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Well I'm getting the error "404 Not Found" every time I try to access any anime ep download page I'm mean from the "Browse Unlicensed Anime" page I can't go any further every thing is working fine the forum, the Home page... but when I'm about to chose any anime from the list to check out, I got the error message. Please ppl I know you are doing a great job with & you always do correct this issue asap. And thank you very much.


You must be experiencing a network problem with one of our three web servers. The problem should resolve itself automatically - but if it doesn't and you can't wait, you can always try restarting your browser or computer. (Honestly, not sure if that will help but can't hurt to try.)


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Well, I tried that but it's not working

I can't understand that. I'm using from about 2 years & I never encountred any troubles & this is my first one!!!
I checked every think in my computer & I even tried my brother's the same thing happen!!!
Any more help please?


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Hey Mimou,

If the above hasn't helped and you still have problems...
Have you tried from a different PC or another location?
Can you give us an specific example page or episode that you cant get?
Whats the browser your using?

Could you run this and paste the output here?

Start menu -> Run
type "cmd" into the box and press ok,

then type this into the dos box:


You can then right click on the title bar, choose mark and then select the text with the mouse, then copy and paste it.
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