Morgan 3

I have noticed, for some time, now, that there are fewer and fewer descriptions of the anime. Have we stopped doing them? or.. is there a way to post them?


~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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That depends, on what you mean by that. I mean would you care to explain what you mean by that since it's a rather vague statement there. I mean I don't know if you mean on the boards or the anime hosting portion of the site here.

If you mean for the boards it only means that either a series doesn't suit a person's taste that starts up threads. Although anyone can start up a thread for a series so people can talk about the epsiodes that have been released. Although people tend to go by the info on other sites about a series.

The problem is some people want to even host a pic of the characters in said series so some people tend to shy away from posting up new anime threads of series.
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