Biweekly necromendations: Shingeki no Kyojin 3 seasons, Tv spin-off and 0VAs

Biweekly necromendations: Shingeki no Kyojin 3 seasons, Tv spin-off and 0VAs

with Hange's hit in ep.41, is time to dethrone its corrupt government's king' :d

Biweekly necromendation: Isekai Maō to shōkan Shōjo no dorei Majutsu series

after ep'4 shōnen battle, a new girl joins his harem to prevent the elven war :)

Biweekly necromendations: Steins;Gate 0, S1 Missing link 0VA & Déjà vu movie

by a brainwashing since childhood in ep'14, Kagari isn't the 0nly masked gal :eek:

Biweekly necromendations: Chūkan Kanriroku Tonegawa, Kaiji seasons' spinoff

prior S1 card games, ep'1 is a prequel from Yukio's PoV to entertain his boss ;)
July: Mr. Tonegawa Middle Management Blues

Biweekly necromendations: Food Wars! The Third Plate - Tōtsuki Train Chapter

after Sōma's dad past, a team Shokugeki to beat the Elite Ten starts in ep.22!:)

Biweekly necromendation: Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii love is hard for otaku

with Hirotaka afraid of thunder in ep.8, Castlevania's game over sound fits :lol:
June: Golden Kamuy TV series 1st promo trailer

Biweekly necromendations: 3D Kanojo - Real Girl, TV series and live'action film

after Tsutsui helped Ayado in ep.7, can Itō invite her to go camp with them?:p

Biweekly necromendations: Piano no Mori, movie from 2007 and new tv series

despite unfair judges for Kai's first performance in ep.4, a happy MILF's day!:d
May Mothers' day: Piano's Forest new TV series

Biweekly necromendation: Golden Kamuy, Hokkaido gold rush Wild-west style!

right after finding more prisoners in ep'2, a review on NHK·World is released!:)

Biweekly necromendations -guilty pleasure edition: Cuteyie Honey (1973-2018)

Celebrating her 45th anniversary, Shonen series' 1st Magical girl protagonist :d
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