Black Rock Shooter

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Ok after seeing this hour long OVA it pretty much is telling the story of what's is happening and what lead up to it at the same time. At first I wasn't sure on what was happening until near the end of it. Although frm what they showed at the very end seems like there is a hint of a second OVA if that's even possible.

Anyways it felt like an okay storyline and whatnot, but it felt like it dragged the story out for a little too long if you ask me. Besides for some reason this would of worked better if they did this as a series, but that's just my speculation of the matter.
FINALLY saw the BRS OVA today. and all i have to say is that i am quite satisfied with this. It was as awesome as i thought it was going to be. i was disappointed on 2 things however
we didn't get to hear the original BRS song or a battle hyem of it at least. We did get a small melody of it played right at the end but that was it. I was also a little disappointed that there wasn't an appearance of Insane Black Rock Shooter.
but those were only minor complaints.

I loved the story line and how they kept switching back a forth between the "real world" and the "other world." And the hint of another OVA coming was a great ending.

over all 9.7/10.

BRB gonna go watch it again.
It was an ok OVA. If there wasnt this whole "other world" stuff I think this couldve been far better. So it gets only a 7/10.

Btw, is this made out of something, like an adaption or something? (sorry Im too lazy to read all the other posts ^^")
And yes it looks like there could be a second OVA with Yuu trying to get back.
The much anticipated Black Rock Shooter. Ever since its project was announced and green-lit on August 22, 2009 this show was instantly added on many otaku's "to-watch" list. The one hour OVA was delayed by an additional month earlier in the year. Now that it's out however, was it what people expected?

Story/Plot: It definitely had one. Mato Kuroi had just started junior high. She befriends a classmate Yomi Takanashi during the first year. The first third of the show basically covers their initial meeting and then basically does a huge time skip into the second year not too long after. In the second year, the two are in separate classes. Mato befriends the basketball club's manager, Yuu. Yomi begins to feel left out and her other self awakens causing her to disappear into the "other world" and hate Mato. More on this "other world" shortly. Mato then frantically tries to find out what happened to Yomi as a search warrant had been sent out for her. Mato finds the cell phone strap that she gave to Yomi, which transfers her to the "other world" by becoming her other self, Black Rock Shooter, in order to vanquish Yomi's other self, Dead Master, and bring Yomi back. That's the basic gist of the story. Like I said, the OVA had a story, but was it what people were expecting? Absolutely not! This is not what people waited for or expected since that announcement nearly one year ago. If anything the OVA had little to do with Black Rock Shooter (hereafter known as BRS). Although Mato is really BRS, it was more school-life/slice-of-life/coming-of-age related than the action packed OVA people were expecting.
Now as for the other world, the whole concept had me confused initially but I liked how they cleared it up at the end. However, to be honest and like Killer_Ossi said, either one world or the other was unnecessary. There are thousands of ways to make this story using one or the other, but the idea of mixing the two only makes things look stupid. A very simple generic plot overall about friendship and that's all that it was. The "cliffhanger" wasn't all that special either if there is to be a second OVA planned. Score: 7/10 for at least a decent story 4/10 if you were watching/expecting a BRS centered story.

Art/Animation: It started out very pretty. Animation and art quality were all nice and detailed as well as the character designs. However, as the OVA went on, the end quality became very grainy and sub-par. Details were beginning to be left out (like Yomi's green eyes in some scenes and were colored black instead), some the action scenes, particularly the gun shots from BRS were rather DBZ style-ish, though slightly prettier. What really caught my attention however was the pretty "other world" design. Although based on Huke's original concept, it was adapted and animated very well. Nonetheless, it made me sad when the car that drove by Mato in the second half of the OVA was in higher quality graphics than most other scenes. In short, the animation was of reasonable quality, but nothing that some of the regular studios couldn't do nowadays, especially considering the director, Shinobu Yoshioka, as well as project supervisor, Yutaka Yamamoto, have both worked on numerous KyoAni projects before. This I would consider is below average coming from two former staff members of that studio. If anything the fact that the quality was inconsistent betwee the real world and the "other world" annoyed me the most. It's as if two teams had no coordination on consistency and simply slapped them together when finished drawing. Score: 5/10 for non-BRS, 8/10 for BRS.

