Cinderella Monotagari Translation Project

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Hey guys. I just want to let you all know that I am currently working on translating an old show called Cinderella Monotagari. Since I've seen none of the fansubs working on it, I decided to handle the project myself since I have the 26 episodes of the raw files.

And I have managed to translate the first episode of the show, so if you want to see it. follow the link that I provided: Cinderella Monotagari Translation Project

Now bare in mind, I know little Japanese, so the subs that I made aren't exactly the same as what the show is actually saying. But if anybody is willing to help translate the show for me, then I can go back and fix the first episode. You can contact me through PM here or at the link that I provided.
Hello, a pleasure to greet you, I am new here but I am a fan of anime since I was a child, I am happy with the news and the initiative of that translation. I would like to see what you have managed to do
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