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-the bee's knees
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Watching paint dry
I look at the room,
it is dusty and old!
No change,
very little inspiration,
the same old,
familiar story!
The usual pieces of furniture,
litter the room,
they clutter the place,
make it feel,
all tired and old!
But hey,
what can I do?
I look,
I observe,
inspect the room.
Pacing back and forth,
a sea of ideas,
Grabbing a carton of milk,
I hatch up a plan!
Grab myself a brush,
and a tin of paint!
I get to work,
livening the walls!
Whizzing through the room,
with a bundle of energy,
the place is soon booming,
with a new found energy!
I sit back,
admire the view,
patrol the room!
Watching the paint dry,
the individual drops of paint,
slowly trickle down,
I inspect everyone,
amazing they are!
Every drop,
has its own story,
I watch each one,
with keen eyes,
never let,
any slip by!
Such gripping stuff,
it's no wonder,
I patrol,
at every hour of the night!

Well if you read between the lines you might spot the hidden meaning!
The poem was inspired by a friends constant remark about my behaviour in a certain place!



To remembrance
Will not guide.

By recollection
Cannot warn.

In absence
Does not console.

In memories
Must not wait.


-the bee's knees
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The Art of Manipulation
Is all about subtlety and cunning,
some may see it,
as a form of seduction.
For that is what,
manipulation is:
controlling peoples’ actions,
and basic emotions!
Any respectable manipulator,
will have a number of ploys.
From planting seeds,
to subtle suggestion.
The aim of the game,
Is to guide them,
to your direction!
But remember this,
every mark is different,
do not employ,
the same old tactics.
Before you begin,
on your quest to manipulation,
it is best to test,
with some probing questions.
With this intelligence gathered,
you can class your mark,
in certain key areas.
From intelligence,
to egos,
and certain fetishes.
Learn these things,
for they are,
of utmost importance!
The bigger the weakness,
the more aggressive,
and obvious,
you can become!
But if your mark is strong,
Do not despair,
A passive approach,
Is what is required.
A sweetener there,
a complement here,
will inflate the ego.
A red-herring here,
plus a little misdirection,
will bestow the manipulated,
with a false sense of confidence.
With these things achieved,
Of overconfidence,
and an over-active ego,
The mark will be oblivious,
To the more subtle tactics!


QUOTE I'm really impressed with your work there, Yaya .
I enjoyed reading your stories and keep up the great work. hope to see more of your awesome work....And really, why don't you publish your work, i really think people will like yer work.

Well, keep up the good work.

Everything you put online is considered published by publishers, so if you want to publish an actual book, don't post it online, or a publisher won't take it, That said, you have very good writing skills, just ease up on the adjectives if you switch to straight prose fiction, unless you dream of being H. P. Lovecraft

Good luck


imtakes don't go postin 2, 3, times in a row now
you've been here a while u know the ruls
nice poetry there


Present Continuous

And I strive to see,
To touch,
To taste.

I fall short of my

Memories are clouded
By distance,
By absence.

Tomorrows that stand

I will shake myself free
Of fantasy,
Of daydreams.

Learn to embrace


- deska`
I take heavy steps,
by now the strain is evident.
My muscles, sore, my mind a mess,
and weary grows my soul.

Still, the wind pushes me onward,
ever at my back,

With naught but force of will
I look ahead, stumbling from the effort.
On the ground I see a path, hidden by the brush,
and heartened by the new direction,

I plod onward.

Damn, I'm tired.


(Everyone here is so talented n.n I enjoy reading these works a great deal.)

I wrote this piece for a contest on Petite Symphony Forums about spring.


It is in the air. There is a feeling that I have been waiting to feel for so long. It comes with being a member of this reality and it is one of my favored auras of development.

It has been a long, cold winter filled with dark, dangerous thoughts and memories. The snow was scarce but the cold gray of the city was amplified by the turning of Earth away from Sun. The Death cycle of Life is never easy to crawl through, so upon the slow decent into Winter there would not be enough momentum to get back out easily. Like a gradual slope, this winter was slow to decline, yet deep, and therefor slow to rise and quite hard to escape.

Now, Sun has returned to it is preferred position (for the sake of sentiment), and Life is returning to this frigid nature. Each and every object, creature, and being can feel it now. As the rain washes down upon us, leaves reach out like gloved hands to catch droplets from the air. Grass has begun to rise from the soil, stretching its' multitude of spines to greet the coming of Sun.

The myriad of birds are premier to arrive, bringing their joyousness with them. Each birds' song bringing a different thought to envisage.

"I am here, it is good to see you all."

"The rain, the rain, I have missed the rain!"

"Please, allow this season to be enjoyable as the last."

These and many more utterances come drifting along the wind to my ears and I whistle back hoping my message is as clear, "I am glad you are all back to visit". After making my voice heard I continue to watch each swoosh and flit of action as they continue their dances and calls as if winter had never interrupted them in the first place.

