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Hello, I'm Joey, or h2o, whatever you want to call me. I don't exactly know where an introduction thread is, so I shall make my own.... if this is against a rule, I appoligize. I checked the rules thread. I'm 15, and all man (at least I think so...).

Yeah.. umm.... some things about myself, I guess.... I really like music.... rock mostly.... I'm into, y'know, American rock, and J-rock...

Favorite bands are Piebald, Sparta, Head Automatica, Recover, Black Sabbath, Sublime, Bob Marley, and a crap load more. J-rock: the pillows, Go!Go!7188 (my favorite favorite), Asian Kung-fu Generation, Rie Fu (basically only J-pop I listen to), Judy and Mary, Sambomaster, and Guitar Vader. I listen to alot more music, these are just some of my faves.
I play guitar, and bass (just got it for Christmas).
I'm an officer at my school's Japanese club, and am "DJ" for our online radio show. I pick out the music, and stuff.
Yeah, I'm not your average "Japanophile".... I'm more into the music than anything else really.... I watch anime and stuff, but the music>culture>anime... as opposed to most other anime nerds I know who are like ANIME>life.

I'm not saying I'm above anime, not at all. In fact I'm watching some as I type this (GTO, on like episode 6). My favorite animes are Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter 2/2V, FLCL (first one that got me into anime), Bleach, Tenjou Tenge, Beck (music music), Chobits, and a few others....
Anime I'm watching right now: GTO, Genshiken, He is my Master, and Naruto (only on like episode 30 or so....).

You might recognize me if you post on the Outpost Nine Message Boards, Adult Swim message boards (=O My first board), or the Instant Music forum....

So, yeah, sorry if this wasn't what I'm supposed to do. I'd just like to, you know, introduce myself. I'm looking forward to posting with you people.
Welcome to FTV. May your stay here be fun and enjoyable
Have fun here! , and don`t you say ciao when you`re leaving and not coming..?
anyways , welcome and enjoy your stay
I meant chao like Vietnamese >.> <.<;
Sorry, I live in Garden Grove.... high Vietnamese population... (GG=Orange County, by the way)

So, yeah..... haha..... I should've had it as just yo.
sorry, my vietnamese is 00.00000000000000000000000000000% lol =)
so chao means like hi or something?
I know like 4 phrases in Vietnamese, hello lady (which is Chao Co), I effed your mother (something along the lines of that [ Du Mai Mai]), Suck my *ehem* (Bu Cu Thao, sounds like Bu Koo Dao), and poop (cuc).
Hi I'm chidori, nice to be here, hope can get along well
to Dragon-Runes you are very nice people
I'm girl and loves reading a lot also watching anime as well,
to everyone Hi and Hello also happy new years
Hmm , you should post in the introduction thread =) , you don`t want to get DoR on your ass the first day you`re here @_@ , believe me it`s not pretty..
Dont let wceend scare you DoR is not that bad. Here is the introdution thread :

And welcome to FTV.

But this thread should be closed since there is now an offical introduction thread for new comers
Lets keep our forum a clean place!
Hi and welcome to all the new member that introduced themselves here. Hope you have a wonderful time posting here
deadroth your supposed to point them that they shouldn`t intro here but in the special topic for it!!, dude, i get serious and you mess it up >: O
Wow i dont even write that much for a serious post
but its nice to meet you
QUOTE (h2orowe @ Dec 31 2005, 01:40 PM) I meant chao like Vietnamese >.> <.<;
Sorry, I live in Garden Grove.... high Vietnamese population... (GG=Orange County, by the way)

WTF YOU LIVE IN THE SAME AREA AS I DO!!!!! lol what school do you go to again?
Holy crap? Seriously? >_> <_< I go to just plain ol' GGHS.

Umm.... do you go to Bolsa?

Lemme guess -.- Pacifica? If you go to Pacifica!! *shakes fist*

If you go to Grove... that's kinda scary though >_> <_< because I might know you... and if you're on this site you're probably in our JP club... which is even scarier as you might know me....
NOOO I DON"T GO TO BOLSA! I go to WHS, which is pretty darn far from where i live. you go to GGHS? my friend goes there (freshmen year) pacifica is our school's rival. i'm not in your jp club or anything, i just hang around this site cause i'm very loyal to this type of thing.
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