Fall Season 2016 Line-Up and predictions


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(updating in progress)
must see: 1. Ajin: Demi-human 2nd series (glad to know i'll not wait longer) ^^
2. Natsume Yūjinchō Go (finally Book of Friends continues after 4 long years) :3
- hopefully better than past seasons: 3. Hibike! Euphonium 2 (the Nationals?) ;/
4. Time Bokan 24 (going way back to its roots after last Yatterman's spin-off) :0
- could be ok telling by studio: 5. Monster Hunter Stories Ride On (David Pro) ;p
6. Trickster - Edogawa Rampo 'Shōnen Tantei-dan' Yori (Ranpo Kitan's S2'?) ¬¬
- not expecting much: 7. Digimon Universe Appli Monsters (or i'll see Tri films)


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Well god dang. Look at that hot piece of sexiness. I can never get enough Gantz. It is one those few pieces of media in the world that perfectly encapsulated my humour/outlook on life.

The first two phases of the manga is flawless sci-fi action IMO. As with all good sci-fi it falls apart in its final phase but unlike Code Geass R2 the bad does not outshine the good.

Thankfully someone realised that phase two, with those sexy gundams and the 100 point alien fight, was too good not to be adapted.

Very excited for the film. The animation looks a little stiff but I dont care. I brought all of the Gantz manga volumes and the blu-ray of the two live action movies.

Whoo boy.. really excited for this.


QUOTE (franzoir @ Apr 29 2016, 05:34 PM)
...As with all good sci-fi it falls apart in its final phase ....

True... and I think that's because they don't know what's next in the 'game'... which is perhaps why GITS keeps redoing the same storyline every time... never taking it to the next level... Lain at least projected itself forward into the next level of the game at the very end, so it isn't impossible, just harder to understand and put on screen so that it makes sense... cause it's hard to understand from this level of the game.... Time travel is a perfect example... always going backwards, and not forwards, when, as an analogy, our lives are like a film, it exists as a whole, but we only see it frame by frame... though it's always a 'work in progress' and subject to constant change(by those at higher levels of this 'game'), most of which we aren't aware of taking place, due to only seeing it frame by frame.


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8. Drifters (at last new TV series of the latest manga from Hellsing's creator)̣ \o/
OVA/films high to low preference: 1. Planetarian Hoshi no Hito (neat so far) >.<
2. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri Soushuuhen 1 (telling by '1' must be OVA series) :V
3. Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou OVA (animated by studio Lerche for now) xD
4. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto Special (I wonder if it's unaired ep.13) o.o
5. Kagerou Daze: In a Days (only in case it's Mekakucity Actors' continuation) :/
6. Kantai Collection: KanColle Movie (to be shown before its confirmed S2?) ~.~
7. Kamisama Hajimemashita: Kamisama, Kekkon Zenya (married=the end?) -.-
8. Musaigen no Phantom World Special (most likely more ecchi or fanservice) ;(
9. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 4 (not so surprised after a recent daily TV series)


I've erased this post 2 times already, and almost a 3rd.
My impressions.

2nd season of Ajin... I do wonder if they want to 'milk' it like Naruto or end it clean this season or not, as that will determine how the story progresses IMO. Like X-Men, this Ajin phenomenon seems to be growing, the problem isn't just the current one trying to take over.

Fune wo Amu is an adult story, WTF is it doing on this list?!?
about 2 guys working on some dictionary project... ? Rare to see anything about the adult world in this list.. is there another list it belongs on? Is this list, the entire list of anime for the season? Is such adult fare on a different list?

Time Bokan 24 in search of 'true history'... imagine if they dealt with our real secret history instead of what seems like just another mashup on the past in comic manner? Probably wouldn't make it past the censors... but with comedy, this has usually been accepted... court jesters, or the way the classic literature is used in repressive countries to illustrate present problems and simularities, this was big in communist times, as the archetypes never change, only we do.. or some of us.

I see a few reverse harem shows... guess I'm not their targeted audience.

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari seems very family friendly fare with a twist, could be fun SoL.

All Out! reminds me of that film Rudy a decade or two ago... maybe the short character is used like shorter running backs in American football? Or will be be a mascot and occassional 'secret weapon'? Able to sneak under the others feet?

