E3 2010


-the Pirate King
Well E3 is upon us now. Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft had their press conferences yesterday and Nintendo just finished their press conference less than 20minutes ago with Sony to have their turn within the next 2 hours. LOTS of good stuff to check out from here.

Some key highlights from the Microsoft and Nintendo Press Conferences (Sony's to come later so I'll probably edit this post):

-First portion of the show was dominated by the more hardcore games. We got to see Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 3,Halo Reach, among a few others.
-GoW3 looks like it will be fantastic having all new Lambent enemies to face and Halo Reach is great looking Halo action.
-From the hardcore games we then moved onto to Kinect which was previously known as Project Natal.
-At the show they focused on casual audience for Kinect with the games they showed.
-There was a virtual pet game called Kinectimals, an exercise game, a sports game (think Wii Sports), a racing game, a dance game, and such.
-Kinect voice navigation through your xbox dashboard. You can select where you want to go with your hands or just say something like "Xbox, play music" and it will play music.
-Kinect is coming in November, but no price point yet.
-New Xbox360 slimmer design that comes with 250GB hdd, built in WiFi, $299, that ships today.
-ESPN for Xbox. Be able to get live and on-demand sports through your Xbox 360. Watch games with friends and compete in sports trivia. Makes use of Kinect voice navigation. ESPN service is FREE with an xbox Live Gold Membership.

-Started off showing the new Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, that uses the Wii Motion Plus for a lot more fluid sword play than what we had in Twilight Princess.
-Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS was shown and looks excellent.
-Epic Mickey game from Disney that allows Mickey to use "Paint" and "Paint Thinner" to draw or erase things from the world. The environments looked really great and beautiful.
-Kirby's Epic Yarn for the Wii shown.
-Brand new Donkey Kong Country for the Wii being made by Retro Studios (ones who did the Metroid Prime games). Same classic music we had in the SNES classic.
-Goldeneye returns in a remake for the Wii though this really wasn't any kind of surprise.
-The 3DS was revealed for the first time.
-Allows for communication between 3DS's even if different games aren't being played so you can still communicate with friends/family.
-Has an analog stick, 2 screens (1 touch, 1 3D cause apparently touch and 3D screens do not go well together), 2 external cameras, 3D slider (allows you to adjust whether you want maximum 3D, no 3D or somewhere in between).
-The 2 external cameras allows for 3D pictures to be taken with the 3DS.
-3DS will be capable of showing 3D movies though partners haven't been announced.
-First Kid Icarus game since the NES announced for the 3DS with graphics that made me think it was a slightly low-res Wii game at first.
-Many different developers looking to develop on the 3DS including Hideo Kojima as well as Square Enix. A Kingdom Hearts game for the 3DS was confirmed though absolutely nothing known about it.
(Will have to update with more later as my live feed died at this point and I'm still at work)

Discuss anything that's been coming out of this years E3 here (also everyone should check out the new Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer cause it's just as epic, and maybe more so, than last years).
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