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- deska`
^ No worries!

Just thought I'd post something up seeing as it is the holidays and all... and I haven't put anything up in... *checks old posts* ...about 8 months!

Bring me back a Souvenir

What have you there
with which you skin
the beating heart
of what you are?

What is it now,
which calls so sweetly
your yearning heart
to times unknown?

Why the smile?
Why the glee?
Your past lies a shattered,
flash of shame.

I'll tell you this,
ye optimist,
be not afraid
of who you'll be.


You know what’s frustrating me
That am missing you
It is not like you are making me
It just am getting used to you

You know what’s killing me
You are not around and am hearing you
All my friends are telling me
I should be forgetting you

You know what’s going with me
Am always thinking about you
Life is not fair with me
Because am still loving you


-Yoitsu no Kenro
I have heard of Arthur Rubinstein before but never heard one of his piano preforms. >_<
But i gotta say, Yaya, this new poem here is trully a masterpiece
i liked reading it.
Well done

Same goes for all the other poems of the past weeks that i have read....all great works.
Well done everyone.


-the bee's knees
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Fansub TV Team
Bit out of place here and not really anime-related but what the hay!


Stuart Broad
tall and proud,
the more we watch,
the more we adore him!

Such stunning features,
his breathtaking height,
a sight to behold,
to cherish and savour!

People watch,
in anticipation, admiration,
for the miracles that will come,
from our young Stuart Broad!

His deep gold hair,
and beautiful locks,
captivating, mesmerizing,
it is truly amazing!

The batsman are absorbed,
by his elegant movements,
entranced, ensnared,
standing in awe!

The mighty jerk,
the powerful release,
it is all too much,
for the crowd to absorb!

The people stand,
clearly undulated,
they applaud Broad,
for his breathtaking performance!


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M
"Last night, mother was bitten. She woke up and fought back. The bugs were smitten."

Tumbling down, tumbling down,
My brothers and I came tumbling down
The choc’latey and marb’ly ground
The horn is sound, release the hounds!

The thundering hooves, the growling mutts,
After the mongrels, on with the hunt!
Bang, clatter, woof, there goes a pup!
With a pull of the trigger, its eyes roll up!

Like the miniature gods’ eyes with shock and awe
As they clamber and scamper,
Tooth, nail, and claw

Running from the bulk and might of the earth
Six yards high and four in girth
None can face us, none bold none brave
The gods we enshrined in a hollow grave

No survivors to cry and mourn the bereaved
As we stop to rest from our violent deed
The pests pierced mother’s skin, and did she bleed
As they tried to quell their insatiable greed

Mother stirred and squirmed and scratched at the swell
And unleashed all her fury on the place where they dwell

We taught them a lesson, we taught them well
Our mother they hurt, she showed them hell
We’re now done tumbling it’s time for the knell
The pests are now gone, and all is well


- deska`
Kael!!! That was cool! The rhyme and meter kinda reminded me of "The midnight ride of Paul Revere" my teachers read to me as a child.
monsta!!! That actually made me squirm quite a bit!


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M
Thanks. Imagine it being read by Christopher Walken or Gilbert Gottfried.


Here's a new poem from me, it's not quite what I wanted when I wrote it as I was kinda struggling to hold onto the train of thought whilst I was typing (ya know how sometimes there's an idea there and you can almost grab it but not quite?)/
Anyway, here it is:

I have seen the stars fade, I have seen the angels weep,
I have seen the birth of nations and the fall of civilisation.
I have heard the first note of silence and the enldess voice of cacophony.
I was there when the world was new and watched as destiny was written.
No god am I or or demon either, I am but mortal man with limitless potential.
I am who I am and who I shall ever be, one who could have been anybody.
Who do you think I am? Who did you think I was?
Look again and think and know, I am me.
Do you understand? Do you see your error?
The only question left to answer is oft' the simplest and the hardest;
The only thing left to question now is simply: Who are YOU?


- deska`
Musings Pertaining to an Ironic Twist of Fate

When hope burns bright,
bursts through the fog
and makes your vision clearer;

When things look up,
more lofty than
you've ever dared to climb;

You scarcely hold
your joy within;
you shake with wanting for

The lifelong dream come to fruition.

But then you fall,
a sudden crash,
your vision greatly shaken;

Thoughts turns straight
to bleak despair,
the world a fallen Eden.

You catch your breath,
and calm yourself,
then yield sudden grin;

"Must have been seeing things".


This is a very nice poem. I love good poems

I don't know a good one myself. The only one i know is one i've heard years ago:

When day meets night
When stars are going to shine bright
When the world is going to sleep
And shadows are becoming deep
I will remember you
and the warmth i knew
when you were still here
and it was all so clear.

you made the night go away
you gave warmth the whole day
I will remember through the night
and wait for your gently light.


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M

As the red ball sinks,
Like fireflies by a small pond,
Dancing in moonlight.


-the bee's knees
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Fansub TV Team
Nice skit with the insecure conversation Yaya. AH love and jealously, it can be all consuming and is often destructive. As for the speller poem; most amusing and so true! I really liked that poem, if only I could see your face when you made those spelling mistakes, I reckon I would have laughed even more! Guess I will just have to use my imagination!


/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ being M
I'm going to share a quirky little poem that I found by Doveglion [Go guess who it is. e. e. cummings wrote about him ;P].

The Emperor's New Sonnet

Dammit ain't that cute. At first I thought I was getting trolled.
Why can't I write as good as these guys?



Once our world danced
You graced us with your smile
Serene were your eyes

Your time blazed bright
Our hearts easily claimed
Willingly gifted

A sudden shift
Your gaze started to slip
Beyond our small sphere

We could not hold
The brightness that is you
Within our tiny world


nice one, Yaya
. I liked the story. The hidden sadness is very well written throughout the story. A nice ending with new hope at the horizon. Good story.


You know, I really admire your work Yaya, I have to admit this brought on a few tears...
I can relate a bit, having lost a family member recently this year. I wish I was able to express as beautifully.


@ Noshi, Emi-chan and nijlandp...Thanks much, to all of you, for your kind words...
I am still writing about my father's death, but just posting all of my work in a more personal manner. Not sure if I will add anything else here unless, it is a fun one...but then again, maybe not. I have found that writing more these days has served as a reflection of sorts...


I can understand. Some things are too personal or a reflection as you mentioned and should be for yourself. Sometimes you need something to look back at and write about it for your own personal feelings.
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