Fansub.TV 2020 Upgrade Project - Welcome to Fansub 2020!

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We will be upgrading the main forum to a new system with a new style and some new features!

As this is quite a long and complex process involving server moves and rebuilds, converting and importing data, the forums and website will need to be shutdown for the duration of the work.

The forum and gallery will be offline for several days.

When? Sometime within the next 7days 10th July - 17 July approx.

While the site is offline, there will be a status page telling you what is going on and links to services which are still running.

During the Work:
The forum will be offline.
The gallery will be offline.
The "Misc Files & Game Patches" Downloads will be offline and closed.*
Wordpress Blogs will remain online. will remain online.
Karaoke will remain online.
Anime DDL and Streaming pages will be offline and closed.
The mini blogs will be offline and closed.

After the upgrade:
Maikuando.TV users will get the site in Fansub.TV colours, with a 'click' option to change to the MATV colours.
The front page will continue to host the Necromendations as it does now.
Member registrations will be open again.
The anime DDL / Series pages ( /series/xxxxx) will be closed and removed.
The anime streaming / Crunchyroll pages ( /stream/xxxxx ) will be closed, these may return at a later date.
The mini blogs (the ones no one uses) will be closed and removed.
The "Misc Files & Game Patches" Downloads will be offline and closed.*

*The "Misc Files & Game Patches" Downloads area will be closed and the image and video content moved into the Gallery, most of this section is actually videos which are better suited to the new Gallery, which has full video support, including automatic thumbnails and transcoding for streaming. The remaining files are for a closed MMORPG, so little point in keeping an entire downloads system which costs $65 for that.

The mini blogs have never been used since the service was offered and the new forum software dosn't support that feature, nothing really lost there. (Wordpress will continue).

The DDLs were shutdown long ago, the only loss will be the information pages. The older pages will still operate as normal. BUT there is an idea to bring them back as a Wiki - more details to follow in the future.

The Crunchyroll streaming pages only serve to take people away from Fansub, they were intended as a solution to the anime updates but ended up having a big negative impact on the site, as well as rather ironically being a constant source of DMCA copyright complaints (more so than the DDLs!). There is some development work needed to make these work, most of it is done, but if they return it will be in a much smaller reduced type of feature.
Not open for further replies.
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