How did you know about this lovely site?

How did you know about this lovely site?

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Sheer accident! I was looking around for Ergo Proxy and this site kept popping up, so I checked it out....and voilá! Great forum! I never realized you also provided downloads XXXD! Bonus!


New Member
QUOTE (MKK2004 @ Apr 06 2006, 01:54 PM)2 years ago I lost my ability to download things off BT and I found it in a site with tons of DDL sites.
I also lost my ability to use it two years ago when they 'had to' shut it down, its back up now but I prefer this site as it is faster, safer, and its never left me
Actually I was using this site back two years ago I just got around to making a profile last night, with my increase in site usuage I felt I should. Its all Air's fault I was a confessed Clamp man for years prior to Air and though I still love Clamp with a passion I would have to admit that Key now holds the number one spot in my heart. If you haven't checked them out yet I highly recomend Air and Kanon which can both be found on this site.


I found this site while I was looking for Mai-HiME episodes about half year ago. I typed it in on a yahoo search bar, and the number one site was!! At first I used the Direct Download links, but I started to read the FAQs and I found out about Torrents. Now all I use to get anime is Torrents, ever since then I haven't clicked on any direct links!!


i find out about this heaven of animes from my best buddy the google, it kept showing me the link for this site, so i decided to give it a shot, and i was left
O_O and asked myself "Why i was being so numb not to visit it earlier?!!!" i clapped myself uncouncious as a penitence afterwards ... muahahaha


QUOTE (Sayaki @ Jan 17 2007, 08:28 AM) I was searching for a direct download site and just poped up o_O

stayed here ever since

it reminds me of something now that you mention this.. i notice that in all the search engines i go to (yahoo, google, altavista, etc..).. i find that everytime i search for an anime name or something related to anime, FTV is always the first to pop out.. this way, if anyone is interested in anime, they could be introduced to Fansub easily on their own.. numerous people are actually being introduced this way daily.. long live FTV!


-the Pirate King
Was talking about anime on WoW with my guild mates and one of them mentioned this site. Never started using this sight until a little while after that though, but now I'm on it all the time.


Fansub TV Team
I searched after a anime over google, yeah and then I found,I was like wohoooo all this animes and no Bit Torrent,yay


I typed fansubs "direct download" into Google and this was the first site that appeared. I was trying to avoid using BitTorrent. I became interested in the forums and decided to join. I haven't been here long but the Fansub TV Network is such a cosy site and welcoming community that I plan to stay.


I was looking for fansub groups, one of the results was this website, i looked around. At first i just used it to get some anime the easy way an bitorrents. While I was still using it, I was still thinking of joining.

Finally on March of this year i joined the site

When i first saw this site... I was releaved at what they had to offer. I enjoy the forums and help from the mods. Plus if you post and not spam, you get a nifty title, that is a sweet reward, LATEZ!!!!!!!

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