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Im just reconfirming this to make sure. I feel like reformating my computer once again because well it been awhile lol. Well I have 2 internal hd one with the os that I will be formating and an another internal hd with musics and some other stuff that i couldnt fit on my hd i would have put it on. Well when I format the hd with the OS and reinstall windows and all will it still see my other internal hd with everything still in it because when i bought the hd i remember i had to do something to the hd to make it actually appear on the computer otherwise it doesnt show up. It was possibly partitionit or formating is what i did on that new hd to make it appear. I think it was formating it to make it read as fat32 or the other one is what it was.

I just reconfirming it one of my friend said it wont get deleted and it will still be seen when formating he said he learn the hard way XD. I know everything on the OS HD will be deleted and everything need to be reinstall there nothing on my other internal hd that need to be reinstall just files that i dont want to lose.

Most like within a couple days i be formating it.

I just need 2-3 confirmation more is wellcome though =P

oh nvm I just got a clear confirmation from someone so nvm haha

anyway if yall wish to know too if u have an extra internal hd and u reformat your main hd the stuff on the extra internal hd will still be there =)

well thead closed =P
Not open for further replies.
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