D. Gray man

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-taichou (baka)
anyone read D.Gray man? its so damn good!! full of exorcists and Akuma (no not the guy from street fighter
) and funky bad and good guys alike. The fight scenes are good and the translations arent too bad. There arent many girls in this, but they are pretty and cute (thats rite mkK spoiler: Miranda Lott was looking damn good at the end of ch 57!!Definetly a good manga to start with. the main character reminds me of Edward Elric from FMA..
This will make a good anime (if the ppl who gonna make it stick to the manga) someday..

yes it is a lil bloody at some points..


Great, great series ^.^ my current favorite and on par with bleach

Okies: info coming right up
(i copied this post off one of my old replies)

*clunk* i'm sure i'll come back here and change my post. it's dr. greyman, action, comedy and reminds me of fma.
Oh and there is a sadistic envy like person with crazy eyes, too bad it's a girl, i'm pretty sure there are more though (and you can pretend that she as a he, thats what i thought.)

piccies (gender neutral since it has a bit of each, and the boy\girl balance is pretty equal)
Allen: a child with an eye for sensing demons and a demonic arm..He's short (like ed!) and very innocent. He hates seeing death and has a mysterious and spoilerific past. Very friendly, he is the protagonist of the series. Also he has this awsome black and red eye and Mutilated demonic arm with a cross-scar on the back of his hand His hair also happens to be white since
his father was killed then brought back to life as a monster by the millenium earl, then killed by Allen
, and is thought of a a cursed child. He's always bieng chased after by the sadistic doctor komui since he's always damaging his arm. (his arm is his weapon)



*warning, below is a spoiler pic, but it's cool so..


The typical, cool unsociable guy. He is bad at housewarmings since he has a tendency to be below 0 degrees when exchanging words. Rarely does he have compiments and he's dead serious 99 percent of the time. He's so cool too. Very bloodthirsty and the get down to buisness type. His weapon is a sword named mugen (yes i know). The first thing he says to allen is "i don't want to shake hands with a cursed kid." However, he hopefully will become less icy throughout the manga .



A psycho doctor that runs around and tries to drill up exorcists' bodies. He enjoys terrorizing allen in a playful manner with his drills and saws and the only way to wake him up is tell him that his sister, Rinali, is pregnant. He is the doctor of the dark religious orginization and likes to drill things (that's allen's arm's new use) first class wierdo.



a sweet yet assertive exorcist that has cool boots that can bust through walls. She's also kind, and is very fast. Her past is very strange and mysterious, however i think she and her brother did not live happy lives.


A very sadistic and awsome person. In reality she is a girl, but you can pretend she's a boy since she's so badass and you cant tell her gender if she wasn't wearing a skirt. (envyness *drools*) Shes a "bad" guy though.


i think he's schizo, read a bit and ull find out why


the main bad guy. A genuine wierdo. He runs around and makes skeletons and stuff. You'll understand why if you read the manga.

*note* the reason it seems there are no girls is because i left the secondary ones out because i want some surprise in this and because it's a pain in the but to go thru all the chapters
genre: action/comedy/drama/mystery/fantasy/historical
shonen manga
recommended for: both genders, for guys its the action and girls for girls it's the really cool guys *wink* and cute expressions. *points above*
any yaoi\yuri: nope. free!
warnings: just some gore, not that bad though..
Akuma: a demonic and mechanical distortion of a former spirit, the bad guy's weapons.(suseptable to change though)
Excorist: those who destroy akuma

summary: In this world there are people who have the power to destroy demons, or akuma called exorcists. A young boy with white hair and a mysterious deformed hand travels the world in search for his master who apperently ditched him at an old church and took off *what a loving bond*
CONTINUE? this may contain spoilers from chapter 6,7,8
(correct me on this part, i don't remember too well)He forgets about his goal of finding his master after confronting (again) the millenium count, a deranged and ageless little man with a flower on his hat that killed allen's father then contorted his soul into cursing allen with an all seeing eye and his hair. well anyway, he decides that he should join the exorcists orginization, a dark holy psychadelic madhouse filled with odds and ends to avenge his father(i think..bad memory.) There he meets Kannede an icy young man who can only scowl, insult and fight. If you find a smile on his face please pm me so i can award you with a virtual cookie. He also meets komoi, a mad doctor that runs around with chainsaws singing about surgery and dragging random exorciset into random cupboards to preform whatever he feels like on them. He drinks lots of coffee and the only way to wake him up from a deep sleep is to tell him his little sister is married. And so it goes on, and i am going to stop spoiling things for you. (i just covered the very skin, its a lot better when read)

scanslation group: yanime
download off: latest: yanime.com older: Mangaviewer
I love this manga!!! The animation is so unique and there isn't anything really peevish in it. Has a strange and mysterious plot, lovable characters, funny chibi's, cool fight scenes and ect. Oh and it's funny.

(see below for 4 page page sample:)





Here you go, for all the uber lazy people, you can just look @ it online via flash. It's all set up with the synopsis and character descriptions and everything just for you.[/COLOR]


noooo!!! so sorry!! how can i forget the idol for about 1/2 the d. greyman fans! I'll add him as soon as i can
i'm a rhode fan, mehe, wierd huh. i always end up liking the odd one


hmm.. come to think of it, she does look a little like ringo ^^ speaking of rinali-san, does anyone really have an idea of what her boots do? If i remember correctly they give her a speed boost, but just to make sure.


really? *.* wouldn't want that, Rhode might kill Rinali... D'y know who rhode reminds me of? The chesire cat in alice in wonderland lol, dunno why, she does, and she's really cool so..


in a bad way? I like the newer uniforms, they really look good on rinali and miranda, I can't picture allen in one lol. Hey do you think allen'll get his power back?


i seriously thought he died. Do you know what really surprised me?

that suman died in such a way. When he made it back and had a chance of living ticky killed him so easily, that was really surprising, ususally most problems in anime proceed as Problem>>climax where problem is bieng solved>> fails/works but this time it's Problem>>climax where problem is bieng solved>>works>> fails
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