Are you new? Please introduce yourself here.

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-Jigoku Sensei
If you are a new member and would like to introduce yourself do it here. No need to create a thread for it. So introduce yourself by telling something about yourself, like name, age, where your from etc....
Welcome new members, i hope you will enjoy your stay with us. Please read the general rulles. They are on the main page.
yes, click the adds, or we`ll deny you acces to the ecchi thread >:O
and you decide that? lol

Welcome new members, i'm the idiot here *no, really <.<*
shh , don`t tell them thati can`t else they still won`t click the adds , you idiot ;p
i`m probably your local spammer, but i prefer to call myself a man of short posts..
Welcome Kiana, i hope you will enjoy your stay with us
dud you already have -san , you`re not new anymore *chases him off with a stick*
Oh and by the way, if you feel the need to ask questions, ask anybody here who've been around for quite some time now. people with member titles (-sama, -jii, -sempai, -dono, -echhi) are "usually" long-timers.
Hi! I'm new!
*Runs before someone shoots her*

*Comes back after few minutes* Anyway!!~

Welcome to all new-members!!~
*Gives out some muffins*
mune, you're a role-playing type of person huh?
QUOTE (hamasusuke @ Jan 3 2006, 01:50 PM) mune, you're a role-playing type of person huh?
Humm ... where did you get that idea from?
*Looks around her incase sensei appear*
To late for that. So please no more funny stuff.

@Hamasusuke. Ecchi is a special title that you have to earn. As for the other title's there all post based so if you post alot in a short time you will also get a high rank, but that doesn't mean that you have been around for a long time (I know you said usually). And i feel offended that you didn't mention my member title
How does one earn Ecchi?

; >_>; I are not of the perverted intrest, I swear I are not.
Oh yeah, I'm new too...

I made a thread about it before this thread though

Hello everyone.
it is a mysterious ritual , connor and MKK were the onlyone known to come out of this ritual alive @_@..
i guess it`s just post a lot of ecchi pics and watch hentai on your psp evrywhere you go , you HAVE to be perverted to get -ecchi.
so you already eliminated your chances of getting -ecchi by saying your not a pervert @_@
QUOTE (Dragon-of-Rune @ Jan 3 2006, 03:36 PM) And i feel offended that you didn't mention my member title

well actually i thought that since this forum is mainly about japan/anime-like, it's comprehensible for people to recognize -sensei, so you're like a godfather as soon as we read your name ^.^ ...............Even saying this, I apologize for the absence of your member title in my post.
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