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Okay, this has kind of been bugging me. Is there a way to reply to comments and create a comment thread available that I missed? I'd like to discuss things with people but if I just make a comment to my own blog, how will they know?

I see there's a plugin that allows you to create comment threads. I'd love to have a feature like this available. It's a basic part of blogging to me since it's how LiveJournal discussions work. (I'm not sure I can add it to my own blog? I haven't had time to properly poke around yet)

And daft, I personally do not need a plugin for embedding videos from dailymotion. I hate embedded videos so I'd just link them anyway
I'm not sure what you mean by a comment thread. All the blogs I know of let you have a sequence of comments discussing a blog entry, do you mean you want nested comments so that your reply is attached to a specific comment instead of being added at the end?
Go to the plugin page I linked and hit 'screenshot' to see what I mean, but it sounds like we have similar ideas (LJ just calls it a thread).

I'd like notifications if people reply to a comment I left for them, and vice versa. It makes the blogs a lot more interactive and open for separate discussions.
QUOTE (chiisai_hana @ Aug 28 2008, 11:35 PM) So can someone at least tell me if it's possible for me to add this myself to my blog? I'm looking, but haven't found the WordPress plugin folder I need to upload it to. Help?

I'd really like this feature

I believe you've mentioned two features: 1) threaded comments and 2) reply notification. The wordpress plugin that you linked to is not normally compatible with our wordpress system. I can look into getting it to work, but I'm pretty sure that the feature will not be compatible with all of the current themes available. It's possible to do it for maybe a handful of themes but chances of getting threaded comments in a widespread implementation are pretty slim at the moment.

The reply notification probably has a better shot of being implemented, since I don't have to customize every theme to make it work.

If you had to choose, which feature is more important to you?
I already get notifications. What I mean is, I want other people to get emails when I reply to them. If I just make a general comment to my blog, I'm the one who will get the email notification and they might not realize I replied.

Threaded comments is what I want. I just don't see the point of blogging if I can never reply to anyone directly. If you can get it working, that would be great. There might even be another option available, that was just the plugin that came up when I was googling. I just want some way to respond to people's comments, a "reply" option as it were. Right now the only option I have for people's comments is "edit".
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