Then Sun beams down upon the world, each ray flexing and reaching to caress my cheek and brighten my hair. I put my arm around my beau and we walk up our favorite hike to see the view from the top of 'our' mountain.

Before us, the valley, Sun's rays sweep across the earth like a practiced hand, embracing and massaging to ease away the tension that was once held within. Rain wets its' throat, and the wind freshens its' lungs.

True divinity must stem from our love of life, and this is what life offers.
haha i haven't been here a while hmm what should i type about. which poem or story? i don't know. oh.... naahhh... aw maaan! i can't think of anything!....hmmm what about.... nooo not good enough... hmmm.... ahh here we go!

Diva's Song
at first so calm, and sorrowful. her song fills me with tears, yet i yern for more. i long to sing with her. i wish to have her beautiful voice, i want to know what her song is really about.RUN.... I Run in to that far away haunting place, to her calling voice, it gets louder and when i arive at the seen she's uncontrolably bleeding but, she still sings. i envy those who are strong and do what they dream. i cry for her to stop, but when she does... she is gone, dead, never to sing again


I haven't wrote in a while but being in a spot where I frequented a lot this last 9 months... and seeing it empty beyond recognition has led me to write something up on what I see and what's playing in my head. I'm in finals week... and I have 3 left to go. I have... 3 finals left... in this career. College... it's over for me here and now after these finals. Thus, I decided to alleviate this sense of ending that I'm feeling by posting a poem on here... on FTV instead of studying. I can't study for 2 of my final 4 tests... all I can do is show up... and make something out of nothing. But enough of that... here's my posting.

Ending A Beginning
By DamienStryker

The walls are bare and the halls are dry,
The room is quiet enough to hear a dove's cry,
And yet, I'm calm, and somewhat at the ready,
My heart's in flux, and yet still at the steady.

I remember this feeling when I first walked in.
Things seemed to be buzzing here within.
Every trip that I took down that old college path,
Evert sip that I took up on that new college wrath,

It was like I was losing myself within the colors,
That the school took its pride in every single day,
And all of the prospective fathers and mothers,
Pushed their children turning adult in the same way.

We're talking the concept of a higher education,
Through rigorous placement and standardized test,
Yet, students might not be ready for this sensation,
Even though their families simply want for their future the best.

It's the ending to a beginning,
and the beginning to an end,
The world didn't stop spinning,
And into this top, I must bend.

It's the ending to a beginning,
the beginning to an end,
College life has been lovely for a while,
but now, I must ascend.

Three finals seem to keep me at bay,
and a surprise meeting beckons my name.
I wonder if the school will let me keep this way,
or if they'll let me descend in order to save their fame.

I'm lost, but I know what I must do.
I know that I can't lose out here.
We all know what it is that we must do too,
But we stay put because of fear.

My stomach is hungry and then it is not.
My mind is too full and then it begins to rot.
My feet are injured, and slightly hot,
My hands are heavy, yet continue to jot.

Such is the way of college life from what I've done,
From late night assignments to early completion.
In the end, it's an investment that I must go and win,
Or to my family, I was just another disowned kin.

It's the ending to a beginning,
and the beginning to an end,
The world didn't stop spinning,
And into this top, I must bend.

It's the ending to a beginning,
the beginning to an end,
College life has been lovely for a while,
but now, I must ascend.

One obstacle lies in front of me,
So many lie in my shadow.
I beckon the Dean to fear thee,
for their eyes remain so shallow.

I don't want to lose out here after walking so far,
Waiting so long to get to this spot without car,
I've bent over backwards to attain this degree,
So I can comfortably live and work for me.

I'll look those future students in their eyes,
16 weeks being the time of my prize,
I won't look away, but I meet them with pep,
As an educator in training, I can't lose a step.

Next time I'm here, after that time will be up,
I'll be walking a little further to take in a cup,
To revel in the feeling of getting my degree,
Oh! What a emotional day that will be.

It's the ending to a beginning,
and the beginning to an end,
The world didn't stop spinning,
And into this top, I must bend.

It's the ending to a beginning,
the beginning to an end,
College life has been lovely for a while,
but now, I must ascend.

And there we go. A Nice refrain never hurts anyone.
; I'm a musician by nature... so there has to be a call back so that everyone knows where it's going. Take it easy everyone... and I hope that I do well tomorrow... 2 of 3 finals to go. >_<;


Ah...damienstryker-san, it is always good to read your heart's thoughts set to prose. Made me smile and yes, this place is desolate and DEAD. For how much longer it will remain so, who knows? But here is something I current state in life...