Sound/Music: The fact that Fujita Saki was not Mato/BRS really disappointed me. Fujita Saki is known for voicing Vocaloid's Hatsune Miku. If anything she definitely does not lack talent, let alone seiyuu experience (Momoha from Manabi Straight, Mana in Ookami Kakushi, Mina in Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~, and Tomoki in Sora no Otoshimono). Had they incorporated her, maybe we would have even got the BRS theme. That said, Kana Hanazawa definitely did a fairly good job with Mato so I'm not complaining. Kana Hanazawa has done numerous main roles as well so I had no problems with here in that position. The rest of the cast were all respectable as well so it's not like this was awful or anything.
Speaking of themes, what was up with that ED theme? If anything I was hoping for something from supercell? Whoever thought it was a good idea to include rock/metal type music was complete imbecile if you ask me. As decent as the instrumentals were, they simply don't make up for the lackluster decisions. Score 6/10 if you weren't expecting vocaloid/BRS content, 5/10 if you were expecting it.

Character Development: As decent of a plot the show had, the lack of developing any of the "other world" characters really annoyed me. The lack of any sort of dialogue bothered me the most considering this was "expected" to be a show about "Black Rock Shooter". Showing STRength mid-way through the episode as well as Black Gold Saw at the beginning bothered me. It's as if their role was for marketing purpose of the BRS franchise. And like Shinobu's_Lover pointed out, the lack of Insane BRS annoyed me. I was hoping for some craziness or a hint of it at some point whether it was this episode or any sort of future production. Back to characters in the show though, we never got to know any other characters besides Yuu, Yomi, and Mato. We don't know who they are or what their past is like. All I hear is talk but nothing visual or something showing the character they had become in the present day. The idea of "let's just put this here and make people believe it" or "let the audience's imagination run" is simply annoying for a 50 minute OVA. One would also think that delaying the production would also imply improvements too. Score: 5/10 if you weren't expecting BRS content. 4/10 if you were.

Enjoyment: I'm not sure what to say here. I definitely came into the OVA expecting a lot even for 50 minutes. Although the show was not very action intensive, the school-life moments did have its good traits. The mix and match however and the lack of chronology within the show bothered me a bit since it felt I was watching a spoiler the entire time. It definitely was not something I expected but the ending of the OVA does provide some hope of a sequel. Whether or not we get one is if Yutaka Yamamoto decides to be a jerk or not, which I hear he has been by publicly mocking the capabilities of seiyuu Kana Hanazawa at the moment as well as tearing apart K-ON! figures in public lately to mock KyoAni. I guess we'll find out more at one of the upcoming Comikets maybe....if not Tokyo Anime Fair next year hopefully. Score: 6/10 for both BRS and non-BRS knowledge.

Overall: The lack of dialogue from BRS and Dead Master is probably the most irritating factor for any vocaloid fan let alone the lack of Saki Fujita as Mato/BRS. All in all, this one hour OVA is actually not what vocaloid/BRS fans should expect if you haven't watched it. Simply put, it's a show about a girl who tries to save her friend from "the dark side" after girl #2 goes into depression after feeling she is being left out. All in all, this was more of a marketing scam if anything. It was basically to get BRS fans and those who don't know about BRS hyped up and to buy more of the products. It's a shame that the masterpiece that Huke originally developed has essentially gone to waste by a director who has never actually directed and a supervisor someone who disliked moe create moe. I just hope Huke's next work, Steins; Gate, doesn't turn out like this. Score: 6/10 for both BRS and non-BRS.
To put the plot/story of the anime in the simplest term, it is pretty much a cycle of:

The anime feel kinda lacking of excitment and suspense, and I'm not really sure this original written story really match the theme of the actual BRS settings to be honest. It simply seem like watching a yuri show that doesn't really have much or anything to do with BRS.
It was okayish. The chara design was pretty good( I mean seriously Dead Master was just raaawr :333333), and the fighting scenes were also pretty entertaining...buuut overall the story was a bit flat, after the huge hype about BRS it was a bit dissapointing, but well it was just one ova yet so maybe future ovas will save it a bit^^
Since they said they are going to do a second OVA I'm not overly convinced that the second one would redeem itself. I mean from the looks of things it would of worked out if they did something along the line of having it more like a 13 to 26 episode series than would could be considered as a two part OVA.

