Dance With Devils



Title: Dance With Devils
Japanese: ダンス・ウィズ・デビルス
Genres: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Musical?
Airing Date: 7/10/2015 (TV series 12 episodes)
Original Character Designer: Hirotaka Maeda
Character Designer: Yuka Takashina
Director: Ai Yoshimura
Series Composition: Tomoko Konparu
Music by: Elements Garden
Studio: Brain's Base
Network: Tokyo MX, Sun TV, BS Fuji
Opening theme: "Kakusei no Air" (覚醒のAir?, Air of Awakening) by Wataru Hatano
Ending theme: "Mademo iselle" by Pentacle


Ritsuka Tachibana voiced by: Himika Akaneya
Rem Kaginuk voiced by: Sōma Saitō
Lind Tachibana voiced by: Wataru Hatano
Urie Sogami voiced by: Takashi Kondō
Mage Nanashiro voiced by: Subaru Kimura
Shiki Natsumezaka voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa
Blue hair guy voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Jek voiced by: Yuuto Suzuki
Azuna Kuzuha voiced by: Risae Matsuda
Maria Tachibana voiced by: Hibiku Yamamura,
Roen voiced by: Kazutomi Yamamoto
TV PVs & CMs:
Official website:
Synopsis: The story revolves around Ritsuka Tachibana attending Shikō Academy, where she becomes the object of affection for a number of demons.
Masich Comment: *Cough* Kamigami no Asobi *Cough* In any case I'm asked to review this...(sure, let's say asked...) and I can already tell that it has every single type of Romance Drama cliche there is! That also includes the supernatural bit by the way. Although the songs are a bonus (Oh Joy! -.-) But, seeing as I was *asked* to review every single episode, I am not going to do it on these forums ofcourse^^ (only once every 2/3 episodes). Nobody wants to hear me scream every single week: Get this curse off me! (No offense) If anyone enjoys this series, I don't mind it one small bit, It is simply a personal distaste. (P.S. Detailed comment on my MAL, profile/Masich.)


After three episodes I have managed to find :
First Episode: 16 Clichés!
Second Episode: 7 things that did not make any sense!
Third Episode: 13/14 more Clichés (depends on how you look at it)

Anyone that thinks I am kidding, feel free to check my MAL account (link is on my profile)

Honestly, this entire series aggravates me, in so many ways...
After three episodes, I have understood this:
Nr.1: Clueless&Oblivious Heroine.
Nr.2: Emotionless + Secret holding Student Council President (Blond Top right of picture).
Nr.3: Over Protective and enormous lying brother (red hair).
Nr.4: Purple Hair guy = Psychopath.
Nr.5: Orange Hair guy = secret Yandere.
Nr.6: Muscle Blond = of no entire use so far.
Nr.7: This entire story is about some Grimoire, which is supposed to be in the heroines family possession somewhere.
Nr.8: This is 80% Twilight.

I honestly do not mind if anyone likes this series, I for one, simply wish for it to end^^.


I honestly can't believe they pulled such a god **** Cliché!

Spoilers for what has so far transpired --> As I have come to understand with this series, All the guys in the picture are in love with the main heroine Ritsuka. Rem the Student Council president and main love interest of Ritsuka (Which she bloody can't let go even after being dumped Three Times!!) is actually sent by his father (probably the old creep at begin of the first episode) to find the Grimoire which... (And here is in my book the Greatest cliche) is Ritsuka herself!!! Wow... Just Wow... They could not have thought of something else could they? Oh well, apart from that, nothing of importance has happened. Every single episode from 2 to 7 have kept introducing the same chain of events over and over, apart from episode 6 which showed where Ritsuka's mother is.
The chain of events was: Ritsuka meets one of them up close and personal, they kidnap her, make her feel better (Falls in love with her), She runs away without any explanation as to how?, she gets into trouble, is saved by them, still runs away, and always ends up being found by Rem, followed by Lindo, who makes a fail attempt of protecting her each time, yet still promises afterwards and the episode ends. I am Deadly Honest about this.

If any of you enjoy this series, I honestly hold no offense, I got enough people hating me and even threatening me if I continue weekly reviewing it on their sites. In which case, if you can't handle the spoilers, which I always note at begin of each episode review and still hate me for the logic I confront them with, Do not bloody read my reviews!!


New Member
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I don't care if it destroys part of my reviewing career, I honestly said No to the person who *asked* me to review this. Not in a Million years will I watch this to the end (even if its only 2 more episodes).

This spoiler contains a lot about me reacting angrily over the overall impression and situations I have had, because of this anime... If you are to read it, please be notified right now, that it's all my personal opinion and from some others. I hate this series and nobody can make me think otherwise.
To make an example... Episode 10 and the rest will most likely 99.99% certain... Ripping off from Diabolik Lovers... well if anyone likes that series... you are probably a horrible sadist...

Anyone else watching this series (I so hope not) Good luck! Seriously, I like Kamigami no Asobi more and that was a real reverse harem, although with a questionable plot towards the ending...

This series has actually made me argue for hours on end with other reviewers with the one and only question : Who In hells name enjoys this? I even asked a reviewer who is a twilight fan and she did not even understand anything about this series. There is no reason, no good story telling, no good use of character development, no reasons behind the fact why it Bloody has Songs in it!!!

The most Terrible part of it all? The Manga adaptation is far better, it actually has comedy and an even divided character development so far. It's that I know the manga and anime started within two/three weeks of each other or I would have called it the most Horrible of all that exists... and I have seen some messed up series I never want to remember. (Which I have thanks to this one...)
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