I haven't seen the original anime it's based on so i can;t really compare it but the live action version which I own is very good.
The special effects and storytelling is quite stylized but the actions scenes are to die for and wouldnt look out of place in animation.
It also combines some comicbook style backdrops.
The story is the usual combination of sci-fi, reluctant hero saves the world and the tragic love story.
It's also worth watching the deleted scenes on the dvd as the commentary that goes with them helps explain a few things.


Thanks so much Gustl-san, for recommending this one. I just finished downloading it and will watch it later....I also recommended it to another friend here, who also loves Sci-fi, Japanese style. I hope I get to see those deleted scenes of which you speak...and I am gonna look for the anime as well.


- Sky King
I have this on DVD.....its good but the first time I watched it when I was much younger and found it confusing but I remember the most awesome part of the movie was this 2-minute fight scene that this incredible piece of music playing as its BGM, which got me really fired up.
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