better!! eg. favourite picks = toradora pg 28, 29, 30~

5. allocate the correct place for picture and words~ eg. pg20, 39, 43 are not good! however, pg 26 is well done!!

6. introduction for main characters can be improved! eg. pg 13, 16. instead of making them in 12 rows, why not allocate them into 2 rows, 6 columns!! you can place bigger picture for the character in that way. it is not neccessary for the picture to be square... it will be better if you can find the full portrait and cut them out according to the outline.

well, in a nutshell, the idea for having this magazine is definitely great! however, make sure the layout is properly discussed. also, make guidelines for picture processing, words and picture placements.

the best is to have only 1 main editor to check through every page. reject and do again if the page is not in the same pace as the rest. at least it will seem like it's coming out from one person!

keep up the good work! Gambateh!
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