Can't Change my Email Adress


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I was trying to change my email address since I accidently entered an email
address that I don't use anymore but for some reason it won't let me change it.

I've tried several times but it keeps saying that I'm entering the wrong Security Code. I've checked several times if I've entered it right before I clicked the Submit button but it still pops up that I'm entering it wrong.

I KNOW that I'm typing in the right numbers. I've already tried more than ten times on each different code it gives me. Is this a glitch?


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Fansub TV Team
It would help if you told us what host you use for your email address i.e. gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. That way we can give you better advice.
From my experience once you register a email address you are stuck with the name. In other words there is no option to change the name. If you wish to use another name you would need to make a second account.

As for the security code, I'm afraid I can't offer very good advice. If you have trouble reading a particular code I suggest refreshing the page until you find a easy code that can be typed. Some sites also offer a audio version for the CAPTCHA security code, if that option is available use that.
Common things to be careful about is the number 0 and letter o; the number 1 and letter I is another one. That could throw some people off.
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