Bleach Manga Thread

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Looks to me like it's a matter of Reiatsu. Ichigo's Reiatsu isn't normal, and I imagine it still borders on transcending dimensions. On the other hand, we've seen the Quincies absorb Reiatsu from their enemies and use for their own attacks, thus it makes sense they're absorbing the specific Reiatsu of a Bankai.
Holy cow, that is one well-made tension build-up. I dare to say it was one of the better chapters of this manga EVER.
I sincerely hope the Quincies will not without taking down some captains as they go. Despair is just around the corner.. :]
Ok, so I think we're safe to assume to that Kubo really has got serious with the plot. >The pacing has increased,
>the art is somewhat improved,
>finally we get to see the opponents who can actually kill the captains and don't hesitate to do that
>really interesting cliffhangers every next week
>a lot of death all around the place, including some seated officers and really important characters
>Ichigo, albeit being possibly one of the strongest among seiretei and having the haxx of 'no bankai stealing', has done nothing significant so far will stay in this stalemate just to see his beloved SS in pieces, it seems
>finally Kubo disables people who are tactically advantages on the battlefield

>there is no substance to the fights we are watching atm, i.e. sure they are quick and show just how much of the difference there is if you know nothing of your enemy whilst he knows everything about you but it cannot compare to some of the best skirmishes in the early chapters of the series
>there are some lame intrusions of Rose talking about guitars or As Nodt mumbling about fear
>quincies are idiotically resistant for ... humans.
>the build-ups are great but Kubo fails to deliver the final blow, for the sake of pacing

Overall, I gotta say that Kubo is doing a pretty decent job for the final arc. My only complaint is, that instead of good writing and interesting character development he uses the very basic cliches of killing characters we liked for 500 chapters just to regain some of the audience and deliver master Hitchcock's way of presenting the story - begins with a brawl and the deeper you get the more it hits you. I'm not saying Bleach regained what was once a really promising shounen but it has left Narutard light years behind. Hopefully. :]
I only picked up Bleach again during the fullbring arc, but I am hooked. The current arc is positivly awesome. Genryuusai really shows why he's the strongest.

I also rather like that the power of his bankai is another explanation for why he didn't use it against Aizen. And his failure against Aizen makes for a nice additional (in addition revenge!) reason why he's busting it out now.
Ok, so been quite a while since I was this frustrated over something.

I had high hopes for the current arc but it's getting from bad to worse, and Genryousai's pitiful death is the biggest pile of cr*p in the history of this manga. First of all, I wouldn't mind him getting wasted and killed after an all-out battle against Juha, both using most or all of their abilities against each other and finally swaying on their legs unable to continue - thus we would have a good action chapters, interesting developments and satisfying finale. Instead, Kubo trolled for 5 chapters showing every single aspect of Yama's bankai, overpowering fake Juha just to have it stolen in two pages 'because, well, he could' and then in a matter of seconds being freaking cut in half by half-ass*d blade from heavens. You don't see this kind of big bullsh*t all that often, even in Narutard. Hence, the STRONGEST capn in SS is freaking dead, way the go we can introduce some more spammers through Zero division. Bravo.
Also, apparently Aizen wants to spend another decades in prison while all world goes to hell and Ichigo has never been this whiny before. Zero casualties on Quincy side (I can pretty much count out the idiots who got whipped by Yama's shikai, 3 out of 5 are freaking alive - how is that remotely possible?), unstoppable (even though being only HUMANS) and so overwhelmingly knowledgeable that it begs to differ that SS has been able to survive this long, having this weak intel overall.

If I don't see those overpowered haxx bankai thieves getting wasted in the upcoming chapters I am dropping this pile of bullcr*p and never picking it up again. Killing off 500-chapters-worth characters with no apparent reason is not cool, it's astonishingly bad writing.
I would have liked to have seen a battle, even short between the real Juha and CC. I didn't expect him to get cut in half like this.
However in general it does fit his character. Despite being the CC he has never shown any intelligence. He always relies solely on brute force and boasts about it. It failed against Aizen (sealed his sword) and it failed against Juha (stole his bankai). Pretty much for the same reason.
He was still surprised at losing his bankai (his theory sounded good) and it was a quick cheap shot.