Flip Flappers... again with the use of alternate dimensions, see that more and more these days as the transition approaches.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru... with 'historical revisionists' going back to change history as we know it.. seems an allusion to 4d actions that go on all the time... or so it is said.

Hibike! Euphonium has a 2nd season? did anyone check out the first? Not too often an anime is done with band students.
Of course, these are pretty types, but aren't they always in anime? if not in actual band class?

Long Riders... another one with college students... this seems like progress in Japanese anime! I always wondered why there wasn't more, if not for the most likely reason that at that age, you aren't watching as much tv etc.?

Drifters could be a fun action packed series if the comedy is like previous samurai characters in various comedy animes.

Yuri!!! on Ice sports anime... haven't seen on on the ice, otherwise, it sounds like the usual competition thing.

Girlish Number seems like an fantasy idol version of Sore ga Seiyuu! which i liked, found it to be entertaining while informative about the industry, and it had an aspect of this 'idol' aspect of the industry as well.

Shuumatsu no Izetta, the last witch based in 1940s battlefield? no summary yet, previous looked a little like that old German film... can't think of it... Metropolis... mixed with Nausicaa ... perhaps, hard to tell.... preview, though short, looked different.. and different is good!

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku seems like the usual magical girl taken into the arena for The Hunger Games... from that summary anyway... could be different.

And speaking of magical girls, ViVid Strike! ... the next one without a plot summary is from the creator of Lyrical Nanoha.... which IMO is one of the best in that genre... still think the mention in series about her being attacked on that other planet would make a good insert series instead of a restart with younger cast. Hard to tell, but it was the drama of those characters situations that made the rest so good.... the abuse of the one by her mother etc. Maybe this is another one like that? Title works well, not only because it's in english, but titles are best kept short for advertising purposes, and most other mentions of the work in any form... and the image used here is good as well, like a good tease affect, even the hair is in motion, the face unseen... something that might have worked well for the other magical girl in HungerGames I just mentioned... Ikusei Keikaku.

Keijo!!!! seems like total fan service... reminds me of inhouse 'wrestling' done with girls in mud pits or jello and/or in bikinis etc.... just add the usual competition sports storyline and I smell hit or lots of T&A anyway!

Luger Code 1951... hard to tell on this one... explotive govt using impressionable genius teen to outwit the 'enemy'... I have to assume the govt is the bad guy and our genius teen only learns that late in the game? Maybe? maybe not, James Bond never has, nor any American super hero.. they stay death, dumb and blind to who they are working for/with. The Japanese don't really do that, though do they? Not seen the war anyway That said, the linguistic aspect sort of reminds me of that film a decade or so ago about the use of the Navajo language as code.... Windtalkers.

ClassicaLoid... sounds like a hodgepodge of various storylines... who knows on this one, good thing it's a comedy.... guess it has to be... or would it be better as a drama???

Sangatsu no Lion sounds family friendly fare again, but of course, our MC is living alone.... only in Japan, right?
Well to be fair... at 17, there have been a few models and actors that have lived that way with their parents approval...

Stella no Mahou... sounds different for this genre.... SoL... comedy about making friends in a club isn't new, just perhaps this take on the club making doujin games... is that really done in high school? just wondering... some schools might have all kinds of clubs in the bigger cities, especially if aligned or close to an industry/business nearby that specializes in this... sort of like training for entry level work nearby. Could be interesting if such real world aspects in the world setup are added in.

Lostorage... has no summary, anyone see the Wixcoss series it's part of?

An OVA of Non Non Biyori... I liked that rural series... typical in many ways, original in some others... and it does come down to those little original bits.

Bikini Warriors???
Guess I missed that series, now offering an OVA... anyone see it? I wouldn't be expecting too much really. :unsure=========
Planetarian has a movie coming out?? is it a compilation of the series? September? Will the current series be done by then?... guess it will...

The Red Turtle... ??? it's Ghibli... even their 'misses' are better than most other stuff.

Ajin: Shougeki... is this a film that will comprise most of the upcoming 2nd season like last time?

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni... (Wiki) In This Corner of the World is a manga series written and illustrated by Fumiyo Kōno which ran from 2007 to 2009 in Weekly Manga Action. It follows the life of Suzu Urano, a young bride with her new family living on the outskirts of Kure City during the Second World War..... could be interesting SoL.


