Buying anime OSTs outside japan?


So far i've not obsessed over an ost so much that i wanted to buy it no matter what but now i have,
i was thinking of buying the soundtracks (legally) for mekakucity actors,
but in the first place i dont even know whether its licensed outside of japan or whatever.

Does anyone know a site where you can (legally) buy anime soundtracks?


- Sky King
I think you can buy it from Amazon, YesAsia or CDJapan. I don't know if that OST is there but those are places where you could buy an anime OST.

Why do you want to get it "legally"?


OSTs for anime are rarely released outside the Asia Pacific region except when they are included in the blu-ray/DVD releases themselves (e.g. limited editions and collector editions usually). The licensing costs often surpass the revenues and profits generated from units sold. Furthermore, it should be noted that not all series gets an independent OST release. Some have them included in the blurays/DVDs themselves while others don't even get one at all.

That said, JCDRANZER has already posted the three biggest sites for buying OST for anime. I personally use Amazon or CDJapan with the latter being more frequent since it's a bit less of a hassle. I should note that shipping can be very expensive regardless of where you buy from since you typically will want delivery options with tracking.

For Mekkaku City Actors, CDJapan has listed each volume as having a bonus CD, so you will likely have to buy all 12 (?) volumes to get the full set. Keep in mind that not every bonus CD will guarantee tracks from the anime and could be additional commentary or drama CDs at times. Furthermore, given Mekkaku City Actor's low sales so far, the odds of the bonuses making it out of Japan seems very low.
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