I also rather liked how his death was made quite final. I don't know why but I did feel a bit sorry for the powerful fool.

@ grdel You're forgetting the guys that were killed by Kenpachi adn the fake Juha.

Blitzkriegs are surprisingly effective with proper intel.
@grdl: Well I have to contra a few of your points. Ok after writing them down Im contraing all of your points.
1. Sure Quincy are just humans, but so are Shinigamis. They are just (dead?) humans with powerful swords. Sure they can learn Kiddos (or what it was called) and train themselves, but so can Quincy.
2. Troughout the whole mangaseries you could see that SS was nothing more than a bunch of weaklings who had way to much confidence. You beeing surprised here is quite, well ... a surprise.
3. Genryousai's pitiful death? Well he never deserved better. He was nothing more than an arrogant, selfconfident loser. He shouldve died against Aizen already. The whole thing with the fake Juha was obvious from the beginning when Genryousai used his bankai and overpowered him like that because that was just impossible. And like TNT said he never showed even a bit of intelligence. And it was an all out battle, he used up all his strength like a little kid with a gun and got killed off just as easily as that, its totally fitting.
4. Aizen staying in prison is obvious. Hes waiting for Ichigo to get him out of it, not for Juha.
5. How could SS surive that long? Well thats a question Im asking myself since the first arc where they got nuked by newly made Shinigami Ichigo.

This arc is a perfect example of what happens when someone who only relays on power is fighting against someone who uses their brains, they get wasted. The Quincy used what the Shinigami never used, knowledge, tactics and strategy. And you shouldnt forget that they planned this for a 1000 years (!) while SS played with itself. I mean did you ever see someone in SS train for real? If the Quincy wouldve been the one getting pwned this would make a lot less sense, would be a lot less believable and stupid.
And so what if they get killed? It was about damn time. Just how many of them miraculously survived the Aizen Arc without injuries despite getting annihilated in the battles? And its not like I would care for them, most should just day anyway. As long as it doesnt hit Rangiku, Unohana and Isane Im fine. Everyone else should just go to hell.

Sorry to tell you but if anything in this arc surprises you its solely your own fault for not paying enough attention throughout the whole series.
Right, Kenpachi totaled three ritters to be off-paneled by fake Juha. Truly, a magnificent example of Kubo's writing abilities.
Blitzkrieg, you say. Sure, if it was done properly (backstabbing people, people dying after allout battle against hundreds of enemies etc) it would definitely work well. Here, though, we have people facing off one another, being stupid enough to bankai from the getgo, whilst it is clearly said NOT TO RELEASE, @.@ - lol'd after having their swords stolen and getting splashed against the wall two chapters later, because fear. Unbelievable.

The fact that I'm pissed doesn't mean I'm surprised. I could see it coming from miles away, hence it drives me crazy even more so, considering the fact that we lost 500 chapters to learn something about these characters and now they're killed off like pigs without a line or two. Then, a sudden psychological aspect happens and bad-ass guys like Kyoraku get pwn'ed in a single rifle round. If that's that and we're not seeing his bankai, it's just plain stuid on Kubo's part.

Overall, I could see where you're coming from. Bleach was never good at logic and it is perhaps that haxx that caused the plot armor to expand on nearly all characters. All the more idiotic for Kubo to boast how there weren't a single shinigami in past 1000 years that could take over the role of SS CC from Yama.

Also, perhaps you mistook what I said a couple of hours earlier for me being taken from behind by what is happening atm. This all poor foreseeing and backgrounding caused that I came to like guys like Byakuya or Kira, thus if they're killed (and low lives like Komamura or Rose spared at the same time) it's just off-putting. To me, the FK arc and Deicide were both 'warnings' for caps. Since they were so easily overtaken, ripped to shreds and nearly completely annihilated by a single guy who forbid himself to even trying, they're worthless as developing characters. I knew that, at some point, they would have to die, but the execution is tragic nevertheless.
Well youre post really sounded like youre surprised at whats ahppening and that you dont know how it came to that. And I cant really understand how you can be pissed about something when you knew its going to happen, it makes no sense.

