Calling All Musicians

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Well .. err I can play recorder and a little bass-guitar. Though Im not really good.
Shun: I've added you to the list! If it wasn't for the lag we could play a recorder duet on TeamSpeak!
Do you play acoustic or electric Bass Guitar? (My guess would be electric)

New Tally: 9 FTV musicians.
whoa whoa whoa. Did i miss something?
and what of this band of musicians? This is quite something...

And how'd you know I've played those instruments? o_O Let alone, how'd you even know I can conduct?

.... what did couger tell you...?
QUOTE (hamasusuke @ Mar 07 2007, 11:13 PM)Hmm... If i was more opened I would of made a thread like this around the time i signed up.

Anyways, I'm a pianist & keyboards, drummer (many, if not all), and I've conducted some music for school and a small band of mines.  Other than that, I know how to play the violin a bit, but never got deeply interested into it because I didn't like the mood I put into it.  *sighs in regret*.

Oh, almost forgot, I'm a Disk Jock.  DJ for short, but just in case people interpret it wrong o_O.  Waka-wakA-vrooo.

Hamasuke: Don't blame Couger. YOU told us about which instruments you play as well as your other musical abilities! See the quote.
I only performed a bit of minor thread necromancy but you've already forgotten.
The thread really wasn't that old!

If anyone on the list wants me to change anything then just let me know!

Perhaps we should all add Fansub.TV Muso to our signatures! Or does someone want to make us all a pretty graphic version.

The Tally remains at: 9 FTV musicians.

MUSOS! Come out, come out, wherever you are!
I play piano and flute, and some guitar. I've played Kanon's opening song Last Regrets on piano, and I'd like to play God Knows on guitar from The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya.
DragonSlaughter: Ah! Another anime playing muso!
You're on the list.

New Tally: 10 FTV musicians.

WooHoo! (Alternative version: The 5, 6, 7, 8's) We've made it to double figures!
I play the guitar, acoustic and electric, prefer the acoustic at the moment couse my amplifier is broken.(plus I have a fender acoustic and just a peavie electric)
I can do awesome rythem, pro level, but my picking is like......... so so
I have not played in a band cause im kinda anti-social (working on getting out of that, Making good progress
)also I have a tendancy to start playing like crap when people are listening

and the things I play are just everything that catches my fancy, be it bleach theme song or the teletubby themesong(bad choice but only thing on my mind right now, was babysitting my brother and he LOVES the teletubbies.
Tonifreyr: Yet another anime muso!
Wow! What a thing to do for your little brother. I think that if I ever tried play the teletubbies theme my fingers would bleed!
Playing for you brother is a good place to start. I've known people who used to hide away with their instruments but learned to overcome their fear. If you work at it then you learn to exchange the fear for the buzz you get from playing to a receptive audience. Start small (little brother) and gradually work your way up.

Guitarists: Can you let me know if you play acoustic or electric guitar?

New Tally: 11 FTV musicians.
i play.... the... TROMBONE!!! the great sliding thing.. lol... I used to play the trumpet too... forgot most of the keys tho >>... took a few guitar lessons too (acoustic).. dropped it... LOL might pick it up again...
Yohman: Yay! Another muso. I hope that you get a chance to revisit the guitar.

New Tally: 12 FTV musicians.
It's been a while since I picked one up, but I play the saxophone, tenor and alto, and own a guitar, which I am attempting to learn
Mowerman: Welcome to the muso list!
Do you play acoustic or electric guitar?

New Tally: 13 FTV musicians.
QUOTE (Nahrallah @ May 07 2007, 07:26 PM)Guitarists: Can you let me know if you play acoustic or electric guitar?
I play electric guitar.

I tought about being a musician once, so there might be more instruments to add to my list in the near future.
Am I the only one who played the clarinet?

I won't brag at all, I'm not very good with it, but I played it in school for 2 years then quit since music wasn't my best subject. I wouldn't call myself a musician at all though, I'm truly terrible
I also noticed some people who played the recorders, I think that's a intrument most of us played in our lives
I must have played that for like 4 or 5 years in school. But once again, I wouldn't call myself a musician
InuyashaX: The clarinet is a beautiful instrument. It has a lovely mellow tone. Do you want me to add you to the muso list or not?
Yes, most people play the recorder at some stage but it is certainly a valid instrument! Played well it sounds fantastic. Try: Introduzione ed Estampida - Cornell Kinderknecht.
Ah, music.... I played piano when I was a kid, but gave it up when I entered highschool to focus on trumpet, which I played for six years. I stopped that two years ago, and in my "extra" year of highschool took a guitar class. Now I'm mainly playing around with my mother's piano, learning some anime tunes. Right now I'm working on the Loveless ending (Michiyuki) and the one insert song from Shuffle!

I really need to keep my practice up, because my ability to read base clef is terrible after all those years on trumpet!
I use to play the alto saxophone, although it's been almost 5 years since I last picked one up.
Right now I've been learning for the past couple of months how to play piano and the teacher already took me out of the book and began giving me harder stuff to play. I'm going to buy a new keyboard in a couple of months (hopefully) and later I'm going to learn the guitar (both acoustic, electric and bass).
Right now I want to learn the music for some of the piano pieces for Chobits as well as Honey & Clover's Dramatic and Waltz.
Chiisai_hana: I absolutely love to play Michiyuki!
It's so peaceful. I'm also trying to learn to sing it without mangling the language too badly.

Barbobot: Have you ever felt tempted to return to the saxaphone?

DarkSkyLady: I wish you a lifetime of joyful music making! Have you seen all the anime music websites that I posted? You'll find pretty much all the anime piano arrangements you want across those sites.

New Tally: 15 active FTV musicians and 2 retired musicians.
Count me in. I can play both the violin and piano. Equally qualified in both, but better and more interested in violin. Taught that for about 5 years before Uni.

Have been trying to get a few pianist friends to accompany me on some anime tune arrangements, not much luck so far --- besides Serenade from Fruits Basket. Lovely song, too bad I lost the arrangement when I moved last year.
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