Denpa Teki na Kanojo

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I gotta say, I found the story from the first OAV (OVA?) to be pretty good and enjoyable. It can get a bit dark and surreal at times, but I think it really made a difference in the 40 minute short. I found myself consistently trying to guess the next turn in the story and almost always refreshingly found myself wrong. One of the things I especially enjoyed was how they humanize and expose various characters throughout the series. For example, you only really get to see Ame's face for the first time within the last 5 minutes of the show, even though they introduced her at the very beginning. Later when they briefly hide her face again, it's done to a different effect. Very cool.

It's got all the standard elements of a short story: introduction, rising action, climax and conclusion. I'd be surprised if the second OAV was a continuation of the first.

- daft


-the Pirate King
I'm surprised anything is being said about this show now considering a subbed version was released way back in February.

Definitely agree with you. It was surprisingly good. It had me guessing on many components of the story all the way to the very end of it. I've been wondering when the 2nd OVA would be coming out though. Pretty brutal too if I remember correctly. I wasn't expecting that when I downloaded it.


well when you said pretty brutal.. it's indeed brutal ^^; a girl with baseball bat covered in blood. ^^ pretty dark indeed, and it got it's twist. and to think that the girl was like totally devoted to the guy. too bad her sister only made a brief appearance.


Woo! I haven't seen an mystery OVA this good since Read or Die OVA. I too am curious as to when they plan to release the second OVA. It seems its only 3 episodes long sadly. I really liked how the story was told where they tied everything together towards the end despite not making sense in the first 10-15 minutes of the episode. When Miya started going insane, I got the vibes from Higurashi where Rena goes insane
Good stuff and I look forward to more of this hopefully soon.
And Ame = <3 but I felt that each time they revealed her eyes, she looked a lot like an old-school anime character design and that it often did not match with everything else in the setting.


Whew, I got Kara No Kyoukai vibes from this, definitely interesting. I personally liked Ame's eyes, they made her stand out, and definitely added to the intrigue surrounding her character. I can't believe I almost missed this, it makes me wonder what else I've overlooked.

Did anyone else feel that this played out like a Kinoko Nasu story (Typemoon), albeit with a happy ending?


A good episode, with and ending I havent foreseen (about Miya).
I knew he would be thinking Ame was the culprit, but I didnt think that the Plot would go that deep and far in the past.

Im looking forward to the next one.


I didn't know what to expect when I started watching this but the more I watched the more I found I couldn't stop. It really is my kind of story.
Ame's characterwas so well portrayed I wasn't sure whether to be scared of her or adopt her. Guess it also really goes to show also how true the phrase "it takes one to know one" can be

Being slightly unbalanced herself Ame was clearly able to put herself in the mindset of the murderers. I have a gut instinct that says that in the future Ame may turn out to be more dangerous than anybody else for her "king" the question will probably be, can he save himself AND her?


so although its been said this came out a long time ago for some reason the first and second episodes came out subbed in recent time i guess so i started watching them
the though crossed my mind "hey this is pretty good"
watched the second episode and i think it definitely gets better
ame being flustered over his comment on her maid uniform and the thing with the "who my master likes is none of my business" followed by getting stopped by the thingy at the train station was a nice touch of showing her normal side
but lets see
this show has mystery little action little romance little humor.... good characters
pretty good mix i think

although there is one thing that bothers me
when her hair covers her eyes you can tell its her
but when her hair is moved to the side and you can see her eyes sure shes prettier that way but i didnt know it was her till someone called her name


I am suprised that this hasn't made it to the top and branched faster. The storyline, while being very convoluted, is really good. The maid outfit scenes were cute. Then ending was unexpected. I guess the Student Council President snapped under the pressure from the situation she was put in but it rolled back her way as the guy who was supposed to run Juu over swerved into her. Talk about irony.


Ep 2 was really good just like ep 1. And the end had a nice twist again.
I almost forgot about that anime. I hope there will be coming a few more OVAs. I wouldnt mind a TV series either ^^

But I must say this anime has some really wicked characters in it. Everbody should know that destroying the happiness of others doenst always make you happy. But to drill that far into this idea as they did, just crazy (and thats saying someone who is crazy himself).
Madoka and Yukihime seems to have a dark side too. Normally you dont say "Dont kill him" to anyone. Except he/she has done that already. And I wouldnt have thought that Madoka was still going to school. I thought she was the owner of the cafe ^^


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M
Hey guys, is it true that this takes place in the same world as Kure-nai? Some guy told me they're related though I fail to see any relation so far.


Well a quick glance at MU shows that the novels are by the same Authors, Which I did not know, so thanks for making that apparent to me, but at this point I haven't see any connection between the stories at all. Maybe it's something that's clear in the novels and not in the Anime.


- Sky King
I had known about this OVA series for a while and just never got round to watching it until today when I was waiting for Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Vol 1 to 3 to finish downloading (they are dead slow by the way, I was able to download the entire Sakurasou BD 720p batch (which is 11G) but the Yozakura download is just awful slow...vol 1 is at 13.9% and vol 2-3 is at 48.9%).

So had this downloaded already from a while back and it was on my "watching" section on my anime list at MAL. Hence, I just started watching it and those 2 episodes were really interesting, they were definitely entertaining and the twists were great and I'm glad the right person got killed in the end. She was one hell of a bitch but I didn't quite get why she felt she needed happiness in the end, like she according to Ayase, just moved on and accumulated happiness, did Juu finding out what Shiraishi had done and allowing Ayase's older brother to kill himself or somehow leading him to do so....wait, ah it makes sense, she had a mental breakdown after being traumatised by Ayase's efforts of regaining her family's happiness and the fact the truth of her past being revealed.

What's weird about this series is that episode 1 adapted the first LN volume in the series, which only had 3 volumes and episode 2 adapted the third LN volume. The 2nd volume wasn't adapted and probably never will be. Anyways, this series was quite engrossing and the fact that the second episode adapted the final LN volume in the series, the story did not seem finished to me because this series could grow quite a bit and it's a shame that it ended abruptly after the 3rd case. OKAY, my bad it seems episode 1 only really adapted some of the 1st volume, I just took a look at there's a hell of a lot of content. Now, I just wish the rest of the LN series was translated.

However, I have heard that some of these characters from Denpa Teki actually appear in the Kure-nai series, so I guess the story from Denpa Teki didn't completely die.

I'm giving this OVA series a 9/10, I know the LN series finished 9 years ago but it would be nice for all of it to be adapted.


As I was writing up this post, I was researching the series. So I might have a few contradictions. To me the first episode seems to have adapted most of volume 1 with a few stuff being left out such as the Kure-nai character Benika.