But seriously, you like Kyakuya and Kira? Damn they are almost as worthless as Rukia, Hinamori or Toshiro. Komamura isnt that bad at least he looks like something. And when was Kyoraku more than a plain annoyance? Hes one of the people the furthest away from badass.
Like I said except for Rangiku, Unohana and Isane no one of them deserves something else than a pathetic death and even those three are only exceptions because they are hot.
At this point in time, I am a lot happier with how Bleach is going in terms of wrapping up things I want to know about the Bleach universe.

It seems Kubo has given up the farce of writing the manga and is just striking the bucket list. Hopefully included on that bucket list is Urahara, Kyoraku, Ukitake,Unohana and Isshin bankais reveal.

When Juha mentioned the RG and the need for a brief respite, I was glad because it meant readers will most likely see why they are eligible for such a position. If, however they turn out to be like the reveal of Vastrolorde Harribel, I will be disappointed but atleast it will be off the list.

Im also glad Juha elucidated the nature of Gotei 13 inception. It always bugged me that my first impressions of SS is that they were psychopaths and Juha pretty much confirmed this.

I for one really need this closure. Im not really concerned with who dies or lives because I feel a great sense of detachment to the whole cast.

One thing I cant ignore however is the sorry state of Ichigo. It is amazing to see how greatly the manga improved when it wasnt focused on Ichigo and how my heart sank when I presumed he arrived in SS on the last panel. In this respect, I thank Kubo for teaching me how not to write a protagonist.
@ grdl Actually we don't know if it was fake Juha that offpaneled Kenpachi. I think that's one of the current problems. It seems like a lot happens offscreen. On the other hand that does help keep the speed in the story.

I think you're confused about Blitzkrieg. It's a sudden attack on key parts to cripple the enemy. That's what happened. Their strongest attacked and took out key parts of SS. (Science division, second seats and captains)

Like you I didn't like the way Byakuya died as in the fight. I kept expecting him to use his kidou since he's good with that. He never used it. Him getting paralysed with fear seems possible enough as it's a power of someone.
I did like the symbolism with the fear part, with the bugs.

They were told to release their bankai to analyse the ability. The real idiocy is that 5 captains did it at the same time.
That was really really stupid.

So far Buzzbee is the only one of the torched people to have gotten up, maybe it's his power or maybe his blut was better than the rest. Or maybe CC failed to kill all of the group. (I hope not) We don't know yet.

Killer Osi reminded me of something. Remember when Chado was charging at Kyoraku during the save Rukia arc? Didn't he make a mention that had the last attack hit him he could have been in trouble.

Kyoraku is interesting as he's causing his own problem. He started his fight by mentioning that he was scared. Not a great way to start the fight with your moral on the floor. His moral went up and he properly cut the dude. (in an epic panel, I seriously love the way Kubo currently draws some panels)
Then he was distracted due to the death of CC and he was shot. It's a logical result of getting distracted.
He hasn't used his shikai's power yet as his shikai doesn't always want to play.
I sort of liked his design, but I mostly liked his swords. But he never struck me as a very powerful combatant.

@ Franzoir I didn't feel much for most of the cast either. Probably a result of to many people not enough screentime. I didn't miss Ichigo at all either.

I like how plot armor currently seems to be turned off for everyone but Ichigo.
ANd I like how much speed there is, no long internal monologues. No flashbacks that overstay their welcome. And some really top notch panels. Driscoll getting torched. Kyoraku charging. Byakuya crawling with bugs.
Yeah, I got your point, the both of you. The fact that I was pissed, though suspecting the outcome was caused by HOW the mentioned characters were obliterated - with no grace, stupidity, overestimating ones abilities etc - for facks sake they're THE captains of the strongest divisions in the current SS and yet they:
a) fail to use their bankai at the same time against an opponent who can 'do something with their release' - FIVE of them, on top of everything else
tend to forget what Yama said during The Burning Inferno - a zanpaktou is merely ONE OF THE ASSETS of a captain class shinigami, well, Yama forgot it too in his final moments. Thus, they never use shunpo to escape their attackers, don't use kidou (albeit 90-level spells could possibly wipe out half of the dimwits) and fail at tactics. Really, THE COMMANDERS?
c) do not send any healing squads to help the wounded - I dare to say that if Byakuya could survive this long with his body torn he could well be patched up so that he would survive.
d) they have no freaking back-up plan except for Ichigo- how messed up is that?