So far on my list for Fall:

Watashi go Motete Dousunda (The PV sounds and looks hilarious, apart from some of the voice acting choice)

And of course! WWW.WORKING!! (Cause let us be honest, why not)

So... yeah only two shows I know I will try and 3 on which I will wait for first impressions...


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Version 2.0 (added WWW.Working!! to my watchlist too, glad to see more of it)
QUOTE (Masich @ Aug 27 2016,2:32 PM)Cause let us be honest, why notthis spinoff sounds like mini-ONAs, but I'm fine with it if the comedy is great


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Wow, the fall season looks rather lean for me. I mean nothing is really sticking out for me right now.


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Version 3.0 (from what interests me only Orange: Mirai film in this final update)
QUOTE (Kid-Wolf @ Sep 03 2016, 12:07 PM)Wow, the fall season looks rather lean for me. I mean nothing is really sticking out for me right now. sup it's been a while, to Be Hero sounds wacky so maybe it'll be interesting


I have to agree, Kid. Nothing is really standing out to me too. Only 3 maybe 4 pushing with the new "Working" at the top.


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QUOTE (blanmgr @ Sep 20 2016, 09:45 PM)Nothing is really standing out to me too. Only 3 maybe 4 pushing with the new "Working" at the top.
yes this fall is weaker than expected, btw guys what else did you pick so far? I...

- new on TV: 1. Shuumatsu no Izetta
2. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda
3. Drifters
4. Girlish Number
- ongoing: 5. Ajin: Demi-Human 2nd season
6. JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 4: Diamond wa Kudakenai
7. Hibike! Euphonium 2
8. Dragon Ball Super
9. WWW.Working!!
10. 12-sai.: ~Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki~ 2nd season
- left to try: * Fune wo Amu (friday 14th)
* Luger Code 1951 (saturday 22th)


Just watched Kimi no Na wa / Your Name... rather good from start to finish, that guy/writer-director is rather good as his previous points out.... usually, some of them don't have endings, but this one does.... nicely done. Highly recommend. Has all the usual elements written up well all the way through, focus on the leads, with just enough attention given to the other surrounding characters, all with enough depth as befits their role... very nicely done. Some of the settings are beautiful as he's known for... a little more of that in regards to the characters' would be more helpful... but anime isn't known for that too much, which is why the Pixal/Disney stuff sells.... more money is spent to flesh out the drawings/sketchings/cells into a more real look and feel, which some of the settings have... oh well, that's life, but this film is very good, I can understand why they call him the new or replacement for Ghibli. Just enough 'out of this world' or our of the norm storyline within the usual fare to give it a life of its own... especially by the end.



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This definitely feels like a weaker season for what interests me, but that's ok. Less shows to have to follow each week isn't always a bad thing. It was a little annoying the last 2 seasons when Friday/Sat were packed with 4-6 shows each day that I was watching. Anyway for this season I'm checking out these:

Top Contenders
Izetta: The Last Witch
Sound! Euphonium
Yuri!! On Ice
Natsume YuujinCho Go

Seems Good/Continuing from Previous Seasons
Bungou Stray Dogs S2
March Comes In Like A Lion
Flip Flappers
JoJoBA: Diamond is Unbreakable
Kiss Him, Not Me (though I really wish they didn't give her that stupid voice for the first half of the episode. It was awful)

Kinda Meh, but Still Gonna Watch
Keijo!!!!!!! (For now at least cause its so ridiculous yet plays it so straight)
Occultic;Nine (this first episode was so unfocused and just not very good, but i'll keep with it for now)

Haven't watched Girlish Number yet, but I've heard some positive things so I'll give it a shot and Fune wo Amu hasn't aired yet.
I also haven't finished watching Gundam: IBO yet so I'll wait on the 2nd season. Been watching it in english on Toonami.


QUOTE (NecroRyu @ Oct 12 2016, 11:00 AM)btw guys what else did you pick so far?I have...

1. WWW.Working!!
2. Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda
3. Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki

To try once the season is over:
Izetta: The Last Witch

That's all I have planned, nothing else really popped on my radar.

