Deleting Account

Ungreatful Punk

I was wondering if is possible to delete your Fansub TV account. I wasn't sure where else to ask this, if this isn't the right place I'm sorry.

Any help anyone can offer would be much appreciated.

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Fansub TV Team
As far as I know its not possible but I'm not entirely sure on that ( since that request is rather unusual). Your best option would be to ask Daft directly, since he's the admin of FTV.


~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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Leader Council
While there is no way to delete your account here, only daft-sama can make it inactive. Although like warita-san said, if there's nothing for you here you can just not come back to the site and forget about your account.

Some people just leave thier accounts for various reasons as of late due to real life and whatnot, so if you still want to take certain actions it's best to PM daft-sama for more info since this is his site and all.
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