I am...
~~A work in progress which has slowed down now that Summer, fast approaches.
In other words, I will sleep, eat, dream, and be silent.
I will watch the night sky shine bright, among the stars;
see the Sun in all of his glory when light comes, greet the day;
in stillness, hear the birds sing of love, peace.
In heart,
in memory,
keep sadness at bay.~~


Sugoi! If that's what you;re like when you're rusty Yaya then your standards are too high
Seriously, loved this last poem, it's very emotive and I can practically imagine myself looking at the night sky even though it's the middle of the day and the rythm of the poem suits the subject well indeed


-Yoitsu no Kenro
You still got the magic touch there Yaya

Those are very nice poems you've writen there, still a fan of yer work, hehe

Keep up the terrific work Yaya.


~ Azur Lane Hunter ~
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I'm going to try and do a character setup for a certain girl from a certain series. Let's see who can figgure out who I am talking about here.

Crimson Red Vermillion:

A little sister with long black hair, who would do anything for her older brother. Even changing her hair color to red for his sake. Always wanting to look out for her older sibling, but has to be agressive for her brother to understand her feelings. Although causing her to worry is what he is known to do she is left no other choise but to cause him pain. Although she enjoys herself in this form the most, she is upset on how harsh she has to be with her older brother. Also, is saddened on how he would mention her acting like a demon.

She is the head of the family and ensure's the pease and tranquility of the town she lives in. Although the problems that pop up are one after another. One, an Idiot Vampire that hangs out with her older brother. A curry loving sempai of his that tends to show up at the worst of times. The maids that serve her and her brother. A poor little girl that doesn't know her own place in the world that also likes her brother. Along with a few others which gives her little to no time to enjoy herself with her older brother when she has the time to do so.

Dispite the setbacks that face her, she still moves forward in her life. For one day her older borther will finally understand her true feelings towards him. But for now she is content that he is now, once again, living under the same roof as her.


QUOTE (ImTakes @ Oct 14 2009, 05:16 PM) Wow...can't let this once thriving thread go to waste...the seasons have changed...Autumn is here and soon, Wintertime and a beautiful time of year...

~Only Yesterday~
Gee...was it only yesterday?
Only yesterday,
I swabbed my brow,
of sweat and heat,
I smile,
as I gaze,
at the now,
gloomy day.
Quiet, calm,
a blissful,
rainy day.
I sigh,
a deep, happy sigh.
I love these days,
as they will slowly,
ever so slowly,
saunter by.
I welcome the cold,
of a grey morn.
I welcome the sweet chill,
I will wrap my sweet self,
in rusted, gold
colored leaves.
Run and laugh and cry,
in the early dawn's,
cool breeze.
was it really
only yesterday,
I sat in heat,

So, I welcome all things cold and blustery, and hot chocolaty...sweet looking boys, in tight sweaters...and me, all flustered and dreamy eyed...

That was great! Thanks for sharing!


Hey girl! You are most welcome...I have plans to resume my poetry skills and maybe some stories...gotta finish up a major story before I resume writing more...stay tuned.



And I shall fly beyond reach
As have you

My words stilled
By a heart

My mind will not encompass
All that fades

Thoughts shadowed
By memories

I will not strive to renew
What is lost

Whispers of dreams
Whose tendrils


- deska`
NAHRALLAH!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! That actually struck a pretty deep chord with me. I love the cadence of it, and I love how it's about looking ahead, staying in the present. Dang, I'm a fan!


Fishing Boat Tales by DamienStryker

(The title doesn't dictate the flow of the poem but it helps to set the mood for me so I decided to go with that. And here's goes another DS Special!)

Placing on the bait and swinging it over the side,
Patiently waiting on something to bite, something to change the tide.
There's a million things that could be done at this moment,
But the only thing on my mind is these tales of lore.

A perfect catch is on the horizon, just keep going forward.
A perfect catch is in these waters, just keep diving deeper.
A perfect catch is in this sea, just cast longer enough,
A perfect catch is on the rise, just keep reeling enough...

These tales are becoming a hymn in my head.
The pain of wondering where something came from,
Sinks into the rickety-coffin that tilts back and forth.
Sinks into the lasting scenario that kills my hope,

The storms come and go... leaving their marks on the side,
Scarring the insides while weathering the out.
The summer winds heat while the night lights cool,
And you're a victim of nature's rule.

If it isn't right, I toss it back and hope that it wasn't the best,
Everyone else always says, "There will be others in this set."
I'm lost... and I'm running out of bait to lure,
Fishing Boat Tales... they're lore for sure.

+ => It's been a while since I've wanted to type something up. Call it a blessing in disguise that I was willing to do just that.


QUOTE (EggBeast @ Nov 08 2009, 02:42 PM) NAHRALLAH!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!! That actually struck a pretty deep chord with me. I love the cadence of it, and I love how it's about looking ahead, staying in the present. Dang, I'm a fan!
Sorry about the extremely late reply to your response Eggy. I pretty much posted that poem and was then swamped by work. Despite how late it is I just wanted to thank you for your kind words. If I find myself in the right frame of mind I'll pen something else.
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