I felt like I was being misled by what the preview was going on about here so I'm now rather skeptical about the second OVA for this series.
will I'm thinking it's going to be more of a 3-6 episode OVA series. Kind of like how To Love Ru got 6 OVAs.

If they do make more OVA's be sure to look for these characters.

Golden Rock Saw - actually saw her in the very begining of the 1st OVA fighting BRS.

White Rock Fists - Yuu's darkend character. also saw her briefly in the 1st OVA.

Silver Rock Beamer - Not shown in this OVA, but her battle clothes are that of a maid. She carries an 8ft long beam cannon which she has to manually load one shell at a time. The barrel of the cannon is in the shape of an eagle.

Brute Rock Joker - the only male "Rock" fighter known so far. he is a giant of a man and wears a dark purple ninja outfit and wears a Kabuki mask. He also carries a huge sword that's curled backwards at the end.
QUOTE (Kid-Wolf @ Aug 02 2010, 09:10 AM) Since they said they are going to do a second OVA I'm not overly convinced that the second one would redeem itself.
Source? I have yet to hear news about a second ova.
Well isn't it implied with what they showed at the end of the credits of this OVA? If not then I must of been reading the comments here wrong about it then.
QUOTE (Kid-Wolf @ Aug 02 2010, 05:55 PM) Well isn't it implied with what they showed at the end of the credits of this OVA? If not then I must of been reading the comments here wrong about it then.
It's implied, but it doesn't mean that there are any plans to continue. I've seen numerous OVAs/series do this already so I won't be surprised if Yoshioka and Yamamoto suddenly drop the ball on the project.
While I never heard of this OVA before, I was plesently surprised by it. I really enjoyed the BRS scenes and found the style of the characters, atmosphere and weapons to be absolutly beautiful! I really liked Dead Master most of all!! I really hope that the OVA catches on and an anime series is made. But...

Why must there be so much "school life"!? I normally like the slice of life school scenes but felt that it was overboard. While the story about their budding friendship was nice. I felt way to large of a disconnection between the BRS scenes and the school scenes.

While the OVA itself is very confusing and disconnected. I really hope we will see an anime adaptiation of this in the near future. Then I feel the OVA would have worked, as a teaser to what is to come. If there is no series then I feel the OVA will fail; as while it looks awsome I feel it fails as a stand alone.
the last thing BRS needs is to be turned into another magical girl series. True she'd kick alot of ass, but still. I think a 3-6 OVA series would be best.
This is what BRS needs (image ahead):


Sorry for slight off-topic but I find that hilarious.
QUOTE (Ausdoerrt @ Sep 22 2010, 08:18 PM) This is what BRS needs (image ahead):


Sorry for slight off-topic but I find that hilarious.
can't see pic. try imageshack.
Black★Rock Shooter TV, Hatsune Miku invading a new anime series!!

