Bleach car's

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I don't know if anyone here is playing the game Forza 2 at the moment, but I've had the game for a while and these a a few Bleach cars I've made.

For people who haven't played Forza, bare in mind to get a customisation like this you have to make it up of 100's of layers. Hollow Masked Ichigo's hair alone (Most of which you can't see
) is made up of over 150 differnt shapes and colours.

Kon Mitsi Evo VIII GSR

Hollow Masked Ichigo Scooby WRX STi 05

At the moment I'm making a Elfen Lied car. But it's surprisingly harder then Kon and Ichigo to make it look like Nyu.

Other Cars I have planned:

1) Hachi from NANA
2) A NANA/iPod advert styled
3) L from Death Note
4) Ryuk from Death Note
5) Mitsuki from sola
6) Samurai Champloo sun set silouette style.

Let me know which ones you would want, even if you don't have the game. That way I know which ones would be more popular for when I sell them in-game



- Sky King
WoW....I have the original Forza game on XBOX...never got round to actually playing the game. But how did you get those pics...where they already in the game or something ???


Wow that is quite impressive...How long did it take you to make those? I've only messed around with the customization a little bit, and can only imagine that it took a good chunk of time.

btw, I'd like to see a Samurai Champloo car


Holy crap! Those are cool!!!! Makes me want to make buy some model car kit and decorate it with some of those custom decals