Still beats the hell out of last season shows.


*Grabs old Summer season*
Sorry for this, but this is where the movie is: Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name.) Which I only today, got around to watching it, seeing as I was questioning: What's the hype about?

Do I find the animation beautiful? Yes, Especially the cinematic view.
Do I like the characters? Yes, they are very nice in personality (apart from the stupid
I love you, instead of writing his damn name!
Do I think Makoto Shinkai, is the new Miyazaki? HELL To the NO, and I still hate JapanTimes for even saying that... I'm pretty sure, some can agree on that?

I did not actually know much about this movie, I knew it was from Makoto as I know the name from: Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words).
But, I have a few problems with Your Name.
Nr1. I noticed it was incomplete, there were many things that did not make any sense. Every time I look back, I notice how more and more stuff, seemed incomplete.
Nr2. The way the movie,
used a time paradox, that many (including I) Still question what exactly the timeline was!
Must be some magical phone to suddenly lose all messages the moment he discovers the truth.
Nr4. (Follow up on 3)
How Did he not hear of this before!? A Freaking Town Wiped clean by a Meteor!! Even CNN would have already built a Tribune for the Reporters, Before it happened!
Nr5. And this is my own personal problem with the movie...
It showed the future (the aftermath of the meteor event and all the time traveling etc.) At the Beginning!!!! That is something I can never stand!
It's like every movie trailer you see nowadays, they all spoil what happens before you even see it! Which includes this movie ''opening'' Or pretty much the first 5mins.

I would give the movie a 6, it has its charms, but I honestly can't forget, how it's not done. There are so many questions, it just feels incomplete. Pretty much my list of problems >.>

However, I actually do encourage others to go watch it. It's one hell of a brain teaser.


"incomplete"... that sums up most of his work... well, not all, but most... that phone call in space film was his, right? they 'fixed' it later in a film version of it... if I remember correctly: Voices of a Distant Star"... then "5Cent... per Second"... same incomplete ... it needed a third act... he should go back and finish it with one.. the reason for that MC's not calling etc... was never explained... I was waiting for the third act which never came... other films were on a smaller scale and seemed 'complete'... such as "Days Promised..." Is he the next Ghibli? No... and yes... he has a beautiful look to his art.... he's learning to complete his storylines... but Ghibli or Miyazaki was working with much larger concepts about humanity... Makoto isn't... it isn't his thing... but like sports, there is always 'the next big thing'... the industry pushes this concept for marketing their product, same as award ceremonies... they were private at first, but then as the industry grew (Hollywood), they became major events themselves... later put on tv etc... until they have now become rather meaningless as there is an award ceremony for everything and everyone... perfect for the 'snowflake' generation that is given participation awards so that no kid or their parent feels bad about not actually being any good. ^_^

I sill like it though... I thought of it in more hyperdimensional terms... as possibility vectors... and yes, I agree the kid would have heard of it.... same as any big EQ there is known by everyone... but in hyperdimensional terms, the event isn't 'fixed'... it's one possible eventuality... same as our lives today... the omnipresent... as Einstein with his UFT.... not made public... all such stuff is said to go to the SG(secret govt)level... look at the reason for all those 'research' stations surrouding Antarctica... etc....

To tell the truth, I don't actually remember it all that well, so it's hard to criticize your critique. I think I saw it online ... must have been an upload somewhere from a workprint copy... as the beginning had the numbers rolling at first... I used to see these all the time on video 'back in the day', so I didn't think much about it... didn't realize it was still in theatres! :mellow:

I wonder if showing it at the beginning was less a marketing grab at the audience and more of a setup to it's occurance as a possibility in space/time... which is always subject to change... as it did in this film.. isn't that what happened? I forget! :D This slipping or shifting in the time sequence (from his perspective) is thus used to explain the phone issues... I think... again, I can't remember it well enough... this was so long ago! All the way back in Sept! :blink: This is why I actually liked it.. I think ^_^ ... was this attempt, if that is what he was doing (hard to tell, as alot of esoteric stuff gets used wrongly in anime in general) to portray the 'real world'... from a hyperdimensional perspective... next level... our 'present' is constantly shifting, changing, but we aren't aware of it from our DNNA based limited point of view... linearity ... this is what this concept deals with.... the travel through time.... same as we travel through space.... a change in position, not in space, but time... it's sequence of events... casuality concerns here.... again, I really don't think Makoto was dealing with this, but so often these concepts get inserted into artists minds, and they play with them because they think they are interesting, without understanding what they are really dealing with.... Harry Potter's author was doing this... there would be no such thing as poverty in a magical world, thus so much of it made no sense... but the story was setup well, good characters , setting etc.

