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Hope this is the correct place for this, sorry if its not (followed the support link from the blog).

I just activated the plug-in which allows users to send private messages to each other or something when logged in, and now I cant get back into the wp admin pages. The user/front of the blog is working fine however.

I tried adding plugins.php?action=deactivate-all&_wpnonce=d7889778f5 on to the end of the url in hope to deactivate the plugin, however it dosnt appear to have worked.

The blog is

Any help in fixing it is greatly appreciated, although as I only made it yesterday I guess if need be it can be reset or whatever to a new install.

While I'm here, are the other plugins safe to activate or best left alone for now?



Hi Maiku Ando,

Thanks for reporting the problem. I've looked into it and believe to have fixed the issue. Feel free to play around with it as much as you want - if anything breaks, well... it can always be fixed.

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