do you find internet forum addicting???


do i find internet forums addictive? No and Yes.
No if there are not any good topics and the people discussing are trolls
Yes if there are many good topics and the people discussing are actually intelligent human beings.

Mostly its impossible to find coherent humans who are intelligent enough to discuss with so no, i dont find internet forums addictive.
I did however at one point find FTV very addictive - that was in the days when i had all the time in the world to d/l and watch anime, where by i could give my opinion on each anime i watched. Nowadays, i'm too busy so i'm no longer as active as i wish to be - however, the community at FTV has always been a focal point for me. so even if i have stopped posting as often i still visit the site regularly (everytime i open an internet browser - FTV is my home page)

FTV is still by far the best fourm i've frequented, other forums are too spammy or have too many troll posts or the moderators dont really do any moderating or the community does not exist and everyone is just insulting each other or the forums are just dead.


Like samthebear said, it really depends if some interesting topic is being discussed. Forums are are quick way to chill/have fun. I can at times become addicted but as soon as I'm busy, whoosh you'll never hear from me again. It really comes and goes but I would never say a forum would take over my life, mabey gaming, but thats it lols


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QUOTE (anbu-black-ops @ Jan 19 2009, 08:19 AM)topic: do you find internet forum addicting??? this is my 4th forum. so far i have quit the 1st forum i always go to (hopefully). im kinda new to forum, and its kinda addicitng or is it just me?
Addiction, it's a can of worms. I guess the answer depends on what definition you use. If you go by the medical definition of addiction which describes an addiction as a condition where the body develops a physical dependence to a chemical, then the answer is no. No one can get addicted to internet forums. However most people now use a looser definition that will encompass more things such as gambling or anime addiction. In this definition an addiction can be defined as a constant compulsion to engage in a activity, even if it comes to the detriment a person's physical/mental or social health. In that sense, yes, internet forums can be addictive.

In fact I would go as far as saying that humans can be addicted to any activity, so long as it is enjoyable or pleasurable on some level. It's the human nature for people to keep repeating events that seem pleasurable and nice. If people do not have sufficient self-control they can keep engaging in these activities even if it harms them in the long-term. But everyone is different and people have different tastes, so not everyone will get addicted to the same things. I would guess only a tiny minority of the general population are truly addicted to internet forums. Then again I bet there are stranger things out there, the world is a funny place!!!

QUOTE (anbu-black-ops)do you always go to your favorite internet forums??? do you think its easy to quit visiting your fav forum? lol. its kinda hard you know...
Yes I do have some favourite forums that I visit on a regular basis. If I was forced to quit I think I could manage fairly easily. I would simply do other things to fill my time (read books - I never read as much as I want). How much it would effect me would kind of depend when I was forced to quit. When I first joined a forum I am not really that interesting in it. Over time however you get to know a few people and the forum becomes more appealing. Over time however I could see myself tiring with the same subjects that crop up time and time again. It happened in a old forum I used. If I had to quit in the first and last stages it wouldn't bother me as much, but that's just my opinion. I am sure everyone is different.


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I dont think forums are addicting. Its just another form to interact with like minded people. Ofcourse it provides stimulation as have already been mentioned but i doubt the experience is greater then what you would get in a real life setting. For example school, uni, friends, family. On the whole i think realtime interactions are alot more "addicting" if thats how you want to phrase it. is a good forum, but as with other forums it has a mixture of friendly but also some quite conceited people. This is the first forum i ever used and even so it took me a year or so to first make a post after joining. I use one other forum mainly for techie solutions.

I see forum really as being an extension/conviennt way of talking to other people if my friends/experts arent readily available. For example you just read your favourite manga and something cool happened but your all alone at home and you need to discuss it. You can quickly hop onto the internet and post your thoughts and get a reply within second instead of waiting till the next day to talk about it with your friends. However that is just a quick fix, i would much more prefer the real life experience rather than the digital.


im a little stupified there is 400 views and only 4 replies.

forums are addicting because you find people with similar interests and preferences.

do i find it addicting? not really, just something to pass the time. its entertaining to read another individual's outlook and opinion on a subject matter.
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