Overall, it's not that the outcome surprises me, but how Kubo goes there - he ridicules pretty much most of what he had drawn and written over the course of those 500 chapters. Sure, the premises were there during early Mexico arc and later in FK, yet after Aizen's defeat we could clearly see idiots like Toushirou training TO GET STRONGER - where did that disappear to?
Yes they were training, but only their bodys. When someones stupid he stays stupid thats how it is. And like I said SS was only ever about strength without intelligence. Sure they saw that they lack strength and maybe even realized that they are idiots and that strength alone is not enough, but with someone onetracked like Yamato at the top its impossible to get out their 1000 year old mindset of "physical strength is everything". You can clearly see that with Kenpachis group or how everyone belittles the fourth (healing-) squad.
So the way they are dying is perfectly fit. In my eyes Kubo is doing everything right currently. I guess your problem is just that you are viewing the people of SS too highly. Youve been idolizing them too much over the last 500 chapters, even though they never were worth that. The only reason they survived this long is because their enemys were even weaker, fewer in numbers, didnt have so many hundreds of years of training and SS had Ichigo. And a lot of luck.
No, no mate, that's hardly the point. Their chara development goes sideways with their growth in terms of strength. I, too, dislike most of the serietei as, well, 'people' yet it was always said and well-established that their abilities and combat prowess are one of a kind and can only be matched or outmatched by the likes of Vasto Lorde. I can even remember Hitsugaya once saying that if there were more than 10 of Vasto Lorde class among the HM people SS would be doomed.
I'm pissed because Kubo, since the beginning of this arc, clearly throws into trash bin everything that he had created up to the point, thus making all the mumbling about how powerful the captains simply bullsh*t with no apparent background, at all. Moreover, as you said, the captains are in most cases shallow and lame characters with no clear paths or even a shade of something that would make you and I (or me and you, which is correct?) like them. It's just all that, writing a story, wrapping up the cloth of invincibility on those shameful personas and then blowing it by people who were supposedly dead for 200 years - this is simply ridiculous. I don't like to be treated like an idiot - since Kubo couldn't find anyone stronger (killed off Espada, ruined Vaizards and didn't give the RG real reason for intervention) he simply deduced that introducing an alphabet of idiotically named characters with lame-ass bankai capturing abilities will do the job. And apparently they're ruled by the guy, who without ANY effort took out the captain KUBO HIMSELF described as THE irreplaceable on the throne. Logic, not.

They AT LEAST could have a decent fight, instead for four chapters Yamamoto was releasing his bankai, only to be stolen in two pages and chopped in two a week later.
I still dont see a problem here.
Sure they said only the Vasto Lorde could defeat them but they said that because they never knew that there are more powerful people out there, like the Quincy or Aizen. Its not a surprise they didnt count the Quincy as a danger because they thought they are annihilated what they in reality, and we already knew, arent.
I wouldnt even be surprised if there are other races more powerful living in this world, after all its fantasy and SS is not that uberknowledgeable. After all they only manage the death of humans and not the entire universe so they dont know everything thats out there (for example they didnt know about the fullbring or the bountou until they appeared).
And dont forget, there is always someone more powerful out there, that counts for the captains too.

Kubo may have said that Yamato is irreplacable on the throne but that just means that SS is done for nothing more. It simply means that SS will break down when hes gone just like North Korea will break down if they would be in the same situation (someone killing of the higher ups and the dictatorial family).

And like I said there was no need for effort to kill Yamato. Even a small seat or a hollow wouldve been enough to take him out after he stupidly used up all his energy.

