Calling All Musicians


Huh, I forgot that I'm also on the list o_O.

Add me in for guitar too
. New things picking up every year :0


Hi Syhn!
I updated the list. I've been dabbling in guitar myself.


Hi BoredSloth!
I added you to the list.

New tally: 39 FTV musicians.


I'm learning to play the erhu. You could add that to the list, I guess


QUOTE (Ausdoerrt @ Mar 24 2010, 02:48 AM) I'm learning to play the erhu. You could add that to the list, I guess

I'm not sure how I managed to miss your post Ausdoerrt but I've finally updated the list.

Are there any other musicians out there?


Our FTV Musos list:


39 active FTV musicians and 2 retired musicians.

Our FTV Musos list:

Kei-chan: Violin

Samthebear: Piano

Hamasusuke: Primary Instruments – Piano, Keyboard, Drums
Secondary – Violin, Guitar
Additional Musical Skills: Conductor & DJ

JCDRANZER: Primary Instruments – Keyboard, Piano, Acoustic guitar, Drums
Secondary - Electric Guitar

Xcouger: Piano, Guitar, Drums

Nahrallah: Primary Instruments - Piano, Violin, Voice
Secondary – Viola, Cello, Tin Whistle, Recorder, Harmonica
Additional Musical Skills: Conductor

Hideto: Electric Guitar

Kazin: Primary Instrument - Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Secondary - Trumpet, Tuba

Shun: Recorder, Bass Guitar

DragonSlaughter: Primary Instruments - Piano, Flute
Secondary - Electric Guitar

Tonifreyr: Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Yohman: Primary Instrument - Trombone
Secondary - Trumpet

Mowerman: Primary Instruments - Tenor and Alto Saxophone
Secondary - Guitar

chiisai_hana: Primary Instruments - Piano, Trumpet
Seondary - Guitar

DarkSkyLady: Piano

davidnsz: Piano, Violin

CoryNSand: Trumpet

Ookamioni: Piano, Clarinet

Sawamura_mad_dog: Bass, Drums, Trumpets

Usspaul: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar

Daft: Voice, Guitar

Frankie: Piano, Voice

Andre: Primary Instrument - Piano
Secondary - Baritone and Alto Saxophone

Livecell: Primary - acoustic guitar (steel six string, not classical), electric guitar,
Secondary - Mandolin, Piano/keyboard, Drums

Ranch: Primary Instrument - Cello
Secondary - Piano, Trumpet, guitar, Violin, Viola, Flute, erhu

Kharlon: electric guitar, Trumpet

Nightdragon: electric guitar, Keyboard, Flute

outl-w_monsum: electric guitar, Voice
Secondary - Piano
Some experience - Drums, Violin, Recorder

omoide_grey: Clarinet, guitar, Piano
Secondary - Drums

purepitaph: Electric Guitar

EggBeast: Piano, Keyboard
Secondary - French Horn, Trumpet, Kazoo ,
Additional Musical Skills: Composer (music synthesis software)

Chibeehh: Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Voice

Emi-chan: Voice, Clarinet
Secondary - Piano

Antabaka84: Violin

Ausdoerrt: Violin
Secondary - Erhu

Koiji: Violin

Labk1ta: Acoustic Guitar
Secondary - Electric Guitar, Drums

Morbid Maverick: Piano/Keyboard
Secondary - Voice

BoredSloth: Guitar, Bass Guitar,Drums


FTV musos retired

InuyashaX: Clarinet, Recorder

Barbobot: Alto Saxophone


It's been a while since the Fansub.TV Muso list was last added to. Have any new Musos been added to our ranks? Calling all Musos ... is there anybody out there?


New Member
I've played Brass for 14 years, and I mean anything brass..Bass guitar and GUitar for 12 years, voice, harmonica, and mandolin for 8, 3 and 2 years respectively, and I dabble in keyboards but mostly just for recording. Also I play drums in one of my bands but it's a punk thing and mostly I just figure it out as I go along...most of my writing is influenced by a wide spectrum of composers but primarily I was inspired by the works of Nobuo Uematsu( hope I'm spelling that right)...
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