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I just saw this Another Earth

Sounds suspiciously like someone read Bakuman and decided to adapt the Double Earth manga.
Well ive blitzed my way through over 30 chapters of Bakuman and im now update, my god how ive miseed it. Chapters 158-159 were by far by absulute fav, never laughed so much as i read, and Aoki actualy accepted Hiramarus proposal, i was cheering outloud as I read it, got funny looks from my friends

Im kinda dissapointed about the huge focus on Reversi, dont get me wrong i dont mind it especialy with the huge focus on their battle against Eiji so it makes sense that the manga would leave PCP especialy with it no longer in Jump but still id like to know how its doing since it does give off the sense that they have totaly abandoned it when they are meant to be doing both of them. Also im hoping the actual PCP criminal gets revisted at somepoint since i liked the story when it affects Takagis confidence and what not, but with their huge rise with Reversi and all that and them on about Ashirogi as a brand name compared to Eiji it could be really interesting since the crime would continue to damage the Ashirogi brand which would be interesting as they try to put themselves as a house hold Jump name, yes PCP is now in a different magazine but it will still affect them, problem is that it could end up rehashing the original story which is one of the reasons i didnt like the 2nd Nanime story since it felt like a clone of the original and the downer is that its not out of the realms of possibilty that he wont come back and do it again, if Nanime ever did come back i want him to have a shot at being legit working with Kouske (think thats his name) and try and beat Ashirogi properly but i do get that the whole evil, messed up thing is Nanimes shtick.

Still loving it though |
QUOTE (franzoir @ Jul 07 2011, 05:53 PM) I just saw this Another Earth

Sounds suspiciously like someone read Bakuman and decided to adapt the Double Earth manga.
Lol, I actually know about that movie, I almost watched it a few months back.

Hia, I'm assuming your at chap 161 now....I just got back on-track with it after watching the anime. I think I read about 120+ chapters or so in a few days.

I had a problem with Nakai, I kinda still do but I'm happy he's back-on-track somewhat with Hiramaru but was quite surreal when he started to really become an awful person and the feeling of "feeling sorry for him" pained me somewhat.

I absolutely love Yuriko and kinda find it funny that there were a few posts bad-mouthing her in the anime thread but I guess that's what you would expect for ppl who haven't read the manga.

I know this sounds grim but I think in the future Miyoshi could be killed off via an accident or a natural cause.
Hey what do you know.

They finally got an anime. Not really sure how this will plan out. I can maybe see some problems with this new girl who is also a voice actress. Like the anime people not wanting to have Miho as the main voice actress.
I haven't reread the chapters after the last one came, but correct me if i'm wrong...
In Reversi, the protagonist, as well as the antagonist, are male. Did you see any recurrent female role ? So, which character would they give to Azuki ?
The look of elation on Mashiro face was priceless but Ashirogi Muto deserve it. Im glad for once Eiji didnt get his way and him drawing those anime original names was the first time I hated him. To consciously block AM like that was a dick move.

Im am going to be very annoyed if Azuki doesnt get the role, and they are already foreboding that. If she doesnt, how many anime offers does a mangaka get? I think its like 1 in a lifetime and if your lucky 2. I really dont want to go through another 165 chapters waiting for the next anime offer so Azuki can get that role. That is just too much for me.
I was worried that they were dragging out the manga with X factor style audition however I must say this chapter was brilliant, probably up their with the best of Bakuman. It was like Mean Girls: Seiyuu edition.

More than anything, the past couple of chapters made me like Azuki Miho which is a miracle because up until this point I had nothing but contempt for her. If I was Azuki I would seriously have words with Otsuki Nanami. Mocking Azuki like that shows how much of a bitch she is. I hope she gets her comeuppance.
Well the last chapter was just awesome.

Great stuff. I am glad they didn't drag it out.

Looking forward to what's happening next.
So Bakuman is over. Four years ago I decided to start reading this on a whim and I have enjoyed it a lot. I have also learnt alot about the creative process of mangakas and the realities of working at Jump. If not somewhat sensationalised and fictionalised, it has been fascinating none the less.

The last chapter was sweet. Not the best ending I've seen but Mashiro in the car was hilarious and it was total wish fulfillment to see how they will start their true romantic lives with each other.

All in all, I'm sad that it has ended but happy that it existed. I will be looking forwarded to Obata and Ohba next piece.
Really liked the manga too. I'm happy that they ended it nicely, not trying to stretch it too much.

And yes, it was a fun read, but also very nice to discover how a manga is created and evolves with the editors.
I hadn't been reading Bakuman for some time but I was shocked to find out that it had finished earlier in the year. I checked my MAL to see that I read about 120+ chapters, so I just when back to chapter 114 and continued from there because at the time the anime had only gotten up to that point.

I didn't sleep the entire night because I was absorbed in the brilliant story.

It was a beautiful manga with 176 chapters. Personally, this work from the authors of Death Note is superior to their previous work. Death Note went downhill after L.

My rating for this manga is a solid 10/10 that is well deserved.

As franzoir said, I too will be looking forward to Obata and Ohba next piece.
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