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But if Shujin doesn't get it done in 2 days Mashiro will make the manga himself. I gotta feeling Shujin won't finish it. But he will show the idea to Mashiro and they will continue with it using both their ideas.

And if that doesn't happen i wonder if Shujin would go into the Novel industry with his girl.
Hattori is indeed best character at this chapter. Also he seems to be so far wisest since he has lot of knowledge and skill about manga/mangakas. Its cool that he is like ugly-cool--old-wise man in the serie and he still manages to pull stuff like this

So far characters in this serie are more and more interesting. I mean think everyone as separete person theres so many things that you would like to know(other mangakas mangas, how will the love-romances end, what wwill that bubble brain do next and ofc will they make best seller and will miho get a spot on it?).

From the many mangas I read(not those that have been completed allready) this is the most promising since it seems that max-book limit is around 20 books or close that one so it will have certain ending(unlike Naruto, bleach, claymore, ippo, conan... that has not ending but seems to go way over 40 books and have no ending). If this will prolonged too much then it will lose its shine among with readers and that must not happen!
Loved Chapter 26. Bakuman just keeps getting better and better.

I really hope it becomes a long ongoing series. Like reading 40-50 chapter manga isn't as great as reading ones that go 100+ chapters.

The manga can go into Fukuda + Mashiro + Nijzuma changing the manga world aswell. And their rivalry.
Can't edit above post..

Anyways Chapter 27 was pretty good. I loved how they resolved it. But seriously.. Hattori seems like the best editor in the building.. The way he uses the Mangaka's lol.

But it's really interesting how long it takes to read Bakuman chapters.. Like Naruto and Bleach only take like 2-3 minutes where as Bakuman takes like 10-20minutes. I guess thats the good thing about Bakuman.
I still love it they have enough suspense but you don't lose very much time over it. I have to say that the characters are what makes this one such a great read. They just feel really real.
Well its because if anyhting most of the charahcters are believable.

But Hatoori is just downright amazing, not only is he funny but judsging by his failed plotting hes smart.

But yeah Bakuman does take longer read, but at the end of each chapter its worth the time if oyu asjk me
Bakuman has stuff inside it so that makes it one of the best mangas bublished atm. Others may have some continement also but bakuman is more talking and reactions than just moving of characters or just simple self centered thinking. It feels like characters live on their own think on their own and talk with each other fo REAL. Not just some fantasy or slice of life but the topic of becoming mangaka in a manga makes everything so much more different and lively it makes this whole new lvl readable manga.

I have to love Hattori for making that plot but when others brake the rules he set its much more entertaining.

Other manga that had rule braking and still action with some fantasy in it is GTO and thats best manga I have purhaced so far(has way more to read than Bakuman on pages so beware!). This will make a nice pair for it as a little bit more relaxed theme and not so fantasy like. Still I think Mihos and Mashiros romance is realistic and still so love story like that I have to love it.

I have to love those panty shots
I just started this manga a few days ago, but Hia has recommended it to me several times before

I found that the last couple of chapters were especially addicting, because I didn't want them to seperate! I'm glad that in the end, they decided to work together again, and surprise Hattori
I'm eager to see what comes next!
Chapter 28 just pumped me up. GOLDEN FUTURE CUP sounds like its going to be really interesting.

But it would be really really really awesome if we actually get to read the mystery manga they put out or atleast the oneshot.

But yeah i think Hattori knows its going to get serialized so his just getting them to publish chapters so they are always a couple weeks ahead of the deadline.

Because i imagine having a deadline for Mashiro and Takagi would be impossible to meet after a couple weeks of serialization.
It's practice, plain and simple. I'm wondering how much more the mangaka will jump into the future we just went through six months and that is in one chapter. I mean they are down to only a year and a half of high school with no really big accomplishments, but I'm keep optimistic for them. FIGHT-O!
Im unsure, he said it was good, he never said it would get serialised. Plus Fukudas editor told him to go into the Golden Future Cup also, i wouldnt say that its a shoe-in to be serialsied, more of the Cup is more of a final hurdle for them on there way to serialisation.

Since i find it odd that Fukuda has also been told to enter it as well, lets face it if its already good enough for serialsiation then i see no reason to enter that cup.

But even so i still dont think they will win that Golden Future Cup though, i think it will be a close 2nd place or something similar, but not a win.

I just hope that they do the a chapter every 2 weeks condition

Although if this manga keeps up pacing at the speed its going, i can just seem them in about 30chapters time or so being old men hahahahaha
yea there is people will read it, so if they read a one shot based on the series they developed and it gets good reviews that means the serial version will get good reveiws thus they make money. Thus the publishers will be more inclined to publish it.

Plus it will allow them more time to get used to the pace of getting serialized. Becuas from what I have heard it is murderous. They pretty much expect 1 a week,

Honestly its good sound business as them for something like 2 months worth of chapters, so then if they don't meet a deadline you still have stuff to go on, and if he is out a week because of being sick, other family business then there isn't any pressure for them to have to get back to work. Also really it would allow the author to go back and maybe make subtle changes to previous chapters so that they can fit in better.
I got hooked on Bakuman last week. How could I not give it a try, coming from these guys? xD And it's amazing so far. I never get tired of the illustrations, the characters feel alive, and the pace of the story is well-timed.

I think it's great that they finally moved on to making a manga they actually like, instead of doing it just for fame and money. Although it was kinda inevitable, they took their sweet time realizing it.

And about the serialization pace being murderous: it is. Last year, I tried to do just that (release a chapter of my online novel per week), and I kept it up for about two months. There's a lot of pressure on you, even if it's self-imposed. But they'll make it, they have tons of determination and ideas.
I love this series. It's so educational! Just wondering though, how does one pronounce 'name'? Do comic artists do names as well or only mangakas?
QUOTE (onimike @ Mar 12 2009, 09:16 AM) I love this series. It's so educational! Just wondering though, how does one pronounce 'name'? Do comic artists do names as well or only mangakas?
holy cow! onimike is still around
And I don't quite get your question. Pronounce the word "name" or pronounce someone's name?
I'm around. I just read the forums. I rarely post anything though.
As for my question, "name" as in what the mangakas show the editors before making the manuscript. Is that supposed to be a japanese word?
Ahaa.. that's actually a good question. I've just been reading it in my head as "name," but if it's a japanese word, na-me?

Anyone have any sort of idea?
Arrgh the suspense on who is tied first and third.

I'm thinking that Fukuda and Mashiro+Takagi are tied first with hana third.

But her attitude kinda pisses me off lol. If she wasn't like that i think there would be more conversation about their manga in the chapter.

But LOL at Fukuda going crazy. I'm liking him alot more now..
Needs more discussion especially after the last chapter why the blankness!!!!!!!!!

So Fukuda and Mutos mangas are both tied and appear to be shoe ins for serialosation?

I wonder if the mangas will get added in to WSJ stright away or will some series' get cut to put them in?

Man im jkinda nervous waiting to see who the actual winner is

Come on next chapter
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