Title: Black★Rock Shooter (B★RS TV)
Japanese: ブラック★ロックシューター
Date aired: 2/2/2012 (TV series 8 episodes)
Genres: Action, Drama, School, Science fantasy, Slice of Life
Director: Shinobu Yoshioka
Produced by: Aniplex, Ordet, SANZIGEN, Ultra Super Pictures
Written by: Mari Okada
Music by: Ryo
Animation director and character designer: Yusuke Yoshigaki
CG battle director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Studio: Ordet and SANZIGEN
Network: Fuji TV (noitamina)
Opening theme: "Black Rock Shooter" by Supercell, sung by Hatsune Miku
Ending theme: "Bokura no Ashiato" (僕らのあしあと) by Supercell, sung by Koeda
Main cast: Black★Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター)
Deadmaster (デッドマスター)
Strength (ストレングス)
Black★Gold Saw (ブラック★ゴールドソー)
Chariot (チャリオット)
Insane Black★Rock Shooter (インセインブラック★ロックシューター)
Real world: Mato Kuroi (黒衣 マト) voiced by Kana Hanazawa
Yomi Takanashi (小鳥遊 ヨミ) voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro
Yuu Koutari (神足 ユウ) voiced by Kana Asumi
Saya Irino (納野 サヤ) voiced by Mamiko Noto
Kagari Izuriha (出灰 カガリ) voiced by Eri Kitamura
Arata Kohata (小幡 アラタ) voiced by Manami Numakura
TV series PV:
Imagine-Nation review: , also
DDL and
Official website:

Synopsis: It isn't the world you know. There wanders a girl with jet-black hair, ebony clothes, and a strikingly blue, glowing eye. Her name is Black Rock Shooter. With a huge cannon in hand, she throws herself into a fierce battle...

Meanwhile, in another world, middle-school student Mato Kuroi is drawn to Yomi Takanashi, her classmate with an unusual family name. Mato does her best to talk to Yomi, who just won't open up. Yu Koutari mocks her best friend Mato's efforts but at the same time, supports her. Mato also finds herself surrounded by other colorful characters at school, like the eccentric school counselor, Saya Irino, and the hot-blooded captain of her club club, Arata Kohata.

Then, one day, the window of opportunity opens. After Mato sees that Yomi has her favorite picture book, "Li'l Birds At Play", they strike up a conversation and Mato is invited to come over to Yomi's house. There, they gradually break the ice, until a girl in a wheelchair appears. This is Yomi's best friend, Kagari Izuriha...

Two worlds. Mato and Black Rock Shooter. This is the story of their "pain".
(Source: Nico Nico Douga)

Necropinion: just to let you know guys the first episode is subbed of this half surrealist action / half slice of life new series, thanks to the PVs this is another anime (besides Another ^^ pun intended) that cought my attention to give it a try in the current season as its music video by Hatsune Miku and the character based from her are well known for a long while... with all the discussion going in this thread from the pilot animations, songs and character designs since three years ago I hope BRS TV to be better than the OVA this time explaining what's going on so with low expectation I anticipate it with 7/10 (mods if you want to split this in a new thread to discuss about the TV series feel free to do so)
So after the first OVA aired quite sometime ago they finally decided to make this into a series now?

Well I guess I have no choice here but see if they follow the OVA epsidoe or make it where it's a full on telling of what the OVA skimed over.
The first ep was just like the OVA. You dont know what happens and no one cares to explain. Its highly possible I drop this after ep 2.
QUOTE (Killer_Ossi @ Feb 03 2012, 09:49 AM) The first ep was just like the OVA. You dont know what happens and no one cares to explain. Its highly possible I drop this after ep 2.
I cannot help but get a good laugh Killer because you always seem to be on the verge of dropping a show in about 90% of the threads I read lol.

Man what to say about Black Rock Shooter? You're spot on. If you don't go out of your way to read about it there's no way you can really understand about 50% of just what the hell is going on (the alternate reality part). The other half of the episode plays out like a school life bonding between two girls. Then you throw in the mix an obsessive and creepy wheel chair girl to add another level of WTF-factor to an already 'out there' show. Did I enjoy the episode... hmm... was it boring... eh not really but... was it good... errr kinda hard to say.... so many questions...
guess that means I'll be watching episode two looking for answers.
Seems like we two have completely opposite tastes. But I must say that some titels (Ino x Noku, Papa ...) I wouldnt have dropped if they where aired last seasom, but I decided to not watch everything that is slightly good anymore, but only stuff I really enjoy.

Is it just me or did they change the appearence of the maincharacters since I remember them looking different in the OVA, at least in their normal world appearance. But its not a surprise since the story is completely different too.
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