Anyone ? Ipad question

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I am Planning to get an ipad , while browsing on, I spot this CG novel anyone think it's a good idea to get this?


I don't tend to jump in with first generation products. Usually problems have been identified and significant features have been added by the second or third generation. At present, the iPad doesn't seem to be much more than an oversized iPod Touch. I'm going to wait until Apple offers something more interesting.


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I think you mean more along the line of an iTouch if you will. I mean the thing is almost like a mobile TV screen, but how will you carry that thing is something I'd like to ask.


I did mean iPod Touch (yay for the edit button). I don't think that the size will be too much of an issue as, from what I understand, it's light, fairly thin and about the size of an A4 writing pad.