I think what this site might lack is a way for people to talk about random things with each other. in the forum of a chat box or a thread that doesn't add to our post count. I think we lack a freedom of sorts to just talk to each other.

also, "Level Two Access" Someone care to explain, beacuse I don't understand.

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lvl 2 access was always there just normal user wasnt able to see it. So it was made to force user to register to look at the ecchi pic thread for certain purpose. Ads that generated the cost of the site and server did not like it unless there was more than 1 click to access something like that.

The other thing isnt up to me though


well we do have a teamspeak server that everyone is free to use and we do encourge everyone to get on TS for some good fun and just to chat you can find more about it here:

a forum which doesnt count towards post count and for general chit-chat tends to get flooded with spam and while our mods are super awesome they can only do so much before they have to give up and shut the forum down.

but if you mean an on forum chat box... i dont think daft is too up to get one on the forums. if memory serves me well, the last time i heard about a chat box option daft vetoed it because of spaming concerns (along with everything else that comes with the territory) and when he did intergrate a chat option on FTV everyone boo'ed it off because apprently it took up too much screen real-estate.

Oh, and i think we do(did?) have a members chat option somewhere but i dont know if we still have it? it was semi-operational a few years back but no one used it much because not alot of people knew it existed and those who did know it existed didnt use it as much as it could have been.


The team speak info has to be updated to team speak 3, As that is what is offered now.

From looking threw what I could, I didn't find a port number to type in, Nor can I register with team speak 3. This isn't the first time i've tried to connect to our team speak.

And this still limits the number of users who can use it, as anyone without a mic will be less inclinded to go on.

Just downloaded ts2 and logged on. No one was on, so i banned my self for flooding.
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