I dont think Kubo got the idea with the quincy after Aizen got defeated. After all it was foreshadowed since the beginning that they would turn up again. If not then there wouldve been no reason to introduce Ishida and his father.
In essence, Ishida was just going to be of aid to Ichigo as another counterpart in Rukia retrieval arc. There and at that time it was the captains who, mostly, were the villains and the protagonist had to fight against. Ishida just needed some unique powers and enough angst to point his bow against SS, thus Kubo made him into quincy. I'm quite positive he had little to no plans of introducing more quincies at that time. It popped out later, after SS arc with Ryuuken and his ties to Isshin, I believe.

You still cling to the same arguments that SS deserves the fate it is currently facing. Sure, being single-minded is never good and Yama was too focused on his own abilities for his own good, I do get that. Yet still and once more I'll repeat my point: it's not the end but the ROAD that drives me crazy about Bleach. You do not kill off 'important' characters in two or three chapters after spending so many resources and so much time on them, even if it is to show the difference in strength or to prove that their motivation is/was wrong. It is just plain wrong and far-fetched. See, I understand that we had seen everything about Byakuya, for instance, but at least he made some development. Sure, he was self-centered and boring more often than not, but it was and is apparent that encountering Ichigo did change him. All of a sudden, he is crushed like a novice by a guy who hasn't even used his real powers. Now what? RG (who were once those idiot shinigami captains you despise so, too) comes out of the blue and does the same with quincy? You call that right and good plotting skills? Really? To me it's DBZ Cell Saga lvl of writing, or worse still- Buu.
Well lets leave it like that since you wont accept my view and I wont yours. Well its not really me not accepting yours I just completely dont get your viewpoint because it makes no sense to me.
I dont see a problem in killing off 'important' characters in two or three chapters. Its better than to drag it out for a year. Nor do I see any problem with how it is done.
We just view Bleach, no probably Anime in general, completely different and wont get anywhere with this.

But for a last thing, DBZ Cell Saga was the best out of all the Dragon Ball Sagas.
So, in general, you enjoy nonsensical and forced conclusions to bring up the polls?

Do you fancy wasting your precious time over pointless chapters about pointless characters whose deaths mean nothing but to underline they were pointless and stupid and pretty much useless from day one?

Yet, if you believe that Cell Saga was the best of all, with nonsensical micro machines spying Z fighters across the universe and finally assembling an indestructible mosquito then, well, wth are we discussing anyway.

Overall, if it was up to me I would simply bring down the manga if it was really doing so badly on weekly basis instead of forcing some cliched decisions on the readers. The current way of Kubo doing things is NOTHING more than regaining people by increasing death count - let's start with the strongest characters - it will leave the biggest impact and regain some publicity.
I dont know anything about "forced conclusions to bring up the polls" or "wasting your precious time over pointless chapters about pointless characters whose deaths mean nothing but to underline they were pointless and stupid and pretty much useless from day one". I dont know the situation Kubo is in and if it has changed anything and I dont really care about it.
And I dont know anything about "micro machines spying Z fighters across the universe and finally assembling an indestructible mosquito" in DBZ. First time that I hear any Micro machines or mosquitos played a major role there. To be honest I even had to google what Z fighters are because I cant rememer them joining or creating a own organisation. Must be a fan word.
So, did you watch DBZ or only heard that something like that exists? Micro machines or nano machines were the direct cause of creating Cell. They gathered info about Z fighters like Goku or Vegeta (it's a common reference name for fighting characters who played major role in DBZ) as those were fighting against Piccolo Sr, Piccolo Jr, Raditz, Vegeta etc etc until the creation of Androids from #16 onwards. But damn, this isn't a Dragon Ball thread to discuss that. Put some effort into it and find it yrself.

Oh, and mosquito is of course Cell itself. I haven't seen a worse design in many many years I have been watching anime and reading manga.

Rgrding the other of your quotes. I sincerely hope you re-read my post again and think about your questions. Forced conclusions are every single death that comes out of nowhere (like Kira's or Sasakibe's) and I was wasting my time over those characters if they were going to die now all of a sudden. I could instead focus on Aizen or quincies who are so splendid this day and age, according to some people.
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