The shifting of minds between the two characters... been done alot in Hollywood fare.... sometimes well, often not... usually done best in comedies. In this film, if I can remember it.. bits of it are coming to mind... this is this tie established between them in classic scifi terms of a time loop.... sort of like how it was done in "Looper"... at the end.. when he sees himself... another story that didn't make sense in many regards such as who controls this technology to change the world! :rolleyes: In this usage, the timeline experienced depends upon the observer.. classic Einstein there.... or whoever first came up with that ... I forget who it was.... the cat in that box situation... all of this reminds me of that manga "Qualia the Purple"... which deals with quantum physics in a rather interesting manner... having the entire story loop back on itself... but conscious awareness by our MC remains.. and that is usually the difference in time skips/loops/shunts etc... we don't experience the 'change' in our 'past' due to the way our conscious mind operates in linearity... at best, some of us experience a sense of deja vu.

How is all of this in messing up the film for you? :p I liked it because it was dealing with the situation... few do... and so artistically... that rain scene was very, very nice, you gotta say that much... he has very nice animation qualities... some of his stories go 'incomplete' but he's growing... which is nice to see as well... and it seems he hasn't stopped.... and he isn't focused entirely on profit... osis. Most of the HS interaction was rather basic comedy... some of it, like an asteroid/comet strike taking out a town in Nippon and he isn't aware of it?!?!? Strange... unless it's like the Roswell area situation of having 3 events contrived to seem like one and having it then not make sense.... 'fake news' is put out in the MSM to confuse the public... not that that was the situation here.. I don't remember exactly.... but with the excuse of a change in the timeline, anything goes.... pretty much, at least in the entertainment industry. :wacko:

But he will be compared to Miyazaki just because he's reached that level of sales of his product... which has gone offshore and sold well in foreign markets... that hasn't really been done since Miyazaki, right? Thus the comparison, even if he isn't dealing with the same subject matter.. which, let's face it, was rather ideological on Miyazaki's part... do-gooder stuff in much of it.... not so much in the other Ghibli stuff.... which reminds me of one of their latest: "When Marnie Was There"... how that twist in reality was saved till the very end.... perhaps by showing this cosmic event at the very beginning, it allowed the basic comedy of the HS kids to be explored in more fun fashion? .. until the end and their realities started to converge... as if they were on different planes of existence.. in this case, planes of time... a loop between what was and what is... they exist simultaneously, but we see them linearly...one affects the other.. but this gets rather esoteric... and gets a little more like Qualia the Purple by the end.... it's all a journey of self back to Self... right? :blink:


That's one huge Essay

Petti, Are you by any chance a scientist? xD

That and I encourage you to use the Special BBcode, for Spoilers ^^
Which is located in the reply box, above the Underline (U).


Honestly Apologize with using the old Fall season 2016 (Once Again), but I just like everyone to know...*breathes in deeply*

They are going to make a live-action adaptation of Kimi no Na Wa (Your Name.) ... Well, Time to get the pitchforks and head towards Hollywood again... When will they learn...

Every single time something in another world country outside of Hollywood's reach, hits the highest popularity in any way. They just can't wait to get their claws on it, so they can squeeze all the money out of it. ''Cough'' American Death Note, DBZ, Ghost in a shell. ''cough''

Don't shoot the messenger that is me right now. All I do is give my opinion and warn the villages.

I won't be posting anything else on this old page, promise.


Just watched "In This Corner of the World".... aka "Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni... watched the dub version... rather like Graveyard of the Fireflies in later aspects, but survival of some of them... in most parts... even the little drawn glimpses at the end, during and after the credits... of that little girl she gave her kimono and some watermelon too...later met when lost.... a rather quiet story... as the war intrudes... on her quiet life... rather good, but these stories usually are.... I believe the word is 'bittersweet'.
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