Dev Update: Concept Test for the Anime Pages

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It has been a concern for me for quite some time that the site content is looking rather disorganised, we have Anime discussion threads which do feature the wiki data but don't interact with the series or anime updates pages. Then we have the series / anime updates which don't interact with the forum or the wiki. And don't even get me started on the gallery. If you want to find an anime, where the hell do you do go? You can find articles on it on the front page, you can discuss it on the forum, you can watch it on the anime pages, and you can read about it on the wiki but its kinda the same as the article or the discussion. It is a total mess, it is confusing and it desperately needs fixing.

Today I am very excited to show a very early concept test of how all of this mess could be fixed. Below is the initial test of integrating the Wiki with the anime pages. The idea is that the wiki would no longer be a separate item, and instead seen as part of the anime series pages.

First a zoomed out overview shot:

Now some close ups:


This idea can also be used for the episode guide pages as well, such as this:


Please ignore the random obvious errors on the page (the menu bar being totally wrong, the unprocessed BBcode etc) that is due to some other code that is being worked on separately which I did not want to disable just for the screenshots.

This would fix the wiki and anime series pages, but I hear you cry, what about the forum? Well the next plan is to feature the forum thread under it, right at the bottom. The "wiki" part of the page is not actually the wiki, its the first post of the forum thread :)
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