Cage of Eden

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Title: Cage of Eden
Mangaka: Yamada Keiyou
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Survival

Synopsis: A plan crashes on an Island. Fear takes over and the survivors are forced to live on an unknown island with creatures that were once considered extinct while solve the mystery of the island.

Ive been reading this for ages, but im trying to breed life into the manga section.

First off. NO THIS ISNT LOST. The only think this has with Lost really is they crash on an island. The similarity (imo) stops there. Unlike most suvival mangas ive read, this one isnt filled to the brim with half naked women and an abundance of panty shots.

It actualy focues on the survival aspect and unlike many survival manga doesnt really delve into the human psyche (sp?), some of you may consider that a negative but i really think it makes a change, since it focuses on the characters actualy trying to survive.

The world in Cage of Eden is really nice and does feel like an alien world (for obvious reasons
) The art is nice, and even though its a Surivial manga the art doesnt make the violence and deaths look over the top, its simple and to the point.

Anyone else read it? If not then i recomend that you at least try it out and see what you think. Hope you enjoy it as much as I.

When I read the description I thought "Lost", but then you said it wasn't like Lost.

Anyhow, I'll read it. It's always nice to have more manga to read, especially since all the mangas I am reading are done either monthly, weekly or trimonthly (HotD).

I'll pick this up after I finish watching Avatar The Last Airbender and I re-read Genshiken.
QUOTE (Repede @ Dec 09 2010, 08:05 AM) >.>

When I read the description I thought "Lost", but then you said it wasn't like Lost.

Yeah thats why i wanted to make it clear early on its not Lost, since ive tried to recommend it to a few people and they always think Lost so they never pick it up lol. Its a nice manga, all the named characters are generally likeable, the story is nice, flows, paced well. So all in all in all i think its really solid.

But yeah i get what you mean about having stuff turn into monthly or whatever. Its why i try to always once a week start a new manga and blitz all the chapters released, so that im not just waiting, so that my reading list is always topped up with ongoings/completed manga. eg im currently devouring Virgin na Kanei its completed so it wont add to a long list of reading and has enough mateiral that ive been reading now for since 3am (its now 7:20am).

But yeah I hope you enjoy it, nothing like going through a manga with an abundance of chapters at once. Which reminds me I think ill reread Kang Zeng Bang in a few weeks
I actually started reading this.

It reminds me a lot of Battle Royale, sadly there it's not completed, oh well. Let us hope it's updated weekly
kinda started reading this for a few weeks now, i wonder what happen, it cant be they travel back in time as animal exist in different time period, it cant be the future, because devolution doesn't make sense, and then they is the invisible thing that hit the planes, i think it probably parallel world or Jurassic park-some one clone those anime and for some reason kidnap them for some kind of test.
Started it reading 2 weeks ago and now Im up to chapter 90 (latest release from what Ive read).

Its a really good manga and just like Repede I got a huge Battle Royale feeling from it at first since both had school kids getting killed in it. And Yarai is a lot like Kiriyama from Battle Roayle. At least at first. But hes not that sick. But they have the same aura and do things their way and mostly so that nobody understands them.

The characters are mostly likeable and mostly its realistic. But I cant think of surviving in this world is that "easy". Not that it is easy of course, but given the situation they are in its looks too easy. In my eyes they couldnt have survived for more than a few days.
Just started reading this manga today... and... ITS AWESOME!

I've never watched lost, or don't really like survival mangas (That's why i was put off) i thought it was going to be the usual going crazy and killing everyone (Which it kinda has alot of but it's not that bad).

I'm up to chapter 31, and ill probably finish the manga by tomorrow if i can be bothered. Or maybe even tonight, if i get addicted and keep reading all night.


Just read all 90 chapters... Bloody awesome...I just hope Zazi is alive. And it seems Eiken is pretty damn special aswell.

With the man made statue, i was thinking it was something like a god/titan (Giant human) who built it to capture animals.

Also does the manga come out weekly? in WSJ?
i think they gona go with "this island is manmades, and everyone are bought for experiment" rounte...

i dont think zazi is deads, in manga-no corpse =/= death
I dont think so too about Zaji @askara.
After all when he "vanished" Akira said it was far later that they realized what happened to him. He probably fell into the river and got fished out by another group of humans who healed him.

The experiment-route would really be lousy. My guess is still either a parallel world or a travel into the past.
Well I don't know if you guys know, but last chapter was released sometime this week.

I am going to just restart reading the whole manga since I can't remember the last chapter not to mention it will be a lot cooler to read the whole damn thing.

Someone should join me and read it too.

I nominate Killer_Ossi
QUOTE (Repede @ Jan 22 2013, 08:28 PM) I nominate Killer_Ossi

I'll join you lol, since Ossi left.
QUOTE (JCDRANZER @ Jan 22 2013, 06:04 PM) I'll join you lol, since Ossi left.

Everyone I knew is gone.
And by "knew" I mean I recognized them.

Anyhow I got to chapter 46 yesterday, then I had to go to class. Stupid education.
I started reading Cage of Eden a few months before it ended. The abrupt ending was quite the shock.

It felt like they copped out some with the ending, you couldn't tell if it was time travel or if they'd recreated the kids on the island.
I’m positive it just got cancelled and the author had no idea how to end it.

They left a LOT of plot holes. Just from the top of my head. What happened to Hades and kouhei? What about Zaji? I had a feeling he would come back just like Kouhei. The ending made just no sense at all. It honestly killed the whole series for me.

They either somehow time traveled or they were recreated or the lady was just straight up dreaming. This again makes no sense. If they were recreated or the lady was dreaming, then why did so many people die and they went tru so much trouble.
The author obvious had a lot of more ideas, but probably got cancelled and just said **** it and gave us some garbage that was probably thought out